Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Want to Review Contest - Fallen Angels Reviews

Remember when the Hussies challenged you to write a review during the month of September? Well, a lot of you did! You rock! So a great big Hussy thank you to everyone who entered the "I Want to Review" Contest!

Participants will be receiving an email shortly detailing "phase two" which is writing a sample review. From these, five will be selected to be judged by Fallen Angels Reviews and the winner will be published on FAR as a guest reviewer.

Stay tuned for updates!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best ways to spend a Sunday

We all have our favorite past-times. Just thought I'd toss in a few suggestions:

1. An invigorating shower.

2. Let the motion of the ocean carry you away

4. Go for a ride

5. Take a walk on the wild side

6. Go back to sleep and repeat that dream:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - Chemistry

As readers of erotic romance, you've surely seen many references to the chemistry that can exist between two people. Sparks fly, the earth moves, emotions swell and overwhelm. According to an article on MSN by Jonathan Small, there are many different kinds of chemistry you can experience. Here are the five most common types of chemistry couples might share. And the good news is that even if its not the explosive kind, with a little bit of time it can turn into something wonderful.

#1 – Lusty chemistry

The most common and most confusing kind of chemistry. The uncontrollable hunger for sex. Let’s face it; at some time in our lives, most of us have fallen in the trap of confusing physical chemistry with love. Lust tends to fade after scratching the itch and may or may not return later. One big difference is you can feel lust for several different people simultaneously without becoming jealous, but love tends to make us very possessive. The great thing is that over time, lust can grow, evolving into something deeper and more meaningful.

#2 – Comfy chemistry

These are those types of relationships where you have that instant connection and effortless rapport. This is the person who finishes your sentences or is so easy to talk to and you feel relaxed to be around. It doesn’t have to mean you are better friends than lovers though. Love can develop and quickly lead to passion.

#3 – Funny chemistry

One of the top characteristics on most people’s lists of attractive qualities is the ability to make them laugh. Someone who can help us have fun is priceless. And researchers have found that attractiveness between two people increases when they laugh together.

#4 – Opposites attract chemistry

Most of us like personalities that complement our own. Those who accentuate our positives and mask the flaws. Like the swim-suit model and the computer geek. Why would such opposites attract? She makes him feel sexy and he makes her feel smart. We are naturally drawn to those who have the qualities we lack. Those who make us feel more well-rounded.

#5 – Common ground chemistry

Those with common interests tend to gravitate together. It allows you to get to know each other in a comfortable environment, and makes spending time together easy. The two of you can bond and develop a lot of great memories over shared achievements.

So even if electricity doesn’t immediately arc between you, and your heart doesn’t start trembling whenever he’s around, that doesn’t mean you won’t have great chemistry. If given time, what you do have can grow into something lasting.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who's Your Pimp

I have some pimping to do.

To the thousands upon thousands who have read Sahara Kelly's Madam Charlie (guilty, your Honor, and I loved every minute) in an array of languages because that book, it has traveled, you can now ditch your therapist because The Withdrawal, it is OVER.

Know why?

Forbidden Fantasies is coming, that's why. Not only is it Ellora's Cave's first hardcover, but our very own decadent Hussy Sahara is one of the fab authors therein. And her story is...


Lady Elizabeth's Choice
...as in, a loose sequel to Madam Charlie!
Yes, SEQUEL! I choose to ignore the word loose. It has sequel next to Madam Charlie so I'm happy. Dude, I'll take a "loose sequel" to Madam Charlie any day of the week.

To get you back in the mood after years of waiting, here are the essentials:

Madam Charlie
By Sahara Kelly
London, 1814:

A young woman inherits an interesting London house, Number 14 Beaulieu Crescent. Nothing unusual in that, you might say. And ordinarily you'd be right. But this time the "house" is actually a high-class brothel, and the young woman has a secret identity of her own that she must never reveal. Especially not to the man who brings her body to life, stirs her senses like no other, and who has begun his own campaign to unlock the mystery that is "Madam Charlie".

