Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Go Round in Circles!

Crop Circles were first noticed in the 1920s but one report dates back to the 16th century.

According to Melanie Hayes of CROP CRICLE NEWS nearly ten years ago there were 500 crop circles reported in the US in 49 states. Rhode Island is the only state to have no crops circles. Almost every country in the world has reported cases of crop circles.

When I was holding monthly paranormal workshops, one of my guest workshop leaders was Paul Vigay. Paul is a UK crop circle investigator and offers one of the few remaining free access websites on crop circles. He has a wealth of information and a database you can search for specific crop circles. Paul is also the first researcher to link sound, vibration, and harmonics with crop circle geometry.

The kinds of crops where circles have been found are very diverse and range from crops of potatoes or tobacco to the typical wheat fields.

Some of the anomalies found in authentic crop circles include battery drain. Camcorders and other electronic equipment suddenly go dead, many sensitives become nauseated and dizzy when stepping inside the circle. Scientific analysis of wheat and other crops within the circle show a molecular change. Nodal elongation or enlargement appear to have exploded.

One of the best sources of information about the various anomolies found within crop cirles appeared in MUFON UFO Journal in a 1998 article written by Nancy Talbott. The crop circle plant life showed microscopic pit-holes in the nodal cells which is an indication of some form of flash heat within a micro-second.

Analysis also revealed “meteoric iron on plant stems and in the soil”. Another unique anomolie was the plants inside the circle demonstrated “absorption of electromagnetic energy”. This may account for the electronic malfunctions and battery drains as well as the physical sensations many experience inside the circles.

Radiation levels are also elevated and compasses typically are off a few degrees of magnetic north inside the circles. Iron particles can be found and sometimes a layer of carbon covers the plants. The list of changes in the plantlife and earth within the circle goes on and on.

In the late 1990s, two circles appeared in Canada with similar oddities. In each case, a porcupine was found dead within the crop formations. One porcupine was blackened, having been nearly disintegrated while the other was flattened as though having been squashed.

So what could be creating these increasingly elaborate circle designs in crops? Some people have reported seeing lights flying over fields before and after the circles appear. Others have reported hearing sounds. One report claimed to hear “pipes” playing followed by a flash of light. If someone is creating these circles, what is the function and purpose of these designs?

Some believe crop circles are the byproduct of UFO landing gear while others believe they are spiritual messages from the other side. Yet others believe they a natural phenomena of earth energies like physicist CUNY's Dr Michio Kaku theorizes along with other scientists. Dr. Kaku believes crop circles are the result of wormholes created when parallel universes connect.

Whatever they are, remains a mystery. Perhaps one day someone will capture the creating of a crop circle on video.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gettin' Naughty - Friends With Benefits

What are friends with benefits? A friend with benefits is someone with whom you have no-strings-attached sex. There are no expensive dinners, romantic dates, hearts and flowers or commitments. It’s a friend you can call when you are horny and want to hook up. I’m not talking one night stand or casual sex with a stranger. This is a friend who you share sex with on a regular basis.

Sexual friendships can be satisfying and have the added bonus of easy-going affection, free of the stresses and drama which can be a big part of romantic relationships. There are times in your life when all you want is occasional companionship and sex without obligations and entanglements.

All of the fun with none of the dating hassles. Sounds great, right?

Having a friend with benefits or fuck buddy has become more common in recent years, especially among young adults. Let’s face it, women are more independent now, and building a career can leave little time for committed relationships. That doesn’t mean the libido magically goes to sleep and you no longer desire sex or the benefits of a physical relationship. Arrangements with a trusted friend can provide a relatively safe and convenient environment for recreational sex.

While a casual, sexual relationship may sound easy and attractive, beware of the inherent pitfall—becoming emotionally attached. Friends with benefits situations are delicate, and it is often more difficult for women to keep their feelings out of the intimate equation. Being turned down by a fuck buddy because he has an actual date is bound to make you feel jealous and suffer the painful sting of rejection. As two friends grow and mature, the needs of each are going to change. It’s inevitable that eventually someone is going to seek a romantic relationship, either with the friend or with someone else.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this relationship alternative works out to be both mutually satisfying and enduring. Go into the arrangement with your eyes open and don’t let your pal obscure the view of Mr. Right should he happen to come along. Take the time to talk through the expectations of both parties, and set down some mutually agreeable ground rules. Let’s face it, unless both of you are getting what you want out of it the relationship isn’t going to work. There are many things to consider beforehand.

Finding a friend with benefits can be a challenge. Not only must your friend be open and sexual, but must be in a particular stage of their life to be up for a casual involvement. If you have a friend who may be suitable and ready for such an arrangement, test the waters. Start a conversation to discover the candidate’s attitude toward sex, relationships and being single. In a comfortable friendship it should be easy to determine if someone is open about sex, misses having it regularly, wants to get some, and if they are looking for commitment. Share your own mind-set and make sure they know where you stand. Chances are that, if you’re close friends, you already know each others feelings on such topics.

If there is mutual physical attraction, needs and desire for a non-committed sexual relationship, let it happen on its own. You can’t force this. Either it will happen or it won’t. Becoming friends with benefits is not something you can scam or sweet-talk someone into. Take time to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Just because you both agree to casual sex doesn’t mean you can forget all the rules of sexual and social etiquette. There must be respect and equality. You also have to impress each other like in any relationship, just in different ways, such as with sexual skill.

