Sunday, November 11, 2007

More than just pleasure

Today my hat's off to!! Not only is this a fantastic site for indulging in visual goodies (the pictures are divine and the movies quite stimulating!), but it's also a great place for inspiration and research for a writer of erotic romance.

Have you ever wondered about Sex Magic? There's a great series of articles on the topic at Want to know what your man really wants in bed, or a man's erogenous zones? The About Men section has a wealth of information. How about the world of Fetish? At you can read about the diversity of fetishes and the information is presented in an intelligent manner that is not only informative but entertaining.

I'll be the first to say that I'm hooked on the site!! It's THE place for women like us - smart, confident, open-minded sensual women who enjoy exploring their sexuality. I'm impressed with the wealth of information and the continued fresh content.

In my recent interview with Skye of, I touched on the topic of content, asking what the biggest challenge in this kind of online business is.

Skye: Content production! Whereas adult sites for men have a vast amount of resources for acquiring photo and video content, there just are not a lot of studios and producers out there that specialize in erotica for women. So, it is an ongoing project to create this content from scratch with the elements that we feel are appealing to women viewers. The additional challenge with regards to content creation is the huge amount of text that needs to be written for each issue. It's been our experience that women viewers tend to like a feature-rich environment that goes well beyond simply putting up photo galleries and movies. They want to read about a variety of sexuality-related issues, participate in polls and contests, learn about new things, and have an interactive and educational aspect to the site. Thus, we have a team of writers, some quite famous, that write columns, sexual horoscopes, education articles, erotic fiction and more to fulfill this need.

Ciana: Yes, we women do seem to have more complex needs, don’t we? What's your Ultimate goal for

Skye: To provide a safe place for women to explore their own sexuality and to continue to grow the site's offerings and reach a wider audience of women interested in high quality, intelligent, erotic content.

Ciana: That’s something that immediately impressed me with your site. The quality in terms of content and aesthetics is vastly superior to all the competition. So, Skye, what's the one message you'd like for women to get from your site?

Skye: That it's not only "okay", but wonderful and healthy to explore your sexuality! Historically, women have had few avenues to do this, and there was generally some social pressure not to delve into sexual discovery. But, times and culture have changed (for the better, in this instance) and the women of today can reach out from the privacy of their home computer to the Internet and find stimulating and thought-provoking imagery and intelligent information, such as provides, letting women know it's okay to be both sensual, sexual and intelligent.

Well folks, she's definitely singing our tune, and I for one salute her and all the wonderful people at for creating a site where we can relax, enjoy ourselves, learn something and feel good about being sexual, sensual women without sacrificing ethics or intelligence.

If you haven't joined, there's a trial membership for only 2.95 that you should definitely consider. Chances are, once you've seen the scope of the full site, you'll be like me, rushing to get your year's membership.

On Dec. 15th, when the Hussies are in the Cave at the Ellora's Cave Chat, I'll be giving away a month's membership to, and Skye has generously donated a three-month membership as a prize. So come join us and enter to win. In fact, you can enter now if you like. Just email the Hussies at and put Ssssh contest in the subject line. The drawing for the two winners will be on Dec. 15th.

And stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter (debuting in December) where you can read an in depth interview with the fascinating powerhouse behind!!

This is Ciana, for the Hussies saying thanks to Skye and thanks to all of you. I hope your day is positively Hussicilious!!

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Sally Painter said...

Super interview, Ci. Skye and Sssh are just amazing and women are so lucky to have this site available to us.