Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Hussy Update


Michelle D is the winner of our August Contest. Congratulations Michelle. We’ll contact you privately to arrange for delivery of your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered.


This month the Hussies are teaming up with the fantastic Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews to bring you an entirely new kind of contest.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

When it comes to men ...

I really do love cowboys and country boys. While the Wall Street Banker may be very real beneath the expensive suit a country fella is the kind of man you can fall into the creek with and have a mud-wallowing good old time or snuggle up with on the porch swing at night and find the rhythm of nature.

Maybe I'm just a simple gal. It doesn't take champagne and diamonds to thrill me. Take me to a boot-scootin' bar and serve me tequila and nachos and I'm a happy woman. Kinda like the gal in my upcoming Quickie from Ellora's Cave. Sin in Jeans releases Sept 5th and features a real down home fella named Ty that is a good example of why I love cowboys. Here's a little excerpt for you:)

Excerpt from Sin in Jeans, a book in The Hussies Series by Ciana Stone

Dale cursed as the beer she was lifting suddenly sloshed over the rim of the mug, down the front of her t-shirt and onto her jeans. Her head whipped around, eyes narrowed and ready to give whoever had jostled her a tongue-lashing to beat the band.

And went brain dead. Completely mute without the ability to utter a word.

“’Cuse me,” the tall man with the worn Stetson, faded denim shirt rolled up to expose strong forearms and eyes the color of a Carolina sky said with a smile. “Ol’ Shorty back there’s a little deep in the cups and fell against me.”

“Oh, well…that’s okay. Accidents happen,” she said, finding her tongue.

The man signaled to the bartender. “A draft, Jimmy? And one here for the lady.”

“That’s not necessary,” Dale protested. “Really.”

“Yeah, it is,” the man replied and angled to face her, propping one elbow on the bar. “Haven’t seen you here before. You new?”

“Just passing through. Here to see a man about a horse. “

“That almost sounds like the truth. ‘Cept there’s no horses here.”

“A fella at the Inn said it was a good place to have a beer, a burger and not be in the middle of the mouse crowd, whatever that is.”

Another laugh from the man had something warm curling in her belly. Damn if he wasn’t sexy. And not trying to be, she’d guess. The smell of soap said he’d showered, but the five o’clock shadow said he hadn’t taken time to shave. Which meant he either thought the rough look was more appealing or he didn’t much care.

She suspected the latter. The shirt had seen better days, the jeans were worn and faded and those sure weren’t dress boots on his feet. He wasn’t dressed to impress, which meant it was more likely that he was just relaxing with friends, not on the prowl.

“Mouse crowd means tourists,” he explained and thanked the bartender for the beers. “We are in Mickey’s backyard, you know.”

“I guess so. Well, if the burgers here are any good, then the fella did me a good turn.”

“Burgers are real good,” he said and looked around. “You here alone or is there a Mr. Here to See a Man About a Horse getting ready to bust my chops for hittin’ on his woman?”

“Is that what you’re doing?”

“Is there a fist in my face coming if I say yes?”

“No danger of that.”

He grinned and lifted his mug to his mouth, eyeing her over the rim before he drank. “Then I reckon it is. How’m I doin’?”

“Not bad.” She gave him a teasing smile. “But you could try a little harder.”

Throwing back his head, he laughed. A low, sexy laugh that sent a delightful little shiver straight down all the way to her toes. “Well, honey, I think I can muster up a little more effort. What say you and me grab that empty booth, have another beer and order up some burgers?”

“Hey now, you’re starting to speak my language. Seducing me with grilled meat and beer. Lead the way, cowboy.”

“This way, ma’am,” he said and led the way.

It was pure pleasure watching the man walk. He had that low-center-of-gravity, loose-hipped walk that only one breed of man possessed. A man who spent time in the saddle.

Strong long legs led to a firm tight butt and on up a lean back that flared into very nice broad shoulders. There didn’t appear to be any spare meat on him. He was lean and long, just the kind of man who switched all the neurons in her brain from reason to lust. Just the kind of man that had her all too willing to say I do.

Dale had to remind herself that she wasn’t there looking for love. In fact, the L word had been stricken from her vocabulary for good. All love had ever gotten her was trouble.

But lust? Now that was a horse she could ride.
This is Ciana, wishing you a fabulous Friday and fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How To Spot A Player

If you've ever dated then you've likely ran into some players. But how can you tell if he's genuine or just out for fun and games?

