Saturday, November 10, 2007, sassy, sizzling

Today I'm breaking away from our typical format to reveal some very big news. The HussiesTM have teamed up with the premiere site for women, Yes, that's right! Now you can find short stories by the Hussies on, a steamy series based on the top ten sexual fantasies.

In case you haven't joined, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to them, and to the powerhouse behind them, Skye. I had a chance to have a sit-down with Skye and found her to be one of the most intelligent, savvy, funny and dynamic women I've ever met.

I'll be sharing a bit of information with you here on the blog about Skye and, and in the debut issue of HUSSY, our newsletter, you can read an in depth interview. Sssh is a journal for women by women. Yes, it’s female power in full swing at Sssh. Articles, photos, videos and columns all for women and all by women.
And just what can you find at Quite a lot.
  • Advice Columns
  • Eroscopes
  • Articles
  • Fantasy contests
  • Women in the spotlight
  • Discreet shopping
  • Sexy Cartoons
  • Romance Finder
  • Ask a Man Roundtable
  • True Confessions
  • Sexy Humor
  • Passion Cards
  • Recipes for Passion
  • Erotic Photos
  • Sexy Movies
  • Stories and Novels

And much more! It's truly a site for women that has it all. And what's the driving power behind this phenomenon? Well, that would be Skye. I asked her what inspired her to create

Skye: In 1999, I was doing some research on specific niche audiences on the web. I immediately found that there were only a handful of erotic sites for women, and those were content poor at best. They just didn't have the elements that I felt were important to provide a stimulating and pleasurable experience for women viewers. So, a team of women writers, photographers, astrologers and women's sexuality experts was drawn together to develop the "essence" of Two years later (yes! it took a full two years of development), was launched and set a new standard for women's erotica on the Internet. Its popularity speaks for itself!

The Hussies give Skye a great big Hussy Salute for what she's accomplished. A strong, independent woman who's smart, driven and goes after what she wants with class and character? That's a Hussy if I ever saw one!!

Join me here again tomorrow when I'll share a little more about and the dynamo who created it. And until then, pay a visit. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!!

This is Ciana for The Hussies saying thanks to Skye and for the exciting new association and thanks to all of you. May your day be hussicilious!!


N.J.Walters said...

Congrats to and to the Hussies!

Minime said...

That's really cool. Adding my congrats to both Skye and The Hussies.

Sally Painter said...

I'm just so excited to be on! This is the best site I've ever seen dedicated to women's erotica. It is such an extensive site, and everything is exactly what women want from our erotica! KUDOS to and to Ci!

Nicole Austin said...

WOOHOO! This is so awesome and so much fun. I love the site. :D

Great interview, Ci!

NathalieGray said...

And their site has a French version, bless their heart!!!