Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Frustrating, puzzling and intriguing

What fits all three of those words? Why men, of course. They thrill and enchant us, as well as frustrate and infuriate us at times. But a world without men would be dull indeed. So today I'm saluting I find charming, charistmatic, intriguing, sexy and delightful.

This man has been the cause of more female drool than can be gathered in a tanker. Fabio. I had a chance to meet him at RT and what a lovely man. Seriously. Charming, still sexy as sin and the man KNOWS how to melt a camera lens.

Now here's a guy who makes every women feel feminine when she stands next to him, and who has a smile that can light up and room, and a body that makes hearts beat faster. John Fish. Not only does John define the phrase sin in jeans, he's a genuinely nice guy, devoted to his family and always with a smile on his face and a friendly word for fans.

Next on my list is a man who should have his photo in the dictionary beside the words gentleman, friendly, witty, and fun. S.L. Carpenter, "The Dude". Multi-talented, Scott is the kind of man we all want in our lives, caring, polite, with a wicked sense of humor and the ability to talk about virtually any topic. And not just talk. This is a man who listens. Teamed up with our our Sahara Kelly in The Partners in Passion series, Scott is the man the Hussies want for their own. (Yes, we're about to arm wrestle Sahara for him!)

There are a lot more fellows I could add to the list, but I think I'd rather hear from you on the men that inspire and delight, or make you gnash your teeth. So give us your thoughts.

And come visit with us on our site in May when we unveil some excitement that has the Hussies grinning like mad and doing the happy dance!

Happy Wednesday :)


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Book Talk

This is an extra special week for The Hussies. Ciana's latest in The Hussies series, A Taste For Jazz, will be available on Wednesday. Yay! Jazz is a kick-butt heroine and Rock...whoo-damn! Click here to read an excerpt of this scorching hot book filled with action and adventure. Congrats, Ci!

It's also a special week for new releases from Ellora's Cave Publishing, with a specail Thursday release day and the start of the older woman/younger man books. Ten! I need to get buys reading.

Releasing Wednesday:

Enchant the Dawn - Elaine Lowe (Historical paranormal)

A Taste for Jazz - Ciana Stone (Paranormal)

Cowboy Up - Mary Winter (Contemporary / Gay)

Perfect Timing - Barbara Elsborg (Contemporary Romantic Comedy)

Special Release Day - Thrusday:

Impulsive Pleasures - KyAnn Waters (Contemporary / owym)

Personal Gain - Sapphire Blue (Paranormal / owym)

Releasing Friday:

Teaching Molly - Desiree Holt (BDSM / owym)

Exceptions to the Rule - Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe (Contemporary / Gay)

Warrior of the Past - L.A. Day (Time travel)

The Woodsman - Belle Scarlett (Fantasy)

The Hussies would like to extend a warm welcome to new to Ellora's authors Fae Sutherland, Marguerite Labbe and belle Scarlett. We wish you all the best!

Happy Reading!

So naughty it's scandalous!

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's all about the EYES

While unpacking my RT suitcases last week, and trying to put stuff away as I did so, I found the tiny package that caused quite a stir - the little container for two small pieces of nearly invisible plastic - my blue contact lenses. And I started thinking...remembering just what an effect these tiny things had. And of course I wondered why.

The night of the Faery ball, while my eyes were still that virulent blue, I had an intense conversation about this very topic with some friends. (The intensity was probably a direct correlation with the alcohol consumption, but that's another story. LOL) We decided, however, that eyes reveal a lot more about a person than we think. Sure, the eyes are the "windows to the soul", but that's a rather beautiful phrase we use without really thinking about the implications.