According to The Online Slang Dictionary a player, often pronounced playa, is "Someone who dates more than one person at a time, usually just for sex or other perks. Will typically do anything to have sex with someone. Carries a heavy negative connotation. Usually used to describe males, but could be used to describe females who act in this manner."

First and foremost a guy who is genuinely interested in you will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve, and he's going to put you first. A player may seem to have all the right moves but only does what keeps him on top of the game.

Players never call when they say they will and have a million justifications for why they didn't. They are consistently late or cancel at the last minute. They never make plans in advance. And there are often long intervals between the occasions they do contact you.

If everything else in his life comes before you then most likely you're being played. When you're together, you never have his full attention, especially when out in public. He's constantly scanning the room.

He has no desire to hear about what interests you or in meeting the important people in your life. He doesn't invite you to his house or introduce you to his friends and family because you're his dirty little secret.

He does not waste his time trying to learn when your birthday is or what activities you enjoy because he doesn't plan on being around long enough for it to matter.

Instead of calling you by your name or a pet name that has significance to both of you he'll use common endearments so that he doesn't slip up. That doesn't mean every guy who calls you sweetheart isn't genuine, but if he rarely uses your name its a good indicator of a problem.

He also has no time for traditional dating or wooing, instead gets very intense, very quickly. He's rushing you for sex. Should you ask him to slow down, he'll break records in the fifty-yard dash in the opposite direction.

Even if you date him for a while you'll only ever get his cell phone number or pager. He's not about to have you calling him at home or work.

Listen to your gut instincts. Once you start questioning whether he's playing you or not the most probably answer is yes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Does this review make me look fat?

Before I started writing and actually getting paid for it, I’d never heard of book reviews. Sure, I’d seen a couple of book critics share their opinion of a book in some newspaper or other. But it was always books I wouldn’t ever read. The Great Boring Classics, or whatever they are. A fantasy novel review? Science fiction? Romance? Horror? Nowhere to be seen. So I’ve always looked at book critics as “meh”.

After my first book went on sale, I discovered this whole online world of romance reviews. A fresh thing (to me) that smelled of new car and plastic! Ooooh, le shiny. It wasn’t long that I discovered the power these reviews had over authors. Some of them (the writers, not the reviews) would go to great lengths to make sure they had positive reviews to show. Sure, I want five stars too. I want people to pat me on the back and say, damn, that was a good book, yo. But if they don’t, that’s okay. There’s still something valuable in a one-star review. I’m not trying to pontificate and convince people to love everyone. I don’t love everyone. Ask me about bullies and I’ll be happy to share my impolite opinion of them. But having a book out there, taking a story from one's imagination and sending it out there in the world implicitly means that one wants to share it. That author wants others to read it. Otherwise, he or she would just write and never send the manuscripts to editors.

To me, reviews are like asking your guy if this outfit makes you look fat. Come on. That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? If he says, “you’re hot” and looks as if he means it, that’s full of win and woohoo. But what if he says, “doesn’t work for me”, or worse, “meh”. What then? You *did* ask for his opinion. Doesn’t that mean you’re ready for the potential of receiving something else than positive feedback? Just like I wouldn’t want to be in a guy’s shoes when his gal asks him if this outfit makes her look fat, I wouldn’t review books if someone paid me. As reviewers, you get some books for free, sometimes, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to deal with the emotional responses my review would (or not) trigger.

After all, it’s just one person’s opinion. To get worked up over it (and I mean really worked UP) is immature and, in the end, self-defeating. That's my opinion. And if someone disagrees with it, that's all right, I'll live.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Best Friends Becoming Lovers - Good or Bad?

Maria and Dan worked together for nearly a year before they went out on a date. Before that nervous night they’d been buddies. They’d gone to clubs, shared meals, jogged together…they were best friends until… the kiss. It had been a mutual kiss that just sort of happened.

Sound familiar? So did you start out as friends first? Lovers second? This has raised an important question among relationship study groups. Are men and women capable of having a ‘just friends’ relationship. And if so, is it the woman who keeps things platonic? In other words, is it instinct for a man and woman to hook up?

There are many things to consider in a sexual relationship, the most obvious is chemistry. If sparks are flying, you can be certain a scientific chemical process altering the brain chemistry is going on, especially when couples became lovers. But, does that discount the one thing touted as separating us from the animal kingdom – our minds?
Many people who do move to that next stage of a relationship often describe themselves as being out of control, head over heels, obsessed…and the list goes on. Again, all these emotional responses have been studied and analyzed and trimmed down to a chemical reaction, but does that mean we feel it any less? No way! This kind of attraction is often compared to any other kind of addiction. The couple can lose all logical reasoning if they become consumed with their next fix. Ah… Is that so bad?