When adding sex to a friendship there is going to be complications. Should one of you become attached and develop romantic feelings beyond general affection and attraction, someone is liable to get hurt. Also, once you’ve crossed the boundaries into sex, running into each other in public situations may become uncomfortable. And there is a thin gray line between what constitutes going out as friends and going out as a couple. You should still be able to hang out or go to the movies like before without it turning into a date.

You must also consider how your friends will react. Will they accept the relationship without pressure? Will you even tell them about it? How will you act in public? Are there mutual friends who will have a problem with the arrangement because they have an interest in the other person?

Keeping both of you safe is another big issue. If you are both free to sleep with other people during the course of your agreement then make sure to protect yourselves from STDs and pregnancy. Stay away from sleeping with any of his other friends. While your buddy knows you’re sleeping with other people, he probably doesn’t want to hear about it at the gym.

Essentials for success
· Be clear about what you want
· Carefully consider pitfalls and your expectations
· Choose wisely. Friends with girlfriends are off limits
· Talk openly and frankly with your friend
· Establish rules and boundaries
· Make sure you both agree to the rules and boundaries
· Stick to the rules and boundaries
· Talk about it if emotions become involved
· End it if it’s no longer what you want or if it changes

There are more advantages than just having sex. You’re spending time with someone whose company you enjoy and who you know is not a total jerk. Awkwardness should be at a minimum because you are already comfortable with each other and have an established friendship.

If you are both unattached, consenting adults who don’t desire a traditional romantic relationship, have set ground rules which you stick to, and keep yourselves safe, then why not have some fun while it lasts? What do you think? Can love and romance be kept separate from sex? Is there the possibility of such a friendship working or is it a train wreck waiting to happen?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Humpin' For Release!

Is this the most wonderful time of the week or what? Besides Fridays, I mean ;) Just look at these yummy choices. How's a Hussy to choose? Which ones are you reading and what made you buy it? Let's hump the new releases!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Smile, Damn it! Smile!

This week on Hussy Charm School I'm going to help you with a vital skill every Hussy should know...faking it!

That's right! Like Meg Ryan sitting in a restaurant across from Billy Crystal belting out a five-star orgasm, it's every Hussy's duty--no right--to be able to fake it. And during the holiday season, I'm talking about that very important thing: a smile.

Look, I know it's colder than my polar hunk's bare bum sitting in the snow (of course then you have to warm it up...gone to my happy place... oh wait...back on topic now) outside, and you have ninety million and one holiday cards to write. The kids are screaming for the latest whateveritistheyhavetohave and your family is about to make you take a one way trip to Antarctica (penguins, whee!). I want you to stop everything right now. Pull up those muscles in your face and smile.

Look, the laws of nature, holidays, and retailing have decided that the next four weeks will take the patience of a saint to get through, and even the saints are about ready to commit murder. Things will be tight on time, even tighter on money, and yet, somehow, when all the paper has been shredded and the tree is making new habitat in some environmentally friendly recycling program (unless you're me and stuck with a 2' fiber optic job because your cat will not let you have a real tree, sniff!sniff! Wait SMILE!), the truth is you'll look back on the holidays and smile at all the new memories you made.

Don't be glum. See the beauty in the snow. Remember what it was like to be a kid waiting for the holidays. Tired of the same old carols? Make up your own. I'm particularly fond of a version of Let It Snow, that involves the rousing chorus, "because I work from home, Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW! Because my job won't give me snow days, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" It's fun. And it'll put a smile on your face.

There. Don't you feel better? Now you can fake it with the best of 'em.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Scout Day - Be Prepared

The last week in November is here - and we all know what lies ahead of us. So surviving Mondays is gonna get harder! Here's a list of things you'll hear over the next few weeks. Forewarned is forearmed, folks!


Not turkey again!!
Can we put the tree up now?
I wrote my Christmas list - you want it on the fridge?
How do you spell "puppy"?
Honey, where'd you put the lights for the tree?
Mom, I hate turkey.
It's not Christmas without gravy, dear.
I don't want anything for Christmas. Really.
Mooom - I'm sick of turkey.
Hey honey - where's the extension cords?
Sorry, Ma'am, we're sold out of those.
The tree lights are blinking!!!
Er...that tree doesn't look straight.
I stepped on a decoration - sorry.
I want a puppy. I'll take care of it. Honest.
Hey - your tree fell over!!!


So now you know what to expect, here's some suggestions for useful responses (or at least responses. Whether they work or not isn't really the point here!).

Eat your turkey. It's good for you.
The extension cords are where you put 'em.
No puppy.
My gravy is supposed to have lumps. It says so in the recipe.
It's turkey soup. Shut up and eat it.
Yes, Santa will come here even though we don't have a chimney. He's smart.
Absolutely no on the puppy. Santa doesn't have a license to transport live animals.
Those lights are blinking.
The red ornaments are all bunched up.
I don't know. Ask your father.
Christmas lists are limited by law to ten items.
Honey, did our loan come through?
How many times do I have to say it? NO PUPPY.
Are you sure you don't have any of these out back in the stockroom?
Does this come in my size?
Does this come in any size approaching a human being?
I'm allergic to puppies.
I don't want anything for Christmas, honest.