Lady Elizabeth’s Choice
By Sahara Kelly
This story is a loose sequel to Madam Charlie.
Several months ago she gave herself to him, body and soul, during a night of sexual enlightenment that changed her world forever. But since then, Lady Elizabeth Wentworth has reached a decision she believes is right for her. And her erstwhile lover, Sir Spencer Marchwood, isn’t part of it. She hasn’t forgotten him…how could she? He took her from innocent girl to sensual woman in a night of extraordinary delights. Such memories cannot be denied, only buried, relegated to her past as the private indiscretions of a foolish and impetuous girl. Needless to say, Spence is—upset. He’s plagued by memories of their passion, hungry for the taste of her lips and eager to hear her cries of pleasure once more. And it looks like that’s not going to happen—ever again. However, the resourceful Spence hatches a strategy to get Elizabeth’s attention and land her back in his arms—naked. Once that occurs, Spence knows he can claim her, body and soul, taking her to the edge of madness and beyond. It all comes down to one pivotal moment…the moment of Lady Elizabeth’s choice…

So come October 18th, get in line to buy Madam Charlie's loose sequel, erm, I mean, Forbidden Fantasies. Plus, if you buy the book early, your name is entered into a draw that could get you 25% off all your 2008 Ellora's Cave books. Dudes!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Witching Time is almost upon us

And you know, I love October. When I'm in the Carolinas it's a time for watching the leaves change, having bonfires at night and staring into the flames to see what imaginary worlds I can find.

When I'm in Florida it's the time of year when we finally start to cool down, the light does that subtle shift into "less intense and blinding" and the breeze kicks up.

And no matter where I am, I think about creatures of legend and myth and the people who will be masquerading as them come Oct. 31st. So as a pre-kick-off for what I like to call The Witching Time, here's a little story about one of my favorite creatures of myth and legend - something I call

Greed and Shadows: Architects of Our Own Demise

You glance over your shoulder as you stop before the door, you hand sliding into the pocket of your dark jacket for the small pouch bearing the tools of your trade. I slide back an inch or so even though I know I’m well hidden in the shadows. Still, I’m one to err on the side of caution. I’ll reveal myself to you in my own time and manner.

Admiration for your skills flashes through my mind as I watch you pick the lock and enter the dark building. Were I simply an innocent passerby I’d assume you’d just inserted a key into the lock. That the handsome man in the dark suit was just another business owner having to burn the midnight oil to balance the accounts or complete inventory.

But I am no innocent passerby. I’ve been tracking you for weeks, documenting your nocturnal forays and tallying up your take as I listen to the news reports in the ensuring days. You’re amassing quite a tidy sum; and taking increasingly more risks.

Like tonight’s venture. It’s not difficult to learn that the owner of this establishment is prone to putting the week’s till into his safe until Monday. Or that due to his less than reliable ability to remember numbers, he keeps the combination written down on a piece of paper that’s tucked behind the photograph of his wife and son on his office desk.

You don’t see this as an unusual risk, but I know better. I know that the forgetful owner has a brother-in-law in an elevated position on the police force and that his loyal relative dispatches one of his underlings every Saturday night before the change of the shift to pick up an envelope that’s always tucked beneath the cash register. Inside is a stack of cash. A payoff. Protection money so that law enforcement doesn’t look to closely at the owner’s business practices. So that no one discovers he’s fencing stolen jewels.

That errand boy is due tonight. In less than five minutes. If discovered you’ll spend the next ten to fifteen years watching Saturday night television with the other inmates. Not something a man like you could easily tolerate. I could leave you to the fate you’ve constructed, a victim to your greed, but I am a selfish creature, slave to my own desires. And at present my desire is for you.
Sure that you’ve had time to navigate your way to the office I leave the shadows. A locked door proves no barrier to those of my kind. Shadow dwellers, creatures of the night, we’ve been labeled with many monikers over the centuries, the most popular, of course, being that of Vampire.