When I put in those inhumanly blue lenses, it changed something about me. It hid that "normal" color - and thus the ability to look me in the eye and gauge my reaction to anything. The responses to these things were varied - and funny. Most often I heard "OHMIGOD - look at your EYES". (Well, unless you've got a mirror, I'm going to find that a bit difficult. Duh.) I also heard "Oh WOW" (said wistfully) and "Holy s***" (said with shock). The funniest reaction? The enormously handsome and tall cover model who escorted me to my seat on the stage for the Ball. He glanced down at me, froze and sucked in his breath with an audible gasp. His eyes widened, he gulped, then looked quickly away, saying "God, that is too weird. You scare me." He couldn't look me in the eye for several minutes. LMAO

Putting all these reactions together was an interesting psychological exercise. (Yes, we writers do stuff like this. It's called "research".) Eventually, after the umpteenth "freaky" comment, I started to wonder exactly what it was these folks WEREN'T seeing that weirded them out.

I looked around me. The eyes I saw were laughing, intense, sad, darting from one face to another (and some hidden by sleepy eyelids). They were just eyes - they didn't change color or shape according to mood. They were "normal" (except for a bit bloodshot in a few cases). So...I was wearing the same shape...why the stunned reactions?

I decided it was because I'd taken a step past the definition of normal. And when people stared into MY eyes, they could not see what their minds told them should be there. I was smiling, laughing, joking - my facial expressions were as expected. But my eyes weren't. That one tiny odd feature was enough to throw off their programmed responses. A few admitted they found it hard to look at me. (Well...okay, I won't go there. LOL)

All in all, I loved wearing those lenses. I enjoyed all these responses and reactions and had a lot of fun with it. But I took more from that evening than just the fun. I realized that the eyes truly ARE the mirror to a person's soul, in that we rely on them for something subtle, something we don't even recognize, but it's there all the same. When that something is concealed or replaced with the solid blue of the Caribbean ocean - the discomfort level in others goes up by leaps and bounds.

I will remember this when I'm writing about my characters' eyes. It's an invaluable experience that taught me something new about human nature, something I can use to enrich my stories. I will also remember the expressions and reactions I got that night and I will look at the photos with a grin. It was HUGE fun and yes, they were actually very comfortable and yes, I could see just fine. (Okay, rum and cokes did make things a bit blurry later, but that wasn't anything to do with the eyes.)

Bottom line? Yeah. Maybe eyes ARE the windows to the soul. Who knows? I do know now that if you put drapes on those windows, you're gonna get some strange responses. And I also know I'm now going to have to hunt for some new ones for next year. I'd like to continue the research. Look out Orlando.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wind down or build up?

Well, here we are, a week after the excitement of RT. Lots of great photos being posted, lots of great memories being talked about, and lots of people suffering the Post RT Stress Disorder and trying to get back into their normal routine. The wind-down is tough. But even in the throes of the let-down comes a spark of new excitement - plans for next years event in Orlando. Already plans and ideas are swirling, breathing new excitement into the PRTSD victims.

And in May, the Hussies have some exciting things planned. We'll be revealing a well-kept secret, introducing you to some exciting folks and bringing you the Month of the Men. Can you say Yumm?

But right now, I'm still in recovery so I'm going back to being pampered, lounge by the pool and see how many cups of coffee the honeyman is willing to fix me. This is my "spoil Ci" weekend and honey I'm taking advantage of it!!

Hugs to all :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Gotta Fight!

For your right!

To paaaaaar-tay!

RT 2008 was all about the parties. Meeting people who love our books, who showed us what dedication to romance is (volunteers rock, man!), who defied sleep, laughed in the face of bathroom scales and enjoyed a couple of drinks with them cute umbrellas on top.

That’s right, folks. One week ago today, the Hussies were invading RT 2008 in Pittsburgh, signing books, hugging readers (and everyone who stood still more than 10 seconds), gate crashing posh parties and generally scaring the locals. You know why? Because Hussies, they like to have fun.

Armed with cameras, positive ions oozing out of our ears and an irreverent sense of humor, we trolled and stalked, snuck up and gave speeches, dazzled and challenged stereotypes. We hugged Cavemen, had our pictures taken with Fabio, Adrian Paul, cheered the brave Mr. Romance contestants. We witnessed some pretty outlandish behavior too, but you know what? That’s what life is all about. Having fun. Letting your hair down (in my case, spiking it up even more), ignoring what folks might have to say about your sassiness or your bold approach. So what if someone thinks you shouldn’t do sexy costumes? So what if two passes at the buffet table might be a tad overboard? So what if you lost your bra in the elevator and forgot to take the fake eyelashes out the next morning?

