Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Like the Way You Talk

The mouth. Oh man! One of the sexiest part of the body for sure. Versatile. It talks, it kisses, and it can suck and lick. It provides the path for nourishment and a mode to communicate.

There are clich├ęs such as "Watch your mouth", "Shut your mouth" and "Stop mouthing off". But what would the mouth be but a mere orifice without those lips to frame it and that tongue to occupy it? Functional parts but yet so downright sexy when used in the throes of love.

Whew! Okay getting to the talking part, because we know all about the others. Sigh. Yes, talking. The voice and lips are able to convey so much in a single word or phrase by changing tone and inflection.

Take for instance the phrase, "Come here," if spoken in a harsh loud voice we might be startled or even cringe, but if said in a deep baritone with the words curling over his tongue, then oh yeah, it is quite different and can make your toes curl.

And when those male lips form those words, pursing together and then thrusting apart only to close back together - well, when combined with one of those hot searing looks that travels over you, undressing you in their sweep - It's enough to make a girl wet!

The art of talk is often overlooked by men as an easy way to beef up their sex appeal. Oftentimes too much emphasis is placed on looks, understandably in our culture, but some of the sexiest men I've known have not been GQ quality looks, but men who had a way about them that encompassed their voices and knowing how to use them!

Accents can be much sexier sometimes than the man himself. But if he has mastered all the nuances and incorporated them into a winning personality, then this guy will outshine an empty-shell facsimile.

Voice inflection, tone, pauses, are just a few of the ways to enhance speech and make every word leave a heart-pounding punctuation hanging in the air. Just as powerful as a whispered kiss in the ear!


Minime said...

Accents make the way they talk even better. *smile* Whether it is a southern drawl, or European (my favs-Irish and Scottish).

Sally Painter said...

I can really dig the Scottish one and I'm not immune to my own region's accents when done in a baritone. (g)