Personally I detest that word. It has no elegance, does not flow off the tongue easily or musically. And the definition assigned to the word offends my sense of self. I’ve never ripped open anyone’s throat, or drained the life from them. Yes, I’ve taken my share of blood, but what I’ve given in return lasts a lifetime; a memory of the most sublime sexual experience my subjects have ever had. No other experience will come close. No other lover will ever measure up.
No, that’s not a boast, simply a fact. I do not claim credit for the abilities I was endowed with. It’s as much a part of me as my silky mane of hair or sky blue eyes. What my subjects receive is not something I choose to give. It’s something over which I have no control.

And why humans find my kind so irresistible.

I find you bent over the safe, swiftly removing stacks of cash from its dark interior. On feet as silent as a tomb I move up behind you. “Your greed is about to become your undoing,” I whisper.

You start, whirl and look upon me with eyes wide and startled. That changes rapidly to a look of suspicion and lust. “Who are you?”

“Why your dark angel of salvation, of course.”

You raise your hand as if to take hold of my arm, anger lancing through you and false bravery making you bold. How could I be a threat to you? Someone as small and unimposing as I could not possibly overpower a man as big and powerful as yourself.

I smile and raise my hand in a gesture I know to be both casual and elegant. And the force propels you back, slamming you into the opened safe, packets of money spilling from your hand.

“Who are you?” You whisper, this time not so bold.

“I’ve already told you. Now decide. Within five minutes a police officer will unlock the front door. Stay and you risk losing everything.”

I can see the thoughts in your mind. Am I lying? What if I’m telling the truth? Why would I want to save you? What do I want from you? Five minutes? That’s enough time to grab the cash and get out.

“Stupidiy is an unappealing trait,” I comment and smile at your expression. I offer you my hand. “Come with me now.”

You hesitate. Greed wars with lust, fear providing the weight to tip the scales. You place your hand in mine. And before you can blink, I’ve pulled you to me, wrapped one arm around your waist and run from the building to the shelter of the park across the street. The deep shadows conceal us even from the oncoming headlights of the patrol car that pulls up in front of the store.

“How'd you do that?” You ask, stepping back from me.

I shrug and step toward you. “Have you no words of thanks for being saved?”

“Uh, yeah. Thank you. What the fuck are you? How did you do that? Why did you—“

“Shhhh,” I place my finger to your lips to silence you. “All will be explained.”

“You want something.”

I smile. Your quick mind is one of the things that attracted me to you. Not only are you a handsome man in his prime, but you’re intelligent and inquisitive. Curious enough that when I smile and display my pristine fangs, your rush of fear is tempered with a rash of questions.

“You’re … is this for real?”

“Quite real.”

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Of course not.”

“Are you going to bite me?”


How was I to know that one bite would seal my fate? That his greed would become mine and that together we’d traverse the world, living in the shadows from one heist to the next. How was I to know that I would become as much as prisoner to him as he to me?

Shadow and Greed. We would become legendary.

Hope you're dreaming up your own vampish delights:)


Fae's Gargoyle - Coming November 5th!

My first Hussies' book will be released on November 5th! I'm so excited to have a book in the series at long last. (g) Here's a little blurb:

Maria Jennings awakes to find a naked man in bed with her and has no idea how he got there. Her shock soon turns to panic when she recognizes the man is her former secret crush, gargoyle warrior, Denton Prescott.

Before she can steal from bed, she's seduced by the sexiest hunk ever to draw breath. Maria knows love between a fae and gargoyle is forbidden, but soon realizes that's the least of her worries- Denton is hiding something from her.

Reawakened desires for the gargoyle threaten her mission to save him. Maria now feels she's the one who needs saving - from losing her heart once more to the man she swore to forget.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - Striptease

Performing a private, sexy striptease for your guy is a great way to turn him on, if done right. One of the most important factors is to feel comfortable with yourself, the music and what you're doing. If it doesn't feel right the performance will be awkward and fumbling, which is more off a turn off. Finding the right song for your personality and tastes makes all the difference in the world.