Of course, the stress is going to build from here on, especially for those of us with youngsters. If you exercise, good for you - I'm told it's a great stress reliever. If, like me, you're a little behind in the workout department, then you might take solace from the image below. It might remind us that getting some exercise doesn't always have to involve working up a sweat, and it might also help us all survive the next few Mondays....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Avoiding Destiny... Can you?

Black Friday

Not shopping though. This black Friday is about Avoiding Destiny.

Can you? Is it possible to escape your destiny? I’ve often witnessed people attempting to do so, myself included, and miraculously fate always manages to ambush when you least expect it.

What is destiny? Why can’t it be defeated? Well, in my little book of theories, I’ve come up with one just for this so here it is.

First, I don’t think we really understand what destiny is. The common concept is that it’s mysterious and indefinable that fate somehow just attaches itself to us in a random lottery form of assignment. Oh, this one will be a famous politician, hmm… I need to find the next Jonas Salk… Yeah that baby.

This makes the world appear to be a slap hazard happenstance of mindless events. Nothing could be further from the truth.

From my experience, I have come to understand destiny is really your gameplan for life. It is a map you and your advisors (guides) created long before you incarnated into this world. It is a very intricate and complex process because your map has to be aligned with everyone else’s map who you are moving through lifetimes with. It is believed and from what I’ve witnessed is correct, that we move in the same circles of reincarnation life after life. We just change roles. So your role playing may be as a man one lifetime as your sister’s father and next time you are a cousin and so on.

So when people talk about trying to find their life purpose or their destiny or ascribe an event as destiny, they are literally correct. They planned it that way. That is why some people have this overpowering belief in themselves over great odds. They remember what they planned. So as not to take the mystery out of life and traveling through it to learn certain lessons, most of us don’t know this plan. We chose to forget it so we could experience life to its fullest.

So if you are looking for your map, all you need do is turn inside through meditation and start your journey into self-discovery. You may just find that treasure map and be on your way to riches and wealth beyond your imagination.


Since this is my day to blog, I’m going to make a few Hussy Announcements so as not to encroach on another Hussies’ time here.

Hussy Announcements:

HUSSY TIME: Yes, we are getting our own radio show! I’ve missed being on the air since I canceled my paranormal show and Ci and I have been talking about doing a radio talk show since we began this Hussy adventure. We’d planned to bring it online in June of 2008, but our schedule has caught up with us. So… our first show will be December 15th @ 1 PM EST. This will be on the same Saturday as the Hussies are hosting the EC chat list. We can be found a HUSSY TIME ( You can find the convenient little ole box on the right side of this blog and can listen by clicking on it. It’ll be live after Dec 15. Then every week after, Ci and I will be co-hosting every Wednesday at 7 pm EST. Our sista hussies will be joining us for the shows as their schedules allow. Oh, and we have a chatroom. You don’t have to register to participate, but if you do, you can gain access to some Just Hussy inside scoops by leaving comments on our page and joining in the chats during air time.

PSYCHIC READINGS: Recently I was asked to do pubic readings instead of confining them to family and friends. This is something I’ve resisted doing for twenty years, but now find that I’m being placed in positions to do these. I’ve done more readings in the past two weeks for people who’ve just suddenly asked me for one than I have in two years, so I am going to break my self-imposed disappearance act from public readings and will give away 2 readings in a contest. To enter for your chance at a psychic reading, just send me an email to I will be drawing the winners on December 21 (my husband’s birthday). After that I will be offering readings to the public.

RADIO INTERVIEW: Ci and I will be on the RAVEN talk show with Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow ( on Wednesday, November 28th @ 11 am EST. Please tune in and make sure you call us with questions so we don’t feel we’re just flapping in cyber wind, hussies!

SSSH.COM: If you haven’t been there. Then go now! The Hussies have short stories on this premiere women’s site. Yeah baby! Ci suggested we take her post of the 10 ten fantasies and write some hot sizzling close encounters.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gettin' Naughty - Holiday Stress / Humor

The holidays have arrived, and as the song assures, “Its The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.” While I’m not too sure about the validity of that statement, I hope you enjoy my ramblings on the subject.

Thanks Giving Day: Today we have the pleasure of slaving all day in the kitchen for a bunch of ungrateful relatives you may not particularly care to dine with. In a matter of minutes, they will devour what took you days of planning and cooking. Then everyone collapses before your T.V. in a tryptophan overdose coma. Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday: If you like to get deals on the gifts you purchase for Christmas, you’ll wake up tomorrow before the butt-crack of dawn, and hit the stores with about a million determined shoppers willing to trample you in order to get one of those limited quantity must haves. Should you fail, no worries, it only means the kids will be disappointed and not talk to you for a good month or so. Hmm…that might actually be a plus. LOL! Welcome to the nightmare that is Black Friday.

Good times! Having fun yet? Hey, we’ve only just begun.

Christmas: There are a million and one parties and gatherings you will be expected to attend over the next month. Ah, if only it were that simple. Not only must you attend, but you have to find the perfect outfit for each event, shop for hostess gifts, and somehow manage to fit the events into your already jam-packed schedule.

