Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wind down or build up?

Well, here we are, a week after the excitement of RT. Lots of great photos being posted, lots of great memories being talked about, and lots of people suffering the Post RT Stress Disorder and trying to get back into their normal routine. The wind-down is tough. But even in the throes of the let-down comes a spark of new excitement - plans for next years event in Orlando. Already plans and ideas are swirling, breathing new excitement into the PRTSD victims.

And in May, the Hussies have some exciting things planned. We'll be revealing a well-kept secret, introducing you to some exciting folks and bringing you the Month of the Men. Can you say Yumm?

But right now, I'm still in recovery so I'm going back to being pampered, lounge by the pool and see how many cups of coffee the honeyman is willing to fix me. This is my "spoil Ci" weekend and honey I'm taking advantage of it!!

Hugs to all :)


NathalieGray said...


We love us some secrets! The naughtier, the better :)

Have a great Pamper Ci weekend. You deserve it.


Sally Painter said...

WB! I can't wait for the R-E-V-E-A-L