Well, it could be if they neglect other things in their lives in a true demonstration of addiction.

I’ve discovered over the years, that the best way to get to know someone is to work with them. You’re able to see them in the worst and best situations and how they react truly reveals everything about them as a person. How they treat other people is most important to me. How are they as a fellow worker? Do they try to run over you and everyone else to get what they want? Do they take matters into their own hands and do whatever they like regardless? Or are they caring individuals who consider other people before their own desires and wants? Certainly, in the business world there are rules and guidelines to keep some behavior at bay, but again, people do react and respond to daily situations and these actions are very revealing of the real person behind the professional facade.

I was fortunate to work with my husband and become friends before we started dating. We genuinely enjoy being together. We’ve worked from home in our business for 11 years and still love being together. It has been a very fulfilling and profound relationship that grows deeper every day. Not all best friends end up with HEA, but a large majority does and those numbers far outweigh the ones who don’t.

Not all couples have the opportunity to work together though, so many of the things we discover about each other in the dating scene can be incomplete and even in some cases completely false. So what do you do to learn who that person really is? How do you break beyond that exterior best face and get to the person inside?

If you’re friends, then when do you decide to take the friendship to a sexual one? Or is it really a decision? Perhaps it’s something that just happens and you are unable to control. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guns, Aliens, and spaceships, oh my!

Hey, hussies! I want to thank the keepers of the Hussies Blog for allowing me to post today:)

Since I have a release coming up in two weeks from EC, I thought I would talk about my love of the futuristic genre. Hunting Mila is the sequel to Seducing the Saint. In it you find John Hunter escorting a society girl Mila, who has a hard-on for guns and action. Spies, aliens, kidnappings, all kinds of fun ensues.

I think my love of futuristics came from my movie and TV viewing. I wasn't so much into hard sci fi, although I do like some, but I loved the big space operas. I wasn't so into carefully constructed worlds, but I loved bigger than life characters who like a good fight.

Star Trek was one. I'm an X'er, so I saw this in reruns, but I loved the idea that you could take a whole ship of people and travel all over the galaxy. I liked the strange characters, the battles, and hell, even if you don't like him, you have to admire Captain James T Kirk-intergalatic stud. But, then my TV viewing switched to sitcoms and dramas. It wasn't until my 30s that I rediscovered futuristics with movies like The Fifth Element, IRobot, Blade Runner and the ulitimate masterpiece Serenity.
I guess many people who don't know me well would be amazed that the SAHM turned erotic romance writer would be so enamored with the action packed movies. But I do love them.
I think the writer in me loves to watch something that is completely invented by the writer or writers, that they make the rules. There is no one to say, "Hey, that couldn't happen." Of course, that might just be the control freak in me, lol. But the one thing I always felt they were missing was romance. Some of them have it, but not enough to satisfy me, so I decided to create my own.
It wasn't an easy jump. While I loved furustics, and I am writer, but I was raised a military brat and tend to be...let's say...a little too realistic about some things. But, I worked hard and one of the books that came out of that was Seducing the Saint. Now that Hunting Mila is releasing, I am working on the plot of Mastering Robbie, another book linked to the others, and the possibility of more in the future. I like writing all my genres, but futuristics allow me to indulge in my control freak ways, and shoot things up.
A girl can't ask for more than that.
So, tell me, do you like futuristics? Have one movie, book, tv show you like the best?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sometimes, I'm Serious

Not often, but sometimes, there's a subject that just makes my inner Chihuahua want to gnaw her paw off.

And plagiarism is one of those subjects.

If you use someone else’s words and make no mention that you did, you committed plagiarism. Some people think it’s no big deal. Bah, words are a dime a dozen. Who cares? Whoever gets caught should deal with it privately with the interested parties, they say. I’ve never been the victim of plagiarism (some call it mind rape, I agree), but if someone would ever steal my speech bubble, you can bet your last tea bag that I’d go after them with all the frenzied energy of a Chihuahua on Red Bull. There’d be no place to hide, motherfuckers! Not because I'm too good to have my words copied, or think I own the alphabet. It's for the principle. And because it's wrong.

Let's look at it this way: writing is like building a nest.