You’re a Hussy. Hussies don’t follow rules; we make our own. We like to party, and we’ll fight for it!

Thank you to my sister Hussies authors, to Scott our Dude, to the EC crew, RT volunteers and organizers, and most importantly, thank you to each Hussy attendee who flew, drove or walked to RT. You’re the true heart of romance. You’re Reader. And readers ROCK!

Friday, April 25, 2008

RT 2009 - Ya goin'?

Since I didn't get to attend RT 2008, I'm looking forward to RT 2009 in Orlando, baby!

I can't wait to squeeze my hussy sistas and hug on some readers and fellow authors.

Who all is going to Romantic Times Convention 2009?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - Going Home

The 25th Romantic Times Convention is over. After more than eleven months of preparation the six frenzied days flew by. Heck, before it was even over The Hussies were hard at work plotting and planning how to make a big splash in Orlando next year.

My suitcases are unpacked, all the laundry has been done and I've reorganized the leftover promo stuff. I may be home, but my spirit is still in Pittsburgh. I miss seeing everyone in their fabulous outfits at the parties and hanging out in the bar, talking and laughing until they finally kicked us out. I met so many wonderful readers and authors, blushed while posing for hundreds of pictures, and had the time of my life!

The only thing left to do is get back into the swing of real life. I'm sorry but reality sucks! I'm feeling very lazy and have not managed to reestablish my regular routine. That sudden crash in adrenaline and excitement has left me rather uninspired.

I miss hanging with my Hussy sistas, whether it be while glamming it up at one of the parties or hanging out in one of our rooms and sharing a pizza. Nat and her infectious energy. Ci, our one woman party. Sahara the sultry and divine goddess. Our gypsy, Sally, who was with us in spirit. And The Dude--adorable, sweet and funny Scott Carpenter. Being together in person has me thanking my lucky stars for the day I was invited to join forces with this amazing group! As Nat would say, I love you all...but not in that way. *sniff*

Our readers are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. My heartfelt thanks to all those who stopped by to say hello and offered both hugs and friendship. Especially at the book signing when my shy nature kicked in full force leaving me a frazzled mess! For those of you who were unable to attend, I hope to see you 362 days from now in Orlando. Dang, that sounds like such a long time away. *pouty face*

Here are a few more pictures Susan shared with me, including this great photo of Susan and Nat.

Research is so much fun. I just might have to drag out this whole process of writing my photographer heroine so Ci will keep arranging impromptu photo shoots for me with hunks like Christian. Rawr! Is it hot in here or what?

Taking butt shots, Susan? And they call me the naughty hussy. Nice work! You go, girl!

In my next life, I wanna be Ci! Or at least her assistant. What a fun job that would be!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Talk

Where has this week gone? I can't believe its release day already. Wow! Adjusting back to reality after six days of non-stop fun at RT in Pitts... Well, let's just say reality is highly overrated! With the exception of hot new books that is. The eight books releasing from Ellora's Cave Publishing this week look hot enough to make coming home worthwhile.

Releasing Wednesday:

Luke & Jezebel - Ravyn Wilde (vampire)

Recreating John Doe - Anh Leod (futuristic / light bondage)

Love Out Loud - Marilyn Lee (contemporary / interracial)

Beauty Sleep - Anna J. Evans (paranormal)

I've started the count down already. Only 363 days 'til RT '09 in Orlando. Dang, that's a long time away. I guess we'll all just have to stay busy reading until then. *g*
Happy Reading!

So naughty it's scandalous!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Release Week

I was sorry not to be at RT this year, especially since I was able to meet Nat last year and have a total fan girl moment. I guess I'll have to console myself with Hussy books. Nicole's Trip My Switch is up next on the EBookwise.