In between all these lovely gatherings you have to decorate the house, and send out so many Christmas cards your taste buds will get cemented together from licking all those icky envelopes. Add in the extra challenge of the kids being out of school for two weeks. Gee, guess what? You have to find a way to entertain them. Either that or deal with the constant chorus of, “I’m Bored,” played in a voice guaranteed to grate on your last nerve.

You’ll also have to go out and get a tree, wrap all the loot you scored during the shopping marathon, and be prepared with extra gifts for those surprise holiday visitors. You know those devious people have planned way in advance who they will surprise this year. Oh, and don’t forget who celebrates which holiday—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza…

Political Correctness: Then there’s the whole politically correct new fangled ways we are supposed to greet people over the holidays. Don’t get caught saying, “Merry Christmas!” *gasp* Doesn’t matter that we have freedom of speech and religion, this is a no-no.

One of the biggest problems with trying to be PC is the rules change all the time. I recently heard a report that Santas' in Australia are being told not to say, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Huh? Some silly person is going to get offended and think Santa just called them a whore? No way!

Seems to me that we’ve taken the intended spirit of the whole thing right out of the celebrations. Oy vey! Next well be rewriting all the Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Hey, trust me on this one. It's bound to happen. How long has it been since you read them? Mother Goose was a violent, racist, sexist old broad!

*Sigh* I’ve digressed. Okay, wonderful holiday time. I’ll try to get back on track.

When Its Over: Just when it’s all over, you’re still not done. You’ve attended the last event, packed up all the decorations for next year, tossed the dead tree carcass to the curb, vacuumed up all the pine needles, exchanged or returned all the unwanted gifts and so on—what’s next? Eleven moths of struggling to pay of this year’s holiday season before the next one is upon us and the insanity starts all over again.

Wait! This was supposed to be not only great, but the most wonderful time of my year, right? *scratching head* When does it get good? Or was the enjoyment ever there to begin with? Sheesh, I just don’t know. As far back as I can remember the holidays stressed out my parents so it may never have been good for anyone except the kids.

I think next year I’ll disappear for the entire shebang. Go be a reclusive author and hide out in a cabin somewhere in the mountains with a sign on the gate reading, “Visitors Will Be Shot!” *evil grin*

I’m not being very politically correct again, am I? Taking a few deep breaths, indulging in some chocolate and trying to enjoy this whole holiday madness. Perhaps a few margaritas would make a difference.

I found the slice of humor below in my web surfing and have included it in the hopes that you’ll chuckle a bit at my attempt to lighten the stress by poking fun. Our holiday greetings are likely to become this way if we keep up with all this PC stuff!

*The following is PC speak for "We wish you a Merry Christmas,"

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all...

*And what follows here is PC speak for "and a Happy New Year!"

...and a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2008, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great,(not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country or is the only "AMERICA" in the western hemisphere), and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform, or sexual preference of the wishee.

Legal Disclaimer: By accepting this agreement, you are accepting these terms.

This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher. This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of goodtidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

Sincerely, (Name withheld for legal, social and cultural considerations.)

ROFL! I love it. Hold onto your sense of humor and you there's the chance you'll survive the 2007 holidays.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Makin' Time

Here we are, Monday again - but this one marks the start of a long race to the finish line - the Holiday season. Aaaaargh. For any reader with a family, children, relatives, pets, neighbors - in other words almost every one of us - this time of year is about as stressful as it gets. (With the possible exception of tax time!!) You'll probably notice a lot of good advice everywhere on how to de-stress. From inhaling a variety of herbs (not those kinds of herbs) to singing, jogging and even giving your turkey a good solid smack when you're stuffing it. (Don't ask me, although the idea has merit...!)

My advice? Go on vacation. Okay, you can stop laughing! I didn't mean packing, airline tickets or suntan lotion. I mean a mini-vacation for your mind!!! And I'm gonna tell you how to do it!!!

Step one - close your eyes. Preferably not while you're driving. Behind the wheel isn't a good place for a mini-vacation unless you're stuck in traffic or you've actually found a place to park at the mall. (That deserves a party rather than a vacation!!!)

Step two - paste a "picture" in your mind of the most beautiful place you've ever been. A beach? A mountain? Someplace quiet maybe - a field at sunset - whatever your favorite memory is. This is YOUR vacation, no one else's!

Step three - go there for a moment or two. Focus on shutting out everything around you. Push your mind to remember the sights, smells, sounds of your favorite place and take a look around inside your head. Relax your body if you can while you're doing this. Just "be" in that place for a few short minutes out of this busy day. And relaaaax...

It sounds simple - and it is. But it does require you find those few quiet seconds. The shower works, or the time before the rest of your family arrives in the kitchen. Maybe when they've gone off to work/school and before you have to leave. Perhaps even while you're waiting for that load of laundry to finish the final spin cycle. Lay all the busy-stuff to one side and just "chill" for a tiny portion of your day. It's refreshing, relaxing, re-vitalizing and can help you wade through yet another stressful pre-holiday twenty-four hours. Trust me. It does work. I do it more and more as the stores fill up, the to-do list gets longer and longer and my patience thins out to a microfilament I'm hanging on to with my back teeth.

For anyone who can't think of a memory off the top of their heads, I'm tossing out this photo for you - it's the Reid Glacier in Alaska. One of my favorite mini-vacation places. The air that day was cool and crisp, the scenery - well, spectacular doesn't do it justice - it was quiet, just the sound of the water lapping around our ship and the cry of seabirds wheeling over the stark landscape...mmmm....I'm more relaxed already. Now I can get going. Where's that pastry for the pies?

