Monday, May 28, 2007

Things that make you go .... ummmmmmmm

Well here we are, drawing close to the end of the month. Soon it will be June. And you know what that means... a new hunk!
This month I'll be introducing you to a man that seriously melts me. Face of a dream, body of a god and a spirit that's unbelievably powerful. Here's a little preview for you...
Now confess.... can't you just see that face in a dream? A very sexy dream, I mean?
June 1st I'll post a new interview with this dream man, and some more pics for you to see. And during the chat on June 30th we'll be giving away a poster, along with some other cool prizes - like announcing the first winner of the "Be Immortalized as a Hussy" contest. The winner will be appearing in
a book by your's truly, Ciana Stone, titled All in Time, which is in the hands of my super fantastic editor.
So stay tuned, visit our site and remember .... it's always a good time to let your inner Hussy out to play :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thirteen First Lines

I've seen this done by other authors and it's fascinating exercise. So here for you interest, are thirteen first lines from the Hussies. I've had to make selections, because we have waaay more than 13 books between us, but you get the idea...

1. He rose from the pool of clear water like the living embodiment of an ancient god come to life. (Ciana Stone, Mind Games)

2. Behind them automatic weapon fire broke the silence of the night. (Ciana Stone, Wyatt's Chance)

3. She did not twitch or so much as bat an eye as the deep gong of the grandfather clock in the library alerted her to the lateness of the hour. (Ciana Stone, Riding Ranger)

4. Rusty cursed as the fire truck pulled away, leaving the home she’d lived in for most of her life a wet mess with half of it gutted and the other half covered in wet grime from the smoke. Ciana Stone, Molding Clay)

5. How not to plan a naughty weekend getaway. (Susie Charles, What's Love Got To Do With It?)

6. “And you call yourself a professional? Just grab the damn camera bag, check out the dark room, and get your ass back out here with the stuff. Got it?” (Susie Charles, Were Watching Book 1: Candid Camera)

7. “What’ll you have to drink, sunshine?” (Susie Charles,Velvet Strokes)

8. Mael MacRaigl tried to relax in the corner booth, but his knees kept hitting the table. (Sally Painter, All I Want)

9. “I want you, Emma,” he said. (Sally Painter, Last Resort)

10. “On my mark, wait…steady,” Shalene Courers spoke into the mic and flipped the safety switch on her laser pistol from stun to kill. (Sally Painter, Love Me Tomorrow featured in Fated Mates Anthology)

11. There was a beautiful man below, bathing in the pool. (Denise Rossetti, Gift of the Goddess)

12. In the reception area the street door opened, letting in the muted drumming of rain, the steady swish of tires on wet asphalt.(Denise Rossetti, Come Howling in Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction 1)

13. There was a freakin' angel sitting on the end of the bed. (Denise Rossetti, The Amorous Adventures of Alice, free story)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wanna be a Hussy™ in a Book CONTEST

Wanna be a Hussy™ and immortalized with a sexy Hunk?

Your dream can come true!

The Hussies™, Ciana Stone and Sally Painter, are holding a contest and you could be the winner!

We will be drawing one entry on June 30, 2007 (note new deadline)during our yahoo list chat (

Your entry must be rec'd no later than Midnight EST June 29th.

And there’s more...

As the winner of the drawing, you will become the next heroine in The Hussies™ Series, well, your name will be used for the heroine!!! You will also receive your choice of the Official The Hussies™ or Hunks 'n' Hussies® Logo Tote with a picture of the book cover, a copy of the book where your name is used as the next kick-ass heroine and a Hunk poster.

Just send your entry to and be sure to “Let Your Inner Hussy Out to Play!” or leave your entry here on the blog. Be sure and tell us WHY you would make a great HUSSY™ !!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It's starting at 8 pm EST at TWO LIPS REVIEWS -- there will be a hunk or two there, prizes, prizes and more prizes and of course, plain ole hussy fun!

There's a registration BUT IT IS INSTANT. So make sure you join Ciana, Denise and me for a fun chat! Ciana and I have some news to share that has us dancing with Happy Feet!


Monday, May 21, 2007

BIRTHDAY CONTEST!!! Win a laminated, autographed poster

It's the first birthday of my newsgroup! I can hardly believe it. What an incredible year, but soooo much wicked fun. We're up to Chapter 13 of The Amorous Adventure of Alice. That girl has STAMINA! (So do my newsletter subscribers.)

To celebrate, I've managed to persuade Miriliel the Burnished (Mirry to his friends) to take a break from his scholarly research and do an interview for us. Believe me, it wasn't an easy task!

Last time Mirry dropped in, on a Hussies List Mom day, he swears he left several tail feathers behind. I had to do some fast talking. Lucky I talk VERY fast. And loud.

Mirry is one busy Aetherii, though just between us, I suspect it's Fledge and Jan who take up most of his attention. ;-)

What would you like to ask Mirry? Any question at all. This is your opportunity.

If you haven't read Tailspin, that's okay. Pick up the general idea by checking the excerpt on my website - or at EC - They're not the same.

I will use as many questions as time permits, but Mirry will personally choose a winning question for -


A laminated, autographed (by me) poster of Mr Shades (that is, Ryan), the oh-so-hunky cover dude from Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction Vol 1. Here he is in full, glorious size -

AND ALSO - two other readers' questions will be selected to receive a set of oversized, colour, autographed postcards of all three of my gorgeous EC covers. (Syneca ROCKS!)

The interview will be posted on my website.