Here are the top ten guy recommended striptease songs, according to iVillage.com. The tune itself matters much more than the lyrics. You want something smooth and sexy.

Pony by Ginuwine

Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol

I'm A Slave For U by Britney Spears

Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

She's Always In My Hair by D'Angelo

Sex (I'm A) by Lovage

Hot in Herre by Nelly

Justify My Love by Madonna

Cream by Prince (Sorry, couldn't find it on YouTube)

IMHO they left off a few of the best all time strip songs.

Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker

Feelin Love by Paula Cole

Whatever song makes you feel sexy, crank it up, put on something sinful and have a good time turning him on!

So naughty its sinful!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Roots? Let me Show You Them, eh.

My Canadian roots, that is.

It's that time of the year. September: month of tree pruning, get-out-the-snowsuits-to-wash, and dirty movies stockpiling (long winter nights and all). :)

But September is also the Terry Fox month. The world's largest run against cancer. He started that run, what he called the "marathon of hope", at the ripe old age of 21 after having a leg amputated to stop a cancer. So in April of 1980, and for 143 days, he ran around 40 kms (20+ miles) a day to raise money for cancer research. His goal was to raise 1$ from every Canadian. Rain, sun, slush. The dude ran all these kms/miles on his one good leg and a prosthesis. He died at 22 before he could reach his goal, which was to cross Canada (look at the map, it's HUGE, yo!).

But in a way, he's still running today. Every year in September, millions of kids around the world, thousands of teachers and parents and dozens of countries participate in the Terry Fox Run. My men and I did this weekend, we ran (okay, so I walked and the kid biked) 10kms/6.5 miles on a bright and sunny German day (one of the four bright and sunny days in Germany...). After we were done, we had hotdogs at the community center and complained about our crappy new sneakers, our little aches and pains and the crazy price of gas (try 13$ a U.S. gallon). It was a good day.

So, what's your favorite charity, eh?

Monday, September 15, 2008


Anyone have some matches? I need to send up a smoke signal!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Random thoughts on a Monday

Remember that old song? I heard it this afternoon and it's been running through my head ever since. And it brought a question to mind. Do we want a man with an easy touch, someone who "won't come and go in a heated rush"? Or is what we really want ....

a bad boy. Someone who's all rough and rowdy, who comes in, swoops us up and in a fit of lusty fury nails us to the wall and has us screaming "yeah baby" in ten seconds?

I guess it's a case of different strokes for different folks, eh? Or maybe just a matter of what kind of mood we're in at the time? I guess that's really the way things are. There are times my honey could swoop in and get a stiff right arm, palm out that ways "hold the deal, Lucille. You want someah this, you ask nice." Then other times I'd just yell "hell yeah" and enjoy the ride.

Which does clue me in on why men think we women are so damn confusing. We have more moods than the weather and our movement patterns are just as complex. No wonder they can't figure us out.

And it' not like we really want them to. After all, there's something to be said about a mystery.
Mystery is always alluring and exciting. So while we might love for them to figure out that yes, we want them to take out the trash, pick up their dirty clothes, open a door for us, notice when we get a new hair style or outfit and most certainly want them to comment on our utter overwhelming beauty and sex appeal, we really don't want them to figure us out completely.

At least that's the random thoughts running through my head this Monday evening. Hmmm, wonder if honey man could figure out that running straight to the pool for some splashing good fun is my next topic of interest? Think I'll go stare in his eyes and see if he can guess.

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

National Go Topless Protest Day. Did you miss it?

I sure did. It happened on August 23rd, Saturday. Men and women went topless all across America in parks and other public areas in an effort to draw attention to the day which is according to the 17th amendment, Women's Equality Day.

