Friday, November 23, 2007

Avoiding Destiny... Can you?

Black Friday

Not shopping though. This black Friday is about Avoiding Destiny.

Can you? Is it possible to escape your destiny? I’ve often witnessed people attempting to do so, myself included, and miraculously fate always manages to ambush when you least expect it.

What is destiny? Why can’t it be defeated? Well, in my little book of theories, I’ve come up with one just for this so here it is.

First, I don’t think we really understand what destiny is. The common concept is that it’s mysterious and indefinable that fate somehow just attaches itself to us in a random lottery form of assignment. Oh, this one will be a famous politician, hmm… I need to find the next Jonas Salk… Yeah that baby.

This makes the world appear to be a slap hazard happenstance of mindless events. Nothing could be further from the truth.

From my experience, I have come to understand destiny is really your gameplan for life. It is a map you and your advisors (guides) created long before you incarnated into this world. It is a very intricate and complex process because your map has to be aligned with everyone else’s map who you are moving through lifetimes with. It is believed and from what I’ve witnessed is correct, that we move in the same circles of reincarnation life after life. We just change roles. So your role playing may be as a man one lifetime as your sister’s father and next time you are a cousin and so on.

So when people talk about trying to find their life purpose or their destiny or ascribe an event as destiny, they are literally correct. They planned it that way. That is why some people have this overpowering belief in themselves over great odds. They remember what they planned. So as not to take the mystery out of life and traveling through it to learn certain lessons, most of us don’t know this plan. We chose to forget it so we could experience life to its fullest.

So if you are looking for your map, all you need do is turn inside through meditation and start your journey into self-discovery. You may just find that treasure map and be on your way to riches and wealth beyond your imagination.


Since this is my day to blog, I’m going to make a few Hussy Announcements so as not to encroach on another Hussies’ time here.

Hussy Announcements:

HUSSY TIME: Yes, we are getting our own radio show! I’ve missed being on the air since I canceled my paranormal show and Ci and I have been talking about doing a radio talk show since we began this Hussy adventure. We’d planned to bring it online in June of 2008, but our schedule has caught up with us. So… our first show will be December 15th @ 1 PM EST. This will be on the same Saturday as the Hussies are hosting the EC chat list. We can be found a HUSSY TIME ( You can find the convenient little ole box on the right side of this blog and can listen by clicking on it. It’ll be live after Dec 15. Then every week after, Ci and I will be co-hosting every Wednesday at 7 pm EST. Our sista hussies will be joining us for the shows as their schedules allow. Oh, and we have a chatroom. You don’t have to register to participate, but if you do, you can gain access to some Just Hussy inside scoops by leaving comments on our page and joining in the chats during air time.

PSYCHIC READINGS: Recently I was asked to do pubic readings instead of confining them to family and friends. This is something I’ve resisted doing for twenty years, but now find that I’m being placed in positions to do these. I’ve done more readings in the past two weeks for people who’ve just suddenly asked me for one than I have in two years, so I am going to break my self-imposed disappearance act from public readings and will give away 2 readings in a contest. To enter for your chance at a psychic reading, just send me an email to I will be drawing the winners on December 21 (my husband’s birthday). After that I will be offering readings to the public.

RADIO INTERVIEW: Ci and I will be on the RAVEN talk show with Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow ( on Wednesday, November 28th @ 11 am EST. Please tune in and make sure you call us with questions so we don’t feel we’re just flapping in cyber wind, hussies!

SSSH.COM: If you haven’t been there. Then go now! The Hussies have short stories on this premiere women’s site. Yeah baby! Ci suggested we take her post of the 10 ten fantasies and write some hot sizzling close encounters.


Robin Snodgrass said...

Great blog entry Sally. Gave me some new ideas to consider. :)

Also, thanks for all the awesome news.

Wonderful things happening to the Hussies! Well deserved things.

Mary Winter said...

ITA with your talk about our plans and fate. I just read Marilyn Campbell's Metaphysical Fitness. It's an excellent book from The Lotus Circle and it talks about this very subject.

Nicole Austin said...

Great topic, Sally! I like your theory about planning out your life before reincarnation. I think we definitely plan certain obstacles for ourselves to learn from.

Live radio/blog talks *chewing fingernails* But I'm shy!

Sahara Kelly said...

Sally, you always come up with something that makes me think!! This is sooo interesting - although there are a few times I would have like to have kicked myself for planning that particular disaster! LOL

I'm looking forward to chatting on live radio - what a hoot!!!

Ciana Stone said...

Great food for thought, Sally! Since I'm a go-with-the-flow kinda gal I don't resist the pull of destiny (well maybe a little during those #$%^&*( I DID NOT ask for this kind of moments).

The radio show is going to be such fun! And we even get to have cultural sandwiches. Yep, just imagine Sahara's lovely British voice or Nathalie's musical French lilt sandwiched between two Southern gals:) Hmmm, I need to find a fellow we can play with. (Verbally of course!)

Which reminds me... any chance Chase is the fellow we toyed with on the ocean voyage to France when we were secret operatives? Me thinks he would make an excellent consort :)

Thanks for the interesting post and food for thought to go with my morning coffee (yeah, I'm a day late but I'm on vacation!)


Sally Painter said...

Thank you, Robin! We are realy looking forward to our new projects and hope our readers will enjoy them!

Sally Painter said...

Hey Mary. WOW! I will have to buy her book. And here I thought I was just rambling on with one of my little ole theories. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Nic! LOL. I'm with you on some of the crazy experiences I've had. What was I thinking when on the other side?

Sally Painter said...

Nic! LOL. I'm with you on some of the crazy experiences I've had. What was I thinking when on the other side?

Sally Painter said...

Thank you, Sahara! I could have done without some of the experiences I lined up for myself. Must have been too much Utopia Juice or something during the planning sessions. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Oh, Nic and Sahara! I'm really looking forward to our radio show too! I can't wait.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Ci! I typically am too. Until the last couple of years I did get out of the flow and stand on the riverbank wondering a bit. :)

LOL about Chase. hmm...

Cultural sandwiches. (G) But will anyone be able to undertand all our accents?

Enjoy the last of your vacation!

N.J.Walters said...

Fate and destiny are fascinating ideas, Sally. Great blog post.

Congrats to you and the Hussies on all the wonderful things happening. You ladies deserve it!

Shesawriter said...

I know nothing about destiny. I have a hard enough time taking each day as they come. So I live hour by hour, if not minute by minute. ;-)

Sally Painter said...

Thank you, NJ!

Sally Painter said...

LOL, Shesawriter. Isn't that the truth!