I have been looking forward to this week though, because I have a release at Ellora's Cave called Recreating John Doe! It's out on Friday.

I grew up reading my father's science fiction books. I remember how hesitant he'd be when he handed some of them over, telling me to skip over the marked pages - the ones that had sex. Usually there was only a page or so marked. I guess I wanted more from Dad's sci fi, and thus Recreating John Doe was born. Science fiction mixed with romantica, and a little light bondage thrown in!

John Doe, my hero, has had a tough life. His early years were spent on Aboo Nine, where his family had been kings, then governors, for centuries. The planet had a Victorian-style school system, and erotic fetishes grew up around the corporal punishment in the schools. But when John was eleven, his family was assassinated and only he escaped. He became a mercenary first, then a bounty hunter, not wanting to return to his home planet and start a civil war. Every part of his past has been pushed aside, including his sexual identity as an Aboolan male.

Gaia Marlowe, my heroine, hasn't had it much easier. Her family served the ruling class, but after the revolution she found herself working as a mistress in underground sex clubs. She married her way out of the life, but then her husband was murdered. And you know what can happen when there's an outsider to blame. She has to go on the run and hide back in her old life, counting on her friends to protect her from the relentless forces after her.

When John and Gaia meet, it's going to be a train-wreck for both of them! Here is the spot on Ellora's Cave where you can find my books. If you like book videos, you can check out the RJD video here!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Waaaaahhhh! I MISS everyone!!!!!!

I cannot believe that it's OVER! We've waved our last farewell to Pittsburgh, given that last hug, wiped away that last tear and forked over fifty bucks to US Air for excess baggage weight. (Not in my hips for once, either!)

How to recap these past five days? I have no idea where to start. Right now, my heart is full - as it always is - with the love and warmth I get from RT conventions. Maybe I'll just list the things I miss this morning and you can get my drift.

I miss the "coffee klatch". Those wonderful folks who staggered blearily down to the restaurant, requested IV injections of caffeine, then wandered outside to sit next to the bushes like a flock of tired birds. (The Lesser Ruffled Staggerers?) This flock changed faces now and again, but there was a core of die hard chicks desperate for that morning hit. Plumage varied from pajamas and a robe to full makeup and hair (eeek!), depending on the day's schedule.

I miss the messages/voicemails on my cell phone from my Hussy sisters. (Where you at? Want breakfast/dinner/drinks/aspirins?) I miss Nat's twinkling smile, Nic's wicked chuckle and Ci...well, I miss everything about her.

I miss the moments of careful scheduling (if I take my shower now will my hair survive til tonight? Does the white top go with this? Where's my shoes? Can I get down 23 floors to the restaurant for coffee without makeup and not have anyone see me? If I don't wear my badge am I invisible?)

I miss the Hussy "sessions". Quiet moments stolen from all the fierce activity and enjoyed in the warm sunshine, tossing ideas around, laughing, (laughing a LOT), and generally enriching the experience of what it means to be a Hussy.

I miss the hugs and smiles I found myself getting from all the wonderful RT Virgins I helped deflower. (Metaphorically speaking.) And I miss the waves and grins (and occasional snicker) I got from my fellow authors and friends. I miss hugging Hussy Claudia every time we passed in the hotel corridor and trying to hug a cover model every time I passed him. I miss the urinals in the ladies' rest room. (Still haven't figured that one out, but no, nobody used them as far as I know.)

I miss knowing that tonight I get to swan around in yet another costume. Yep, girly thing, but dressing up does it for me. Hence the odd photos you'll see popping up now and again. For the record, I cannot twirl pasties and yes, now and again he makes my brown eyes blue. See next paragraph.

I miss my writing partner, Scott. Our new DUDE Hussy! Can't even go there right now because I'll start to cry or choke on the lump in my throat.

So did you pick up anything there that helps explain the RT craziness? No other way to put it - RT is all about the love! Love of the romance novels which unite reader and writer, reviewer and editor, publisher and bookseller. That love overflows into pools of friendship which deepen with every convention. It's a never-ending source of warmth and affection and I immerse myself in it each year, willingly, drowningly, not wanting to come up for air.