Yeah, we have a day. It all started in 1848 but took 72 years to ratify the US Constitution to finally give women the right to vote. Can you imagine not being able to vote? There was a time when we couldn't own property, much less get a mortgage on our own. So when it comes to protecting our rights, I'm there! God bless the brave women who fought for us during those 72 years.

I was still having a hard time wrapping my head around how going topless was related to equality until I visited Go Topless Organization . This is more than just a protest. Yup. It came about because women were being arrested for asserting their constitutional right to bare their breasts in public while men who go bare-chested are never arrested.

Now, even though there have been over 10 court cases where the courts ruled in favor of topless women in public, they are still being criminalized. Well, I had no idea. I live a sheltered life. I've never seen a topless woman in public, other than at a beach.

The argument - it's just as natural and a constitutional right for women to go topless just like it is for men.

Now, as I stated before, I defend equality, but I personally don't want to be looking at a bunch of boobs. Hell, there are a lot of men, I prefer not to ever see without their shirts on!

While I understand this is a protest for equal rights, I just have to wonder how many women will assert these rights? I wonder if our culture and social mores are ready for this reveal on a daily basis. Nude and topless beaches have enough problems with gawkers and ignorant folks, can you imagine how the parks would be if just 10% of the female population decided to assert this right?

So I think it will be very interesting to see how next year's protest event plays out. Will more women step up and take off in protest?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

No, I haven't gone completely, certifiably mad.

Infinite Monkey Theorem is the idea that if you stick a bunch of monkeys and have them bash on typewriters (oooh, there's a quaint word), they'll eventually recreate one of Shakespeare's stories. You know, the perverse and cynical part of me finds that eminently amusing. It kind of puts into perspective the Arteeestes who like to wear black turtlenecks and say really long words when short ones would have worked. You know, like antidisestablishmentarianism.

Although when I look at how certain authors behave, I'm sure it's the monkeys who are astounded we can even string two words together.

Writing isn't rocket science. You sit at a keyboard and pretend stuff happens to people who don't exist. If you're good and/or lucky and/or obstinate and/or a celebrity (or a murderer), a bunch of strangers will get to read about it. Unless you're popular, the pay sucks. The industry is filled with snotty pretenders, just like any other profession. The conditions are oftentimes appalling (sit for 10 hours in front of a screen, stick your arms out and wiggle your fingers really, really fast...fun, eh?). There's the competition, healthy and otherwise. There's the "writer's block", a term that can ratchet up my blood pressure a few notches. There's the comparison, the self-doubts, the pressure real and perceived, the expensive chaos of advertising your work, the deadlines, red and blue lines, and flatlines. The pushy promoters who invade your space, the critics, the cheerleaders, those in between. Not enough fingers and eyeballs to manage the stories piling in your head. Families, friends, colleagues if you're working another job on top of writing. Got to go to the gym, got to pretend the house is clean and not a fire-hazard. Got to find costumes, suits, shoes, business cards. Got to network and re-work. Edit, submit, plot.

And it's the best fucking job in the world. Pass the bananas.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Going Green

I figured it was about time I start thinking about going green. To better understand harnessing the power of the wind, I found a sexy alpha to explain windmills.

Oh yeah. I get it now! Whoo-damn! What a fascinating subject! Mmm-hmm…no wonder everyone’s so fired up about this topic. I am thoroughly enjoying doing my part to save the planet! *g*

They're even coming out with a sexy and sporty green car, Karma by Fisker Automotive. It's a plug-in hybrid Q drive (whatever that is). I want one in this vivid blue color. Wowza! At $80K its a lot out of my price range though. Ouch! Going green is expensive.

So naughty it's scandalous!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jeweled Teasing With Marilu Mann

Thanks to the fabulous Hussies for having me as a guest blogger. It’s a pleasure to be here. I wanted to share my new release with you. I am Marilu Mann, one of Ellora's Cave Inc's authors. My first release was May 2008 and I am now celebrating my next release. My motto is "Escape Into The Fantasy" and I hope you will enjoy my latest.