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, family and friends. Oh yes...and some wonderful mini-vacations! No postcards required!

[Confession - sometimes I take George Clooney with me!!! Hey. It's MY vacation - why not?? Although those little trips sometimes last longer than five minutes. ;) ]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sing me a song and make my knees weak

Musicians inspire me. Someone who can put their thoughts into a composition and have it evoke an emotional response in me is a talent I admire. (If they happen to be a tall and handsome, dark-haired man with mysterious brown eyes that promise fire and passion - well, honey, that's just an added perk for this gal.)

I also admire the unsung heroes in life. Men and women who go about their lives trying to do the right thing, and finding ways to laugh and appreciate life. Such a man is J. Harry Blacke. Musician, father, husband, lover and the man I'd like to salute today.

A BMI associated composer and performer, Harry's catalogue contains more than 200 songs. He has written most of the original material for The Rogues and his style evokes images and brings the message of the song to life in a beautiful way. He writes in a wide range of styles from Swing to Pop and Blues to Country.

He describes himself as tending to be a bit too emotional, perhaps even sensitive. "I have a rough exterior. Like riding my motorcycle and have a black belt in kempo."

Like the old saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover. Harry's looks are deceiving. He has "this notion that romance and love are spiritual and that it is deeper than we know." Not the thoughts of just a roughneck blackbelt biker, which is further evidenced by the fact that he raised 5 of his 6 children alone with no support from their mother, who ran off. Well, my hat's off to any man who will take on the job of supporting a family alone.

Harry sees himself as a man who deals with his pain and triumphs by writing about them in his music. And looks upon his music as a form of therapy. He says "I wear who I am on my sleeve. Sort of a take me or leave me kind of guy."

Music is his biggest passion, the one constant he could rely on his entire life, or in his words, "It has helped me through some pretty painful times, and gives me satisfaction when it touches listeners in a personal way."
So today, a big Hussy salute goes to my friend J. Harry Blacke - musician with heart and stand-up guy who makes an excellent role model for anyone who wants to know "what makes a Good man?"

If you'd like to know more about J.Harry and his music, you can visit him on MySpace, and find his music here.

This is Ciana for the Hussies sending a huge hug (and sloppy kiss) to Harry for letting me reveal him to you today. Can't wait for your next song, Harry. And, uh, should you ever want to write about a lil'ol' redneck gal with a passion for musicians, cowboys, men on bikes and erotic romance well .....

Have a glorious day everyone and remember, when you step over into the Hussy Zone, you've entered a world where strong, independent and self-confident women understand that it's necessary to march to the beat of your own drummer. The important thing is to do it with honesty, honor and most of all, Hussy Flair :)

Until next time ......

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cyclops and Centaurs, Oh My!

Nic’s post yesterday about women doing all kinds of things to their bodies in a quest for perfection reminded me of a reading Edgar Cayce did that was later compiled with other readings into a book titled, Edgar Cayce's Story Of The Origin And Destiny Of Man.

If you aren’t familiar with Edgar Cayce, he was known as The Sleeping Prophet. He founded the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment Inc) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Among many readings given, Cayce also did over 10,000 health readings for people and the treatments are still being used by those who seek help.

According to Cayce there was a time when the souls first appeared on earth and because their thoughts could transform matter they began to attempt to improve upon God’s creations they found on Earth.

Cayce credited theses souls for the Cyclops, Centaurs, and other so called abominations in their attempts to be gods. While this sounds like a parable, it was in fact a reading Cayce did, like many, from the Akashic records.

So when I read Nic’s post, I instantly thought of this story and how maybe things haven’t really changed because once more certain groups of people still strive to perfect a design already perfect.

According to Cayce, those souls soon found themselves trapped and unable to move in and out of the 3rd density (Earth) and resume their natural form because they dallied too long within the physical world. They became slaves to their senses and their desires and for many the need to create perfection.

It also reminded me of something I discovered when I was conducting past life regressions. I quickly learned that individuals as well as groups who incarnate together often share certain social expectations and acceptance of what is normal. These instances could be traced back to a past life they shared together.

And, oftentimes, a person would discover a past life that explained their fear of flying, an intense dislike for a certain person, and a wide range of other phobias and personal preferences.

In Cayce’s reading, the souls became slaves to their desire to create bigger and better lifeforms. They imprisoned themselves in a cycle of reincarnation -- the real product of their quest. Sounds pretty familiar to modern-day seekers who appear to be entrapped in having one surgical procedure after another, never satisfied and never finding the perfection that can only be found inside.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gettin' Naughty - Going To Extremes

How far are you willing to go in the name of beauty? Injections, unapproved drugs, laser treatments, surgery?

You may want to try one of the latest beauty crazes like anal bleaching. Yes, it’s true. Women are having treatments and using creams to lighten the color of the skin around their anus. Hey, if you’re willing to go that far, might as well go for the gusto and have vaginal rejuvenation so you can feel like a virgin. Trim those too big labia, unhood your clitoris, tighten the vaginal walls or give him the gift of popping your cherry by having your hymen restored. No need to do those pesky Kegel exercises. Just go under the laser or take a handy dandy pill.