That's why I'm a bit lost this morning. My house is silent, my suitcase contents upchucked over the living room floor, my wardrobe for the day is "normal" and my heart is aching quite horribly. My ankles are returning to something approaching their usual size and I have to think about what's in the fridge. (Nothing's actually moving in there, so I guess that's a good thing, but a lot of stuff has to go!!!) Yep, I'm back in the "normal" world. But my head and my heart are still in that RT Happy Place - the bar. LOL It'll take a while to let it all go and pick up where I left off.

But I have my memories, my Hussy huggygals, my buddy Scott, and a glow in my heart that will keep me grinning.

And of course, NOW I have to start planning for NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

To everyone I met who reads this - thank you and much love!! To those who couldn't make it - I hope you can attend one year and share the love I've found. And to my fellow Hussies.... Nat said it best. I LOVE you all. (But not in that way!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lethal Hussy Gives a Speech!

Another BIG hug and Congrats to our Lethal Hussy, Nathalie Gray on her coup at RT! At the RT Awards luncheon Friday, Nat received an award for Best Futuristic Erotic Romance. Yeah baby!

DamNATION (futuristic, vampire) won an award. So our Hussy counted down the winners and the rest that follows is in her own words, “...stomach in a knot, palms clammy and eye twitching for my turn. When it came and they announced my name, fearlessly (right…) I climbed on the stage under the THUNDEROUS roar of the crowd. I kid you not, the sound almost messed my hair. And you *know* how much gel keeps it in place. Ellora’s Cave and the other Hussies really made my day with their show of support. So, I get up there without tripping or doing a face-plant. Score! Genuflect appropriately to receive my award, turn to the lectern…

To see two thousand pairs of eyeballs staring right back at me.


My brain decided to shut down all nonessential systems, including but not limited to vision, sight, and the ability to draw breath. Apparently, my acceptance speech was quick, fun, and received great applause. I couldn’t tell you. From what others have told me, I said “I have three specials thanks: one, (insert name here) my editor at Ellora’s Cave…without her, I am nothing. Two, the Hussies…I love you! Not in *that* way. And three, Judy Mays…last year you won one and thanked me…you brought me good luck, so this year I’m thanking you.” Then I proceeded to speak French as I backed from the lectern. I don’t know what I said, and nobody else does either. I hope it was good.

As a funny side note, when they let me return to my seat, someone snuck up to me, crouched down on her knees and slipped me a business card that said “Bonjour, je m’appelle…” (I, my name is…) with an arrow indicating I should flip the card over. The other side bore a name and title that made my inner Chihuahua chase her tail with savage glee. It said “Sarah, Duchess of Cuntington” It was Sarah from the Smart Bitches!

Friday was a good day. It’s right up there with the birth of my son. I won’t forget it or the way my friends made me feel. Damn, I’m supposed to be the Lethal Hussy and I’m going all mushy on you.

Okay, now it’s time to blow something up. In my books! Only in my books!

This was Nat, signing off on this sunny Saturday morning, getting ready for the romance industry’s biggest, baddest booksigning. I intend to hug as many people as I can. Either until my arms fall off, or the cops drag me away. Cheers!”

Deep Undercover Hussy Nat!

Filename: Deep Undercover Hussy
Date: 17 April 2008
Security Level: Ludicrous
Agents: Classified
Location: Hilton Pittsburgh

Deep undercover is what the Lethal Hussy has been up to. A mission so dangerous, so secret, not even the other Hussies could be informed. For their protection.

Since she’s arrived, Nat has put on a front. Yes, people. During the day, she’s the goofy, gangly chick with the funny hair, hugging people and threatening the Hussies with Red Bull. But at night, when everyone invades the bar and have fun, take pictures and exchange business cards, when they think she’s sleeping, Nat dons her silver cape (with most excellent contrast black stitching, dahlin’) and goes on secret missions filled with danger and threat lurking around every corner. She’s not at liberty to discuss the details, of course, but rest assured she kicks ass and takes names. Oh yeah, baby. Saving the galaxy is much better and more exciting than, say, getting hit by the baddest case of the jetlag in known history and being forced to go lay down at 10pm before collapsing in a snoring heap in the corner. Yeah, much better. Because, erm, um, the Lethal Hussy isn’t such a wussy, now is she?! Of course not! Who said that?! Huh? Who? Who?