A nest is nothing new. It's all recycled stuff, right. Like writing: everything already exists. Letters, words, sentences, paragraphs. You take all these little bits and make something new with them. You build a nest. No one has a nest like yours. It's unique. It's your spit (literally in the case of some birds...but I digress) that's keeping it together. That spit, it's YOURS, dude. For someone to come and pick at your nest, take a bunch of twigs here, a clump of feathers there, and use it to build their own nest without thanking you or at least mentioning it, is plagiarism.

Some may argue that on a "scale" of crimes, it's not as bas as, say, murder. Sure. But you know what? Ideas are what makes our species move forward. If we're not going to protect our ideas and how we put them on paper, if we're not willing to try to stop thieves from appropriating entire sentences, paragraphs, even pages, then what's the whole point of reading a book?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

You write the caption

Okay, so a picture paints a thousand words. But what words are best to use as a caption for these men of summer?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Annoying Alphas

What is it about those infernal alpha males that keeps us reading? Do we love to hate them? Are we waiting for them to redeem themselves? Waiting for the heroine to open a can of whop-ass? What is it?

I'm reading a book right now with an alpha hero who I have nicknamed "dickhead". He is a vampire, a dark prince, with a massive attitude from centuries of being treated as if every word out of his mouth is verbal gold. No one disputes any of his demands they just go off and do his bidding, even if they don't agree. He is egotistical, selfish and jaded. A total jerk!

The heroine is the exact opposite. She is compassionate, giving and naive. He bound her to him without getting consent, turned her for selfish reasons, and every time she asks him questions about what he's done to her or about his people and their beliefs, dickhead changes the subject to avoid answering. She's very independent, accustomed to being alone, and still she stays with him. Grrrrrr!

I want to cuss him out, smack him upside the head with this heavy book. I want the heroine to get a backbone and kick hiss ass! I want nothing more than to feed the pages, one by one, into my paper shredder while laughing maniacally. Yet I keep reading, devouring every word, simultaneously captivated and annoyed.

Why? Because it’s fabulous! Any book with the ability to draw such intense emotion from a reader is priceless. I love it when a book can increase my heart rate and get me so wound up in the story that I feel invested in what happens. And he does have redeeming qualities, other than being a dark, sexy, alpha vamp.

Here in lies the real magic—balance. There is hope for dickhead. He is a man worth fighting for. A man worth keeping.

His actions prove that he wants to keep her safe, even when she messed up and puts herself in bad situations. His internal dialogue gives the reader a glimpse of the endless love and devotion he feels for the heroine. This is a man who would die for her and literally kept her alive through the sheer power of his will. Oh, and he’s beyond good in bed. *g* When he makes love to the heroine…whoo-damn! He’s still all alpha—primal, dangerous and exciting. And he’s not a total bully with her. Even though he wants to encase her in bubble wrap and keep her locked away safely in his home, he doesn’t.

I read one book which made me come close to throwing my precious ebook reader at the wall. The hero, a dragon, took the heroine as his "primary mate" but still has "lesser mates" who he would turn to in order to increase the dragon population. Just after claiming the heroine, one of the lesser mates shows up and he is all over her, right in front of the heroine. OMG! I was so angry my chest got tight and I broke out in a cold sweat. And I didn't even like the heroine. She was a slut at the beginning of the book. But my feelings of outrage were so strong they affected me physically. I have a love/hate relationship with that story. Eventually, I came to grips with the fact that in the hero’s culture this was the expected behavior. He changed for the heroine, wanted to do so to please her, and in doing so, he won me over by the end of the book.

What about you? Have you experienced books that brought out intense, conflicting emotions? Are there alphas characters who you have a love/hate relationship with? That's what it all boils down to for me. A part of me wants a semi-alpha man like in the books. One who will desire only me and would sacrifice everything for me. One whose first priority is taking care of me and who puts me first. Strong, capable, dominant but not domineering. Someone who can get me riled, in more way than one. Yup, I want the fantasy! Doesn't every woman?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Like the Way You Talk

The mouth. Oh man! One of the sexiest part of the body for sure. Versatile. It talks, it kisses, and it can suck and lick. It provides the path for nourishment and a mode to communicate.

There are clichés such as "Watch your mouth", "Shut your mouth" and "Stop mouthing off". But what would the mouth be but a mere orifice without those lips to frame it and that tongue to occupy it? Functional parts but yet so downright sexy when used in the throes of love.

Whew! Okay getting to the talking part, because we know all about the others. Sigh. Yes, talking. The voice and lips are able to convey so much in a single word or phrase by changing tone and inflection.

Take for instance the phrase, "Come here," if spoken in a harsh loud voice we might be startled or even cringe, but if said in a deep baritone with the words curling over his tongue, then oh yeah, it is quite different and can make your toes curl.