Email me at deniserossetti @ (without the spaces). Contest closes 8th June 2007.


Tagged ... oh my

Oooh such delicious insides peeks into my Hussy sisters!! Very cool. But eight things about me? Holy cow. Are there 8 things? Dang. Okay, here goes....

1. I was born to an infertile woman. One night my parents room lit up with light, they heard beautiful music and thought their time on earth was done. Not so. Five months later my mother was hospitalized to have what was thought to be a large tumor removed from her abdomen. Surprise. Not a tumor. Just lil' ol' Ci and Syn.

2. I started reading when I was three. I don't see words when I read but images, so I process about 600 words a minute. Works great for fiction but kind of horrifying for certain aspects of history. Despite my apparent flakiness, I have an IQ of 175 and sometimes think that makes me a complete idiot because I should be much smarter than what I feel most of the time.

3. When I was eight I had my first horse ride, sitting behind my cute ten year old boyfriend. That same day I received my first kiss. A love affair was born that lasted until I was 16. (With the boy - with horses, for life - and the boy dumped me, not the other way around). You all may know that little cowboy. He grew up to be someone we've all had fun with from time to time. I forgave him for dumping me, but not for selling that horse.

4. I have a complete and total revulsion of all reptiles. UGH! Don't mind seeing them but do NOT want one to touch me. Love all creatures with fur or feathers and tend to attract the homeless so most of the time I live in a zoo.

5. I am a freak for apples and water (my favorite food and drink) and am allergic to red meat.

6. I love to go skinny dipping under a full moon - or any moon - or no moon. Just like skinny dipping. And not alone. The play of light on water running over man flesh just mesmerizes me.

7. Cowboys (and Indians) make me weak in the knees.

8. I don't own a car. Gave away my 1963 amphibious AMC Jeep to a young man who had no wheels. Won't own another car until automobiles go "green".

Whew, that wasn't so bad. Now who's next? Oh Susie???? Tag, you're it!

Tagged and no longer gagged!

Okay Hussy Denise! Yours is the first (and only) tag I've ever accepted, so here goes:

1. My degree is in Commercial Art. I was an interior designer for six years and then a commercial artist for four years, fell into Human Resources and then went out on my own as ‘gun slinger clean up the town” kinda recruiter for Fortune 500 companies. Which meant I took on hard projects with tight deadlines for hiring initiatives and priority projects.

2. In 2004, I received a phone call from a US Senator's office inviting me to attend a dinner at the White House with President George Bush and declined because I knew they wanted another Sally Painter who is a lobbyist. I know everyone says I should have shown up but call me crazy, I just didn't feel a Hussy would be welcomed. (G)

3. I was raised on a farm. My grandparents had a furniture business and later an egg farm. My dad raised beef during his off hours when he wasn’t selling farm equipment.

4. I'm crazy wild about dancing. Everyone always said I had ‘happy feet’ whenever around music. I hate to dance with shoes on and always end up dancing barefoot or in stocking feet.

5. I was one of the handful of founding members of the Little Theater in my hometown when I was 19 and was always the lead in school plays. I can sing but do not like to sing in front of anyone - yup - shower singer. I also play the piano, (not in the shower).

6. I accepted an invitation to participate in a 3-year paranormal project due to my other worldly encounters.

7. I used to host an internet radio show, Sally’s Midnight Hour, which focused on the paranormal, researchers and paranormal authors, conducted a monthly paranormal workshop and had the honor of having Dr. Raymond Moody and Sallie Redfield (wife of James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy) as two of my guests.

8. I’m a seer and follow the tradition of my Scottish and Irish ancestors. I do readings for family and friends, but not for the general public.

I've been tagged! 8 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged! Christine Wells has tagged me to write eight unknown, obscure and meaningless facts about moi. And she looks so innocent too. Whoever would have thought she can do the splits? Believe me, I had NO idea!

I've been thinking about this for days and I'm up to six, I theeenk... *deep breath* Here goes...

1. I'm a really good knitter, as in I can follow any pattern, any at all. But I'm a craftsperson, not an artist, more's the pity. I did manage a Kaffe Fassett vest once and it still looks good. I have a great collection of books about knitting. And I did teach myself to sew in the end too.

2. In the weeks before my GARDEN wedding, it rained cats and dogs every single day. The result was a flood of such major proportions that the city ground to a halt. I still remember my lovely mother-in-law-to-be sobbing to my Mum on the phone that there was 20 feet of water between her family and the GARDEN wedding. My Mum cried too. When I stood next to My Beloved in front of the minister (INDOORS), I looked up at him (My Beloved, not the reverend) with so much love in my heart, thinking, well at least I have my darling. His beautiful blond hair was in wet rats tails and a big drop fell off the end of his nose. *sigh*

2. (continued) (This is almost worthy of another number of its own.) Because the airport was closed, we spent our wedding night in his little flat - full of bachelor housekeeping - musty towels, old newspapers etc And a squillion slugs who were so wet they'd crawled in under the door looking for a dry spot. I cried so hard, he let me choose the hotel for the next night. The one I picked got flooded the following day. I waded out of the hotel foyer in my bikini and the water came up to my armpits. It was cold. And dirty. Blech.

3. I have a birthmark on my shoulder blade. It looks a bit like a cross-eyed butterfly. When I was teaching, I wore a summer dress one day and the kids asked me about it. I told them I was a lost Ruritanian Princess and it was the Royal Birthmark. One dear little soul believed me for a whole three minutes.

4. I like dogs