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday - Booksigning at RT

Nic grabbed a quick shot of Nathalie Gray before the booksigning started. Lethal Hussy is looking really sharp in her white pants suit!

Nic reports:

"The book fair, as always, was very overwhelming. Hundreds of authors at rows of tables filled the ballroom. Then the readers were there with their various rolling cases or bags carting around tons of books. Some are very organized. They have lists of what authors they want to see, whose books they brought with them to have signed, etc. I had a great table in the front row with a perfect view of where the models were signing calendars until a line formed for another author and blocked my view."

Nic reported that Nat and Ci were on their way to the cover model competition while Nic was sneaking out on a secret Hussy mission . As for Sahara? I rather imagine she was rounding up those RT virgins to make sure they were surviving!
Before the book signing started, Nic stopped by good friend, Rhyannon Byrd's table to admire her cute new bob haircut. Looking good Rhy!

Tomorrow is the last day at RT. Lots of events to attend and the hussies will be packing their bags to return home. They will have lots and lots of photos to share and will be holding a contest on our website over the next couple of weeks. So be sure to keep checking back.

I'll be posting more photos and RT news as the hussies send them.

Sleepless in Pittsburgh

It finally worked. YAY! One of the reasons (hey, I didn't say the reason, just one) Ci has been putting me in front of the camera with all the models is to help me with a character I want to write. The heroine is basically Syneca Featherstone, goddess of all things visual. I needed to get into the model head space so I could figure out how the heroine gets her new male model to give her what she needs for the pictures.

Yeah, so here I am, the morning of the looongest day here, wide awake at 3-damn-thirty in the morning because the muse woke up and said, "Ah! I've got it now. Here's what we do." I want to smack her (gasp) but never would. When the muse is ready to write, we write. Yup. Its going to be one heck of a long day!

You see the sacrifices we writer types make so y'all have those fabulous stories to read. Yes? (putting on pouty face)

Damn, it's not working, is it? (heavy sigh) I'm not going to get any sympathy from this crowd. Nope! Hmm...I wonder who I can get to commiserate with the poor inspired and sleepless author.

Since I'm awake now (grumble, groan) I decided to give y'all a live report on RT.
First and foremost, this trip has been worth every moment of planning and each dollar parted with because The Hussies together online is great, but The Hussies together in person...indescribable. We are praying that next year all five of us can be at RT because we definitely feel that empty spot where Sally should be there next to us. Its just not complete without all of us together. Next year is not looking great for Nat though, darn it.

I have to say that I have never met a more wonderful and giving group of people. We all get each other, which in itself is a miracle because we're all kinda left of center, if you know what I mean. LOL!

Nat's energy fuels all of us. While we stood in line yesterday waiting to go in to the awards luncheon she literally vibrated with pent up energy, which we gave back as the anticipation of her going on stage built. And it wasn't only The Hussies with our sidekick hussyman (we still have to come up with the right title for Scott) screaming for Nat. The room exploded when she proceeded to blow everyone away with her infectious personality. No boring acceptance speeches from the lethal hussy. Uh-uh. She's got that boom-baby going on. We are all so proud of Nat and happy her work is getting the recognition it deserves.

