Monday, September 08, 2008

Random thoughts on a Monday

Remember that old song? I heard it this afternoon and it's been running through my head ever since. And it brought a question to mind. Do we want a man with an easy touch, someone who "won't come and go in a heated rush"? Or is what we really want ....

a bad boy. Someone who's all rough and rowdy, who comes in, swoops us up and in a fit of lusty fury nails us to the wall and has us screaming "yeah baby" in ten seconds?

I guess it's a case of different strokes for different folks, eh? Or maybe just a matter of what kind of mood we're in at the time? I guess that's really the way things are. There are times my honey could swoop in and get a stiff right arm, palm out that ways "hold the deal, Lucille. You want someah this, you ask nice." Then other times I'd just yell "hell yeah" and enjoy the ride.

Which does clue me in on why men think we women are so damn confusing. We have more moods than the weather and our movement patterns are just as complex. No wonder they can't figure us out.

And it' not like we really want them to. After all, there's something to be said about a mystery.
Mystery is always alluring and exciting. So while we might love for them to figure out that yes, we want them to take out the trash, pick up their dirty clothes, open a door for us, notice when we get a new hair style or outfit and most certainly want them to comment on our utter overwhelming beauty and sex appeal, we really don't want them to figure us out completely.

At least that's the random thoughts running through my head this Monday evening. Hmmm, wonder if honey man could figure out that running straight to the pool for some splashing good fun is my next topic of interest? Think I'll go stare in his eyes and see if he can guess.

Have a great Monday!!

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