And when those male lips form those words, pursing together and then thrusting apart only to close back together - well, when combined with one of those hot searing looks that travels over you, undressing you in their sweep - It's enough to make a girl wet!

The art of talk is often overlooked by men as an easy way to beef up their sex appeal. Oftentimes too much emphasis is placed on looks, understandably in our culture, but some of the sexiest men I've known have not been GQ quality looks, but men who had a way about them that encompassed their voices and knowing how to use them!

Accents can be much sexier sometimes than the man himself. But if he has mastered all the nuances and incorporated them into a winning personality, then this guy will outshine an empty-shell facsimile.

Voice inflection, tone, pauses, are just a few of the ways to enhance speech and make every word leave a heart-pounding punctuation hanging in the air. Just as powerful as a whispered kiss in the ear!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The thing I like best about a man's body

Hmmm, what IS is about a man's body that is the most appealing? I was thinking about this today as I looked through a batch of photos from a shoot I did last month and thought I'd pose the question to you.

Are your eyes drawn first to a man's face? Is it the shape of his face, the lines and planes that capture your attention? Or perhaps his lips. How about his eyes? The windows of the soul, they say. Are you attracted to the face first?

Or is it his big muscular chest that revs your engine? Does the thought of running your hand over those firm pecs make your fingers itch? Is a smooth hairless chest your cup of tea, or a man with a nice dusting of hair that collects in that space between those muscles to trail down his torso toward the real estate in the southern regions that draws your eye?

Maybe the torso is your body part of choice. Ripped with a six pack or more lean and toned? The upper torso or that area below the navel that leads to whatever delights are hidden from view?

Have I hit your favorite body part yet? Yes? Which one? No? Well aside from parts I dare not show here, what's left that I can offer up for your vote. Hmmmm. Ah, I know. If you're not into a man's eyes, face, chest or abs then maybe, just maybe this is what trips your switch...

Needless to say there are a lot of nice parts to men. And many different things that about them we find appealing besides their bodies. But we all have our favorite things. So what's your favorite part?

This is Ciana with a special thanks to Les Byerley for allowing me to use his photos and to Giovanni, the oh-so-fine man who posed for these shots. Hope you have a fabulous day!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is His Job a Turnon?

So here's the big question of the day. What kind of profession do you find to be a real turnon? Now I'm not talking about qualities within a man, but his profession.

I'm writing a book where the guy's profession is very crucial to the storyline and I started thinking... The wheels started grinding louder and louder. So I thought I'd see what everyone here thought. Now, just think about it before you answer. (g)

Forget tender, sensitive, kind, loving, etc. We all want the attentive lover. This question is about career - profession as a turnon. So, do you find WHAT he does and HOW he does it in his worklife to be a real hot turnon or does it run as a cold turnoff or is it simply something you never considered before?

Well consider it now and discover just how you feel about it.

Contemplate the guys you dated or the one you are with now. Hmm... Are you the kind of woman who digs a uniform and the man who has a presence of authority? Is that a turnon for you?

Or is it the guy with the big financial acumen? The man who turns a buck into an empire with a real golden touch? Is that the power in a man that attracts you? Not the fact that he's rich, I'm not talking about superficial aspects. This has to do with the man's POWER in his confidence level to do his job really well. Better than others.

Maybe you like the thinker type. The guy who ponders the philosophical side of life. He's into education, maybe he's a teacher or a professor. He's influencing lives and opening minds, molding the future. Woot! The all knowing wizard. (g)

Hmm... Does that include little known sexual techniques that make you scream?

And we can't forget the craftsman and those whose jobs require physical labor. The guy who has the brawn as a result of working with his muscles and really enjoys giving it his all with zest and vigor. Whoa baby, is that the one you drool over?

Still, crisp white shirts and business suits can be just as sexy as the bare-chest sweaty guy if the right guy is inside. The guy who exudes that confidence and personal power.

I have known many (not that way, come on!) sexy men in just about all professions. The fact that they are good at what they do is truly the turnon.

What about you? Geek? Banker? Professor? Contractor? Cowboy? Fireman? Soldier? Police? Attorney? Chef? Stay-At-Home-Dad? Inventor, Doctor, Scientist?

All things being equal, do you find his profession a big turnon or turnoff?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

RWA, San Francisco, and Hot Guys, by Allyson James

First, thanks Hussies for inviting me to post on your blog. I’m honored to be here.