Sahara has such depth to her that only comes across in person. At times she appears to be the very proper British dame, but underneath the surface lurks a sharp, always on intellect and wit. She's one of those people who can word things in such a way that you walk away from her replaying what she's said through your mind and all of a sudden a light goes on. You have one of those moments where you go hey, wait a minute. Proper my ass! LOL! There is a wicked woman in there! It's just subtle and not everyone sees her. I'm on to you though, Sahara. (g)

And Ciana... How to describe our sly little goddess. First off all, redneck my ass! She may have the accent and laid back attitude, but there is not a darn thing slow about her. Ciana's amazing mind is always working, along with precious, her camera. (shudders) I got to hold precious... Um, but that's another story and I've gotten distracted. Ci sees things nobody else does. She can look at something and her sharp mind is immediately working on it, planning what she can do with it, and how best to bring it out for everyone else to see. To watch it happen in person has me in complete awe.

Last but definitely not least, Scott. Our hussyman. Our dude! The only thing I can think of that's anywhere near accurate is to say, he's the shit! LOL! Sahara may joke that he gets distracted and wanders aimlessly, but its because he's found someone who needs something and has taken on the job of being the white knight to the rescue once again. I've never met anyone with such a big, generous heart. He makes sure everyone around him is doing good and has whatever they could possibly need. You immediately fall under his protection when within a 100 feet of him. How he keeps us with all four of us wild hussies is beyond me, but he does. We considered cloning him but it just wouldn't work. No duplication could come close to the original man we know and love.

RT itself is manic. Yesterday the frantic pace was starting to show and people were getting... well, tired and bitchy. LOL! Being smart Hussies, we decided to hide out instead of charge headfirst into the madness.

Today is a big day. We have soooo much going on. Come Sunday we will all crash and burn. I know personally, I'm going to need at least a week to recover and get back to anything resembling my norm. No, I didn't say normal. The naughty hussy is not normal. What I am is a giver. There's not one selfish motivation behind my taking a hit for the team, modeling with all those hunky, hard-bodied guys to represent The Hussies. Nope, not at all.

Hey, I'm not bad, I'm just titled that way. And I don't love the fact that Ci's camera draws the models like metal filing to a magnet. It's so annoying how they see precious and get that sultry, smoky look in their eyes. Now if they would just turn that look on us instead of that wondrous piece of mechanical goodness... Umm...yeah right!

Okay, I'm done. The brain is fried. Gonna try to go back to sleep since I don't have to be awake for another two hours. Y'all stay tuned because after we get home and Ci has a chance to sort through all those pictures we are going to have some incredible visual goodness for you, our devoted Hussies readers. Until then have fun and be good. And even if you're being bad, be good at it, Hussy. (wink)

So naughty it's scandalous!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nic's Report - LIVE FROM RT

"Tonight was the faery ball and the wings were tangling up all over the place. The costumes were amazing. Ci has more pictures of people like Flash who, as always, was amazing. And Tawny Taylor whose handmade creation was beyond beautiful."

"Scott is now an official Hussies caretaker. He is so amazing, making sure everyone is okay and has what they need. The man must be going insane trying to keep up with four hussies but he is doing one hell of a job, including wearing the costume Sahara lovingly handcrafted for him.

"We've been hanging out with Sire Don, which has lead to some very interesting conversations and sparked a few story ideas for me. Don is ... a big teddy bear. With real bear claws to prove it. Describing how those metal claws feel when gently slid over the skin... And his floggers. More than one hussy is interested in finding out how they feel with more than the casual touch. Wowza!
"Nat and Sire Don connected on a whole different level... world domination baby! They discussed blowing s*** up for quite a long time. And apparently Don and our Posh Pink Hussy go waaaay back.

"More than one of the hussies is curious as to the details of Sahara's BDSM research. Speaking of our posh hussy, Miss Sahara with the mesmerizing blue contacts was beyond gorgeous tonight in her fae costume."

"Ci, as always, had precious in hand (Nat and my name for her camera. Nat tried to steal it from Ci's shoulder.) "

...and was working the room, literally, on her knees in that stunning yet brief faery costume."

"Ci and Nat were seen on the dance floor having a fabulous time."

"Nat is adapting to the different time zone just in time to turn around and head back home. "

"Tomorrow is a big day for the Hussies since Nat is nominated for one of the RT Reviewers Choice Awards."

Guess who will be wooting the loudest when our hussy wins? GO NAT!!!!!!!!!!