Those of you who know me can vividly picture my eyes rolling back and my head shaking in disgust. I can maybe see having these procedures done if you’re a highly paid porn star and an in-your-face video of you will be airing on the big screen. Or if the procedures are deemed medically necessary for a true medical problem. But for cosmetic reasons…no way! Even forgetting the cost, think of the potential complications such as infection, decreased sensation, pain and scarring.

IMHO, many women go too far in their attempts to achieve perfection. The standards of beauty have shifted to unattainable extremes. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. What is pleasing to one person may be repulsive to another. Let’s be real—if we all achieved the current ideals of perfection what would be the point? We would all look exactly the same, and where is the beauty in that? Boredom would be the result, sparking a whole new ideal requiring a new battery of procedures to reach.

Twenty years ago the goal for women was to be a size 8 or 10. Today, many strive for the anorexic look of ultra-thin runway models who wear a size 0. The ultimate—tall, young and emaciated. Young women are getting the message. They are starving themselves and spending grueling hours every day with personal trainers to reach unhealthy proportions. Even the most beautiful models require hours of work in the makeup artist’s chair and still their photos have to be computer-enhanced. Movies, magazines, billboards and television bombard us with unrealistic images of beauty which can make even the most confident of women question their appearance. The result is an obsessive quest to achieve the impossible.

Don’t get me wrong—wanting to look your personal best is not a bad thing. Notice I said, your personal best, not what society deems as the current standards of beauty. Let’s face reality. Not everyone can be a size 10, and very few can survive as a size 0. Think about the people you feel are beautiful and what qualities they possess that make you feel this way about them. Is it their perfect body or loving heart? Their surgically perfected face or their unique spirit?

Real beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It comes from within. One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met was when I worked at a trauma hospital. This 72 year-old homeless patient had tough, spotty, wrinkly skin along with baggy, saggy body parts, yet she radiated with beauty. No matter how little she had, this woman would give her last morsel of food or warmest piece of clothing to someone she felt needed it more than she did. No matter how depressing her circumstances, she greeted everyone with a dazzling smile and laughter sparkling in her eyes.

Do what you can to have a healthy, attractive vessel. Eat right, exercise, take care of yourself. Then if you really want to shine, fill that perfected vessel with a beautiful soul.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Humpin' For Release!

Hey! My Reaper's Daughter is Exorcising and Spinning Some More on Ronan's Grail. Talk about humpin' for release!

Which of these wonderful titles will you be picking up today? I haven't tried an Exotica yet. Do ya'll love this new line? Why?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Have a Fantasy...Life

Part of being a Hussy is fantasizing like a Hussy. Being the sci fi geek I am, most of my hot men are taken from those television shows. Battlestar Galactica has more than its share of hot men (and Jamie Bamber in a towel!). I have to confess the newer doctors in Dr. Who are certainly hotter than their predecessors. And Torchwood. Captain Jack.
The point being, it's okay to have fantasies. Hot fantasies. Fantasies where you wake up in between Angel and Spike and when Angel tries to go all "soulful but good" on you, Spike says "Bugger that!" And is more than happy to fill in for his dark-hared sire. Fantasies where Agent Riley Finn is rubbing your back when in reality it's your partner, and you're trying to figure out how Riley knows all your sweet spots, but you really don't mind.

I'm a writer. I live in my head. It's fun.
With the weather turning gray outside and the days growing colder, we've got to do something to heat up our lives, and I'm not talking about turning on the furnace. Take a moment, hell take a couple, and simply fantasize. If you could be anyone, do anything, what would you want to be doing? Stretch those mental muscles.
So, I've told you some of my fantasies....wanna share yours?

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Day for Heroes

Today in the US we celebrate Veteran's Day - another Monday that may or may not be a holiday, depending on where you live. So instead of suggesting how to survive it, I figured it would be nice to suggest how to appreciate it - and the heroes it represents.

Romance writers need heroes. Without 'em, our heroines would do a lot more knitting than they do now. But when you think about it, everybody needs heroes, whether in a romance novel or not. And they're out there, quietly going about their business, day after day.

Yep, I'm talking about your average Joe. The Joe who puts on a uniform and badge and works his shift as Police Officer Joe. Or the guy who drops everything at the station when an alarm goes off, grabs his protective gear and emerges as Fireman Joe. Then there's the thousands of Joes who wake up every morning, not just Mondays, in a place about as far away from home as they can get. Those are the G.I. Joes, and they put on military uniforms without a blink.

They may not be tall, dark and handsome. They may not be hung like horses, or have the sexual talents of a bedroom god. But they are heroes, make no mistake about it. After all, it's gotta take something special to produce a Joe like that. Something in his heart that strengthens him enough to take on his daily job - some of which would make the rest of us curl up and whimper. And of course, Joe isn't alone. Jane is right there beside him, being a hero in her own right regardless of her gender.

So on this Veteran's Day Monday, I'm gonna take a moment and sent out a silent thankyou to all the heroes out there. And the families who stand beside them. No hero I've ever created for a story can come near to possessing the sheer guts and quiet strength you guys possess in abundance. May you survive this Monday and all the Mondays to come, healthy and happy. May you soon come home if you're far away, also healthy and happy. And may we all find a way to tell you how much we appreciate you - not just today, but every day.