I’ll start by mentioning a couple of my new releases from Ellora’s Cave: Catch a Falling Star (ebook) and Double Shot (print), a collection of two Tales of the Shareem stories.

Double Shot cover

However, what’s in the forefront of my brain is Romance Writers of America National Convention, from which I just returned. RWA this year was filled with enthusiastic readers and a nice buzz of energy. I came home ready to write!

crowd at RWA
The conference was in San Francisco, home of alternative lifestyles. My husband and I didn’t stay in the conference hotel, so I had much opportunity to wander the streets (I have a series set there, so it was fun to walk the paths of my characters).

Streets of SF

Admittedly I mostly saw tourists (often with children in tow) snapping photographs of cable cars.

Cable Car

I did see the occasional m/m couple and f/f couple, and we saw a movie crew filming something or other.

We saw the film crew twice—I think it was a suspense film, because the actors looked tougher than anyone else on the street. The crew looked just as tough. In fact, they were the scariest people I saw the entire trip.

As for the conference: I found it upbeat because readers weren’t talking about the downturn in the economy or how they were buying fewer books. I actually heard people saying they were reading more romance now than ever.

I signed at two big signings. None of the readers who came to my table said “I’m watching my pennies,” or “I can’t afford to ship books or pay for the extra bags on the plane.”

What they said was, “Give me everything you’ve got!!!”

I heard through the grapevine that romance sales had actually grown this year while other genres have declined.

Why? The power of the happy ending? The joy of watching people find their perfect match?

Or the hot guys??

I vote for the hot guys.

(It’s probably all three, but the hot guys do it for me.)

Confession: When I conceive of a novel, it’s the hot alpha man I think of first. Heroine comes later. In fact, I have to make sure my heroine doesn’t get lost, because I’m so in love with that guy! But it is fun to come up with a lady [and second guy in some of my books] who will be his match.

Hence why I came up with the Shareem (Tales of the Shareem, Ellora’s Cave). Men created to be ultimate sex slaves? I’m so there!

Hot guy

Which leads me to a question for readers: What is more important to you—a hero to drool over, or a heroine you can relate to? Which one more influences your decision when picking out a book?

Here’s to hot men!

Take care, and thanks again, Hussies!

Allyson James

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The most superior sex toy your mind time to process the title. The most superior sex toy? Do you know what it is without having to give it thought? No?

Well, it's a man. Man you say? Yes man. M A N. Nature has blessed men with everything necessary to pleasure a woman - lips, teeth and tongue, hands and fingers and other wonderful options south of the anatomical equator. And best of all ... a brain.

I can hear the scoffs now but hey, it's true. Any man can learn how to be the world's best lover. It isn't that difficult. All it takes is a woman teaching him. Yes, we women DO have to teach our men what we like, what feels good, what makes our pulse spike and what gives us a case of the "eewwuueeeeee".

But before we can teach them, we have to do some work on ourselves. Today's media is replete with information on women and their lack of self-esteem, their feelings of not being sexy or exciting. Nine out of ten women's magazines will tell us how to get and keep a man, how to turn him on. And every time we read it some part of us thinks "well what about turning ME on?"

Guess what, we're just interpreting it wrong. Think about it. You decide to invest in pole dancing classes, you learn the moves and plan on giving your man a little treat. The first moment you start to imagine yourself performing, your body undulating and twisting around that pole to a sensual beat, what you're doing is not turning HIM on but yourself. You're seeing yourself as a sensual, sexual creature capable of driving a man wild with your moves. Sure it'll turn him on, but that's icing on the cake. The important thing is that it's turning you on, making you feel sexually confident. And sexual confidence is a big turn-on.

I read recently a post from a woman who complained about her spouse wanting to see her masturbate. She was upset, yet in the same post complained bitterly about her sex life being as dull as unbuttered toast. Well duh, lady! Your man just handed you a free pass to "baby we're gonna ride the wild bull tonight!" Instead of looking at the negative side of that coin, she could have looked at the positive. Her man was turned on at the idea of watching her masturbate. And news flash, lady. A turned on man is the best sex toy on the planet.

I really think it's time for women to stop blaming their bad sex lives, or lack thereof entirely on men. Come on, just like we take charge of the other aspects of our lives, we need to take charge of this one as well. Find something that turns you on, makes you feel like a sexual goddess and there's a damn good chance you're going to make that man feel like a sexual god - or slave.

