Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jeweled Teasing With Marilu Mann

Thanks to the fabulous Hussies for having me as a guest blogger. It’s a pleasure to be here. I wanted to share my new release with you. I am Marilu Mann, one of Ellora's Cave Inc's authors. My first release was May 2008 and I am now celebrating my next release. My motto is "Escape Into The Fantasy" and I hope you will enjoy my latest.

Sapphire Tease will be released on September 10th. It’s part of the Ellora’s Cave Birthstones Series. Why write a story about sapphires? Well, from what I’ve found, in ancient Persia it was believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and the sky was colored blue by reflection. It’s a symbol of truth, sincerity and faithfulness, and was once believed to have strong medical powers. It’s the birthstone for September, but has also been associated with April, and it’s also the gemstone for the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Isn’t it interesting how we associate gemstones with birthdays? Lots of people have gemstone jewelry, pretty much everyone can tell you what their birthstone is – even if they can’t tell you their zodiac sign. One curious unanswered question of history is exactly what were the 12 stones in the breastplate of the high priest?

It is said that these stones represented the twelve tribes of Israel. There is much discussion as to what those exact gems were but no one knows for sure. But many cultures believe in the healing properties of various stones – not just birthstones, but other stones as well. Here are a few interesting myths I’ve found about gemstones.

Did you know that amethyst is said to be a stone to help prevent overindulgence of alcohol? The myth goes that to avoid being run down or worse by the god of wine that the nymph Amethyst prayed to her protector goddess who turned her into a pillar of quartz. Bacchus was so struck by her beauty that he vowed anyone who held a piece of her would be protected from his revelries. He then upended a flagon of wine on the crystal statue dyeing it purple.

Then moving away from the ancients--and since this is the Hussies blog--what about choosing a gemstone to enhance sexual abilities? There are jokes about how diamonds improve relationships of course, but have you ever wondered about nipple piercings or other piercings? What would the right stone there bring you? Of course, you don’t have to pierce anything if that isn’t your cup of tea, cheré! You could just buy a set of nipple loops if you like.

These loops are basically slim lariats that you hang from your nipples. I’ve had friends who have worn them and they tell me that the constant rubbing is incredibly stimulating. You can make them tight or let them just dangle gently—whatever your preference. I do love the idea of letting my lover get an eyeful of jewelry he didn’t expect, don’t you?

Imagine doing a slow erotic dance with him laying in the bed watching you. As you slide your skirt down, his eyes widen. Now you’re wearing nothing but his shirt and whatever you have on underneath. Kick off those undies and let the hem of that shirt flirt with your own hidden treasures. His breath will catch when you slide that white linen to the floor to reveal sapphires tantalizingly dangling from your nipples. Now think about him taking those off with his mouth.

Yes, there’s just something women love about jewelry, isn’t there? Sapphire Tease has nothing to do with ancient Persia or healing powers of stones. Instead it deals with a deep-seated rivalry between two powerful and dangerous men, ancient weapons, a piece of sapphire Geisha hair jewelry, and a cat burglar. Our heroine may not wear nipple tassles but she certainly does learn a little something about nipple clamps.

Sapphire Tease by Marilu MannSapphire Tease Blurb: Ever have your clothes removed by a sexy man as punishment? What if you were trying to steal from him and he is determined to teach you a heated intimate lesson you will never forget? Cath Monroe learns just how much she can take from the man she mistakenly marks as an easy target. Kentaro Ramon introduces the lovely thief to more than his mastery of weapons in this arousing tale of a very erotic game of cat-and-mouse.

Sapphire Tease Quick Bite:
Ramón knelt in front of her, between her legs. He touched the plastic restraints holding her wrists to the arms of the chair. His hands were warm and slightly calloused. Not what she'd expected from an obscenely wealthy playboy. He slid his fingers over the restraints and over the skin of her wrist.

"Since you won't confirm that Brown sent you, maybe you'll tell me who you are?"

Cath shook her head again, more slowly this time. She couldn't take her eyes off him.

"What is your name?" As she shook her head, he slid his hands up to her elbows, kneading the skin there. His gaze went from her face to her breasts and back again.

To read the rest of the excerpt, visit me and click on Books to find that excerpt as well as excerpts from my May paranormal erotic romance Changing Times and my upcoming November release Changing Hearts. And stay tuned for the title of book three in the Lusting Wild series.


Nicole Austin said...

Hi Marilu! Thanks for blogging with us.

I never knew any of that about sapphires. How cool! Great motto, too.

Can't wait to read Sapphire Tease. That cover is yummy! Isn't that the hunk who was between me and Nat in the group Hussy pic at RT? Ci?

NathalieGray said...

Yes, m'dear. That man is Lorenzo. *le happy sigh*

And I learned something about birthstones. Thanks Marilu!

Nicole Austin said...

I thought it was him. Lorenzo... *dreamy sigh* He should be on more covers!

Marilu Mann said...

Nicole, thanks for having me here. Yes, that is the hunky Lorenzo. He is Mr. September on the calendar so he gets to grace the September Birthstone stories. YUMMY!

Nat, glad to share the information. I love researching for my books.

Nicole, I agree! He's gorgeous.

Sally Painter said...

Hi Marilu! Glad to have you with us. Best wishes for your next release!