And may we all enjoy a bit of a sleep-in if we can. After all, the holidays are approaching. It's gonna get rough, folks. Grab that hour now - in a few weeks, you'll wish you had!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More than just pleasure

Today my hat's off to!! Not only is this a fantastic site for indulging in visual goodies (the pictures are divine and the movies quite stimulating!), but it's also a great place for inspiration and research for a writer of erotic romance.

Have you ever wondered about Sex Magic? There's a great series of articles on the topic at Want to know what your man really wants in bed, or a man's erogenous zones? The About Men section has a wealth of information. How about the world of Fetish? At you can read about the diversity of fetishes and the information is presented in an intelligent manner that is not only informative but entertaining.

I'll be the first to say that I'm hooked on the site!! It's THE place for women like us - smart, confident, open-minded sensual women who enjoy exploring their sexuality. I'm impressed with the wealth of information and the continued fresh content.

In my recent interview with Skye of, I touched on the topic of content, asking what the biggest challenge in this kind of online business is.

Skye: Content production! Whereas adult sites for men have a vast amount of resources for acquiring photo and video content, there just are not a lot of studios and producers out there that specialize in erotica for women. So, it is an ongoing project to create this content from scratch with the elements that we feel are appealing to women viewers. The additional challenge with regards to content creation is the huge amount of text that needs to be written for each issue. It's been our experience that women viewers tend to like a feature-rich environment that goes well beyond simply putting up photo galleries and movies. They want to read about a variety of sexuality-related issues, participate in polls and contests, learn about new things, and have an interactive and educational aspect to the site. Thus, we have a team of writers, some quite famous, that write columns, sexual horoscopes, education articles, erotic fiction and more to fulfill this need.

Ciana: Yes, we women do seem to have more complex needs, don’t we? What's your Ultimate goal for

Skye: To provide a safe place for women to explore their own sexuality and to continue to grow the site's offerings and reach a wider audience of women interested in high quality, intelligent, erotic content.

Ciana: That’s something that immediately impressed me with your site. The quality in terms of content and aesthetics is vastly superior to all the competition. So, Skye, what's the one message you'd like for women to get from your site?

Skye: That it's not only "okay", but wonderful and healthy to explore your sexuality! Historically, women have had few avenues to do this, and there was generally some social pressure not to delve into sexual discovery. But, times and culture have changed (for the better, in this instance) and the women of today can reach out from the privacy of their home computer to the Internet and find stimulating and thought-provoking imagery and intelligent information, such as provides, letting women know it's okay to be both sensual, sexual and intelligent.

Well folks, she's definitely singing our tune, and I for one salute her and all the wonderful people at for creating a site where we can relax, enjoy ourselves, learn something and feel good about being sexual, sensual women without sacrificing ethics or intelligence.

If you haven't joined, there's a trial membership for only 2.95 that you should definitely consider. Chances are, once you've seen the scope of the full site, you'll be like me, rushing to get your year's membership.

On Dec. 15th, when the Hussies are in the Cave at the Ellora's Cave Chat, I'll be giving away a month's membership to, and Skye has generously donated a three-month membership as a prize. So come join us and enter to win. In fact, you can enter now if you like. Just email the Hussies at and put Ssssh contest in the subject line. The drawing for the two winners will be on Dec. 15th.

And stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter (debuting in December) where you can read an in depth interview with the fascinating powerhouse behind!!

This is Ciana, for the Hussies saying thanks to Skye and thanks to all of you. I hope your day is positively Hussicilious!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007, sassy, sizzling

Today I'm breaking away from our typical format to reveal some very big news. The HussiesTM have teamed up with the premiere site for women, Yes, that's right! Now you can find short stories by the Hussies on, a steamy series based on the top ten sexual fantasies.

In case you haven't joined, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to them, and to the powerhouse behind them, Skye. I had a chance to have a sit-down with Skye and found her to be one of the most intelligent, savvy, funny and dynamic women I've ever met.

I'll be sharing a bit of information with you here on the blog about Skye and, and in the debut issue of HUSSY, our newsletter, you can read an in depth interview. Sssh is a journal for women by women. Yes, it’s female power in full swing at Sssh. Articles, photos, videos and columns all for women and all by women.
And just what can you find at Quite a lot.
  • Advice Columns
  • Eroscopes
  • Articles
  • Fantasy contests
  • Women in the spotlight
  • Discreet shopping
  • Sexy Cartoons
  • Romance Finder
  • Ask a Man Roundtable
  • True Confessions
  • Sexy Humor
  • Passion Cards
  • Recipes for Passion
  • Erotic Photos
  • Sexy Movies
  • Stories and Novels

And much more! It's truly a site for women that has it all. And what's the driving power behind this phenomenon? Well, that would be Skye. I asked her what inspired her to create

Skye: In 1999, I was doing some research on specific niche audiences on the web. I immediately found that there were only a handful of erotic sites for women, and those were content poor at best. They just didn't have the elements that I felt were important to provide a stimulating and pleasurable experience for women viewers. So, a team of women writers, photographers, astrologers and women's sexuality experts was drawn together to develop the "essence" of Two years later (yes! it took a full two years of development), was launched and set a new standard for women's erotica on the Internet. Its popularity speaks for itself!

