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FREE BOOK - Not Just an Orgy

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Alexia was in trouble the moment Haden Tate kissed her. The months trying to gain access to him had been worth it. His passion overwhelms her and Alexia's plans come undone in a moment of lust. Desire burns her to her toes and her resolve to remain unemotional about the handsome man and his secret sex club melts under his possession.

Haden is hiding more than a private voyeur club within the walls of his Savannah nightclub. He's protecting a darker secret and if this sexy bombshell reporter doesn't stop teasing him, he may just reveal the naked truth to her.

Title: Not Just an Orgy
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9990100000060 Ebook (Digital)
Publication Date: April 20, 2009

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An Excerpt From: NOT JUST AN ORGYCopyright © SALLY PAINTER, 2009
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Alexia Wrightman knew she was in trouble the moment Haden Tate's demanding lips touched hers. Her pulse throbbed. She had to remind herself to stay focused on the reason she was there. It had taken three months to charm him into this date. Every night during those months she'd pretended to be a thrill-seeker determined to be his next most-willing conquest.

And here she finally stood on the precipice of uncovering the truth about the club, River Rat, and its rumored private room, and all she could think about was how good he tasted—a hint of wine mingled with spicy hot. She wanted more. Excitement pounded through her, yet it wasn't because she was so close to landing the biggest story of the century. The tingling sensations racing down her back were because of the man. Not his naughty secret.

She tugged from his kiss, gasping for air. The last thing she wanted to do was sabotage herself by allowing this sexy man to distract her beyond all reason. And the way he kissed…such firm soft lips…

Focus! The mission was to ferret out the rumor of a mysterious secret room called The Sanctuary where he held private orgies. Only a handful of nightclub patrons were invited to enter and tonight she'd just become one of the lucky few. She was alone with Haden. The man of her dreams. The man she'd wanted for her own ever since she'd first seen him months ago. The mysterious club owner who could have any woman he wanted and he'd chosen her.

"Don't you like kissing me?" he asked, and tilted her chin to receive another one.

Firm lips covered hers. Groaning, Haden trailed his fingers down the column of her neck, dipping over the exposed mounds of her breasts. His touch scorched her flesh and her breath caught in her throat as he fingered the bodice edge of her dress. She sensed his longing to plunge his hand beneath the silk and tease her nipples into hardened buds, and held her breath, waiting…

Anticipation trembled all the way to her toes. She was on fire and rubbed against him, writhing under the excited pulses throbbing to her clit. Her nipples ached for his touch and when his fingers finally brushed over the silk bodice, her heart slammed against her chest. A low moan vibrated in her throat. He stroked her, rubbing his thumb in circles to tease her nipples. A streak of pleasure shot to her clit.

Alexia broke from the kiss again and her head fell back against the steel door. She was tempted to remove the rhinestone barrette from her hair and end this charade, but the hair clamp concealing the mini-spy cam was her only protection should things get out of control. She wondered what her cohort Ollie Underwait was able to see through the scope of the lens. Right now, probably the ceiling.

Haden pressed kisses over her cheek, working his way down her neck to the cleavage of her breasts rising above the bodice. She didn't look down, not wanting her best friend on the other end of the hidden camera to witness her succumbing to Haden's skillful seduction. She was lost in a riot of delightful sensations.

Her fingers caressed his strong muscled back beneath the crisp dress shirt. All concerns about Ollie vanished. All desire to prove her journalistic skills seemed unimportant. She nuzzled Haden and he lifted his head. At that moment she only cared that her wildest fantasy was coming true.

"Haden," she panted, and he stopped kissing the fleshy mounds and straightened.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered in a deep silky voice that made wet heat dampen her panties. His brown eyes darkened with desire and fire lashed at her throat. He leaned down to kiss her and she was lost once more. His tongue teased her lips open and slipped between them inside her mouth. God he felt so good. She combed her fingers through his black hair, marveling how soft it felt.

Not Just an Orgy (FREE BOOK)

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