Don't believe it? Okay. Don't wanna try it. Fine by me. Do what you gotta do. Me? I'm gonna go have another look at those poles:)

This is Ciana for the Hussies wishing you a great Sunday and hoping you find you're most superior sex toy:)


Friday, August 01, 2008

HUSSIFIED! - The Un-Newsletter - August '08

While everyone loves to hear what's happening in the lives of their favorite authors, we decided to do things a bit differently. Since The Hussies are anything but typical, we thought our newsletter should also be unique.

Welcome to HUSSIFIED! The Un-Newsletter!

HUSSIFIED is a collection of updates, insider info, gossip and news from your favorite Hussies. Want to know what's going on with us? Want to make sure you don't miss a book in The Hussies series? HUSSIFIED has the goods.

Are you ready?

Let's go.


July was an exciting month for The Hussies! Two more book releases in The Hussies series and our big Smokin' Hot Summer Contest, featuring 40 of Ellora's Cave authors, who gave away fabulous prizes. In August, we are running a contest featuring Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Flyboy. Keep reading to learn more.

And now, the brand new books in The Hussies series.

Turning dreams into reality? Nikki Morgan, whose life has been more about hard work than fanciful dreams, is about to find out that all things are possible. Her search for a priceless artifact brings her face-to-face with the unknown dark-haired man who for years has been the feature of not only scorching erotic dreams but the vision of love she's hungered for.

Max Weston is about to meet the one woman whose love and belief in him can rescue him from the cruel prison he's been trapped in for years.

Two people, one dream. And a sensual awakening that will rock both Nikki and Max to the core. Against a backdrop of breathless sexual interludes and the reuniting of two kindred spirits, it's a race against time — and a ruthless family that will stop at nothing, even murder — to find the artifact and be the custodians of the immense power it holds.

*Do you recognize the fine man on the cover? He's our official hunk—the best Greek architecture since the Parthenon, George Koufalis.*

Take an ancient Hussy warrior hunter with a Scottish castle that changes before your eyes. Mix in a computer geek with a wild imagination, an unemployed biker scarred by the past, and task them with saving the world. Add a dash of freaky past-life regression along with some cool spy stuff and you've got one heck of a recipe for adventure.

They just may succeed at their mission — stranger things have happened. However, the consequences are deadly and failure is not an option for Twyla or Jhett. Surviving the seedy underworld of weapons dealers requires learning to trust each other if they're to have any chance at breaking the endless cycle of repeating their mistakes…over and over…in one life after another.

*Another of our official hunks on the cover—tall, dark and lethally handsome Christian Boeving.*

And two more fabulous books from your favorite Hussies.

Jen Ormand vowed never to return home. Traumatized by visions of demons only she could see, followed by a spell in a psychiatric hospital, she's determined to create a new life away from her hometown's dark past — until her parents die.

Now she's back and the demons are after her — again. Late one night they attack and sexy Garrett Dermonté saves her. When he sprouts wings and flies off into the night, Jen's sure she's suffering another psychotic break, especially since tall, dark and delicious makes her wet and hot for a lot more than rescuing.

Garrett has finally found the woman prophesied to reconcile his gargoyle clan. Jen is destined to lead them into battle against the demons, but can he convince her in time? Consumed by an uncontrollable lust for her, Garrett worries he's finally succumbed to the virus ravaging his species. Can he resist committing the unforgivable sin of making love to a human or will his hunger for Jen doom the world to demonic rule?

*The guy on this cover needs to be one of our hunks. Quick, someone recruit him. Wowza!*

He's a man with a mission - to find the perfect wife and settle down. Sir Marcus Camberley doesn't expect to meet her on a dark beach, nor does he expect her to be aiding the smugglers landing their cargo. But one kiss is enough to shake his world, and a night together? His goose is cooked! For Mariah Dean, a night with this gentleman surpasses everything she'd ever imagined, but she's very content as a widow, keeping busy around the little village of Buckler's Hard. His proposal of marriage is unwelcome and he's acting like a goose. After all, why should such a man choose her?

He's an inventively sexy lover - she's a willing but stubborn pupil. Marcus knows they're made for each other, but convincing Mariah? It's going to take a lot more than charm. It's going to take time, effort and a little help - from the good folks of Buckler's Hard...

*Another gorgeous Syneca Featherstone work of art.*

Upcoming Books

The next book in The Hussies series, Casseopeia by Nathalie Gray, will be available on August 6th.

In the cutthroat world of space couriers, can a woman trust her heart to a competitor?