The Hussies give Skye a great big Hussy Salute for what she's accomplished. A strong, independent woman who's smart, driven and goes after what she wants with class and character? That's a Hussy if I ever saw one!!

Join me here again tomorrow when I'll share a little more about and the dynamo who created it. And until then, pay a visit. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!!

This is Ciana for The Hussies saying thanks to Skye and for the exciting new association and thanks to all of you. May your day be hussicilious!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Incubus or Succubus - Are they real?

Sometimes people are too quick to attribute an event or episode to paranormal. Among some of these are the paranormal being linked to unusual sexual encounters. Why? Does it tap into the nerve of taboo or is it something darker? Are Incubi and Succubi attacking women and men in their sleep and having forced sex with them? Do some become sexual addicts as is the case of one woman who reported group sex with her disemboided spirits?

History is full of stories of incubus or succubus attacks. The unsuspecting victim awakens while being sexually assaulted. Is this a case of awake dreaming or a psychological symptom of a deeper and more disturbing mental illness? Or ... could it in fact be a real paranormal event?

I've had only one incident where I awoke to find an entity in my bed and it was not an incubus, but the astral projection of my boyfriend. Could this solve the great mystery? Are disembodied entities nothing more than people astral projecting while they sleep? Hmm... I think there is a story in there somewhere.

The logical mind rejects disembodied sex since the world of the physical cannot imagine a phsycial act being performed by a spirit. In our modern world, we take comfort that we know how everything works. We have theories. We have scientists who put forth these theories and they are the framework of all we know to be real. We have a firm handle on how the universe works and in our modern world if science cannot prove it, then, hey, it simply doesn't exist.

Nevermind, such stories have been around since people began the oral tradition of storytelling. Even Shakespeare wrote about it. Could it have so simple an explanation as sleep paralysis? Deep dream? Awake dream?

I decided to google Incubus and stumbled upon a link to an old William Shatner film by the title, Incubus. For horror fans, this is the holy grail of lost films and can be purchased on the website.

But I soon found myself on a different path to the made-up language used by the demonic incubi and succubi in the film. Esperanto.

I was hooked.

And shocked... to learn there are over 3 million people in the world who have learned and speak Esperanto. A language created and presented to the world in 1887 by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof.

So why would anyone create a new language?

Dr. Zamenhof felt Esperanto could serve as a middle ground kind of language since it was based in the romance languages - Latin and Greek. He envisioned Esperanto becoming a universal second language so those who spoke different languages would have a common language to communicate in, without compromising their own culture and language.

I found this to be a really unique and forward thinking idea. It took Dr. Zamenhof years to develop Esperanto and to think it ended up in a horror movie as the language choice for demons. Well, probably not the way he'd hoped it would be embraced, but I'm off to see if I can learn Esperanto and maybe better understand what the incubus is whispering.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gettin' Naughty - Taboos

What is Taboo?

Taboo—according to—proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable. A prohibition or interdiction of anything; exclusion from use or practice. Exclusion from social relations; ostracism.

Taboo is a rather gray, blurry word, having different meanings for different people. The word taboo is often used to define sexual practices considered by society to be kinky, inappropriate or immoral. To some, their taboos are their boundaries, or the things they do not enjoy. Others define taboos to be things considered illegal.

Our taboos are often shaped by how we were first exposed to the subject in question. Was it through someone making fun of the subject in the locker room or maybe in teachings by elders that the subject was ugly, dirty or immoral? Personal sexual taboos can also be attributed to bad experiences in the past.

Our personal sexual taboos vary as much as our personalities. While some may consider anal or oral sex to be taboo, others may find those acts to be perfectly normal and pleasurable. Multiple partners, sex toys, fantasies and porn are among the sexual taboos I’ve seen listed online.

I used to consider anything outside of my own comfort zone to be taboo. Since I began reading and writing erotic romances, my list has dwindled as I’ve pushed my boundaries, both personal and as an author. Writing erotic scenes has forced me to think about my personal taboos and why they made the list. What I’ve discovered is that most of the things on my list fit into one of two categories—I’d been taught they were bad or I’d never experienced them. My new philosophy—if it feels good (and isn’t destructive or harmful to anyone) it is good.

According to a study conducted by researchers at San Diego State University, young women are tearing down sexual taboos. How? Teenagers are having more sex at a younger age and are less prudish than other generations. Feelings of sexual guilt have plummeted. The study attributes this change to the cultural/sexual revolution having altered American culture, and a shift in movies and television shows now tackling topics formerly considered taboo. Practices that used to be considered taboo are far more acceptable in today’s society.

The best way to become more open-minded and grow is to step outside of your comfort zone and give something different a try. How else can you be sure that you’re not missing out on an activity you may receive great pleasure from? Take things slow. Don’t try to throw out all your taboos at once. And don’t relegate something to a taboo after only giving it one attempt. You might not have been in the right frame of mind or have approached the activity informed and prepared. Do a bit of online research for tips and techniques.

Most important, as you play and try new things, do so safely and with a partner you trust.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Humpin' For Release!

Okay, what's it gonna be today? Savage appeals to me, if only for the title ;) Have to say there are times I have extreme title envy, and heartily wish I could squirrel the good ones away and keep them for myself.

Do you have favorite titles? Nevermind the content, what titles have stuck in your mind? Why?

Happy releasing!