Sapphire Tease will be released on September 10th. It’s part of the Ellora’s Cave Birthstones Series. Why write a story about sapphires? Well, from what I’ve found, in ancient Persia it was believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and the sky was colored blue by reflection. It’s a symbol of truth, sincerity and faithfulness, and was once believed to have strong medical powers. It’s the birthstone for September, but has also been associated with April, and it’s also the gemstone for the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Isn’t it interesting how we associate gemstones with birthdays? Lots of people have gemstone jewelry, pretty much everyone can tell you what their birthstone is – even if they can’t tell you their zodiac sign. One curious unanswered question of history is exactly what were the 12 stones in the breastplate of the high priest?

It is said that these stones represented the twelve tribes of Israel. There is much discussion as to what those exact gems were but no one knows for sure. But many cultures believe in the healing properties of various stones – not just birthstones, but other stones as well. Here are a few interesting myths I’ve found about gemstones.

Did you know that amethyst is said to be a stone to help prevent overindulgence of alcohol? The myth goes that to avoid being run down or worse by the god of wine that the nymph Amethyst prayed to her protector goddess who turned her into a pillar of quartz. Bacchus was so struck by her beauty that he vowed anyone who held a piece of her would be protected from his revelries. He then upended a flagon of wine on the crystal statue dyeing it purple.

Then moving away from the ancients--and since this is the Hussies blog--what about choosing a gemstone to enhance sexual abilities? There are jokes about how diamonds improve relationships of course, but have you ever wondered about nipple piercings or other piercings? What would the right stone there bring you? Of course, you don’t have to pierce anything if that isn’t your cup of tea, cheré! You could just buy a set of nipple loops if you like.

These loops are basically slim lariats that you hang from your nipples. I’ve had friends who have worn them and they tell me that the constant rubbing is incredibly stimulating. You can make them tight or let them just dangle gently—whatever your preference. I do love the idea of letting my lover get an eyeful of jewelry he didn’t expect, don’t you?

Imagine doing a slow erotic dance with him laying in the bed watching you. As you slide your skirt down, his eyes widen. Now you’re wearing nothing but his shirt and whatever you have on underneath. Kick off those undies and let the hem of that shirt flirt with your own hidden treasures. His breath will catch when you slide that white linen to the floor to reveal sapphires tantalizingly dangling from your nipples. Now think about him taking those off with his mouth.

Yes, there’s just something women love about jewelry, isn’t there? Sapphire Tease has nothing to do with ancient Persia or healing powers of stones. Instead it deals with a deep-seated rivalry between two powerful and dangerous men, ancient weapons, a piece of sapphire Geisha hair jewelry, and a cat burglar. Our heroine may not wear nipple tassles but she certainly does learn a little something about nipple clamps.

Sapphire Tease by Marilu MannSapphire Tease Blurb: Ever have your clothes removed by a sexy man as punishment? What if you were trying to steal from him and he is determined to teach you a heated intimate lesson you will never forget? Cath Monroe learns just how much she can take from the man she mistakenly marks as an easy target. Kentaro Ramon introduces the lovely thief to more than his mastery of weapons in this arousing tale of a very erotic game of cat-and-mouse.

Sapphire Tease Quick Bite:
Ramón knelt in front of her, between her legs. He touched the plastic restraints holding her wrists to the arms of the chair. His hands were warm and slightly calloused. Not what she'd expected from an obscenely wealthy playboy. He slid his fingers over the restraints and over the skin of her wrist.

"Since you won't confirm that Brown sent you, maybe you'll tell me who you are?"

Cath shook her head again, more slowly this time. She couldn't take her eyes off him.

"What is your name?" As she shook her head, he slid his hands up to her elbows, kneading the skin there. His gaze went from her face to her breasts and back again.

To read the rest of the excerpt, visit me and click on Books to find that excerpt as well as excerpts from my May paranormal erotic romance Changing Times and my upcoming November release Changing Hearts. And stay tuned for the title of book three in the Lusting Wild series.