He's big. He's bad. And badass Ty Weller is sex on legs as far as rival Jackie Clark is concerned. She's been looking from a distance for years, wanting to touch, hungry for the kind of things she knows Ty can do with that dirty mouth. But something always got in the way—deadlines, rivalry, distance. Not this time. She'll get a taste if it's the last thing she does.

When Ty wants something, he takes it. He's had it in for the little motormouth since day one and intends to conquer that too. What he didn't expect was that he may have to give his heart in return.

*Syneca is creating some pretty amazing covers!*

Hussy Happenings

Ci is choosing August as the 'get'r'dun' month and is finishing up edits on her next book in the Hussies series, Sin in Jeans, as well as some non-Hussies Series related projects. She's enjoying reconnecting with an old friend who has a lot of amazing tales from his exploits around the world and feeling a tad envious that she's not out kicking butt and taking names. Aside from that she's either (a) sitting beneath the AC vent or (b) becoming a prune in the pool. Anything to beat the heat.

After conquering Scandinavia and parts of Russia, Nat returned home with hundreds of notes and ideas for new stories (along with a pair of handsome Vikings that she has no intentions of sharing with the rest of the Hussies). Nat's plans for summer and fall are as follows: writing the next installment of Gentlemen Inc. (think gorgeous and mysterious Turkey and fearsome warriors) as well as Lycan 4, where we'll get to see a lot of Haruto (getit? getit? "see a lot" of him?). If all goes well, beginning of 2009 should see another Hussy story from our resident scifi junkie. Until then, visit our blog for regular updates!

With several books in the works, Nic is staying busy inside to avoid being melted by the HOT Florida summer days and her hotter than hot heroes. She has a Hussy book in edits, Have A Little Faith In Me. The heroine can't help it that the only way to help her trauma surgeon hero save the future is by tying him to the bed. There just weren't any other options. *g* Nic is also busy at work on a western, a ménage, a fantasy and a suspense. Okay, so she has a bit of an attention deficit and can't focus on one thing at a time but it works so she's not complaining.

While not writing she's plotting taking a swim at Ci's, using Sahara's frequent flyer miles to go steal Nat's Vikings, and joining Sally in a cool drink, garnished with mint leaves, of course.

Busy at work on several projects, Sahara's been dividing her time between writing and trying to figure out why a straight line isn't always a straight line when you're on an airplane. She has two books currently in edits - one of them a new Hussy novel, titled I Will Remember. It's a look at an exhausted country singing star and the only man on the planet who doesn't know who she is. Of course, he doesn't know who he is either. There'll need to be some hot Hussy lovin' to get his memories back on track. Also on the way is a Regency Quickie - Rogue's Diamond. Sometimes a character appears and demands his own story. Colonel Rogue Chambers did just that in "Buckler's Hard".

In between talking to her heroes about various important matters, Sahara's been seen in various airports around the country as she makes a few summer trips to visit family. Eager to perfect the "utter mess" that humidity wreaks on her hair, she has - of course - spent time in both Florida and Washington recently. She's now nearing the top of the "frizziest hair on an author" list and racking up some more frequent flyer miles by flying "straight" to DC from Florida - via Cincinnati. She's still trying to figure that one out.

Sally has been offered a contract for her first book in the Hussies Series, Fae's Gargoyle, and the next thing she'll be waiting for will be the edits, a release date and cover art. All exciting things for a hussy to be anticipating. In the meantime, she's busy writing another hussies book, tentatively titled Sire's Love, featuring AMY who was the winner for her Wanna Be a Hussy in Book Contest. Vampire fans will love hussy Amy, who is charged with rescuing a sexy vampire from prison! Next, Sally will be finishing up Danu's story which is set in ancient Scotland during the time of dragons. She hopes to have both of these books turned in to her editor before the end of summer. Then? Well, it's on to other books.

Summertime has found Hussy Sally doing those things she loves best, writing and spending time with family and friends, despite the sweltering summer heat. Undaunted by humid climatic obstacles, she's created long respites within the sizzling heat using cool waters, doses of chilling a/c and many tall drinks, clinking with ice and various delicious beverages- a few with umbrellas but most with mint leaves because she does after all live in the South and learned early in life that combating the heat is an artform.

August Contest
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Win a download of all FIVE books featured in this newsletter - spend some time with The Hussies. The entry form is on our website, click here to enter.

Good luck!

The Hussies Series Bookshelf
*All books in the series are stand alone titles sharing a common theme*

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All in Time, Ciana Stone
Fly by Knight, Sahara Kelly
A Taste for Jazz, Ciana Stone
Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Ciana Stone
Flyboy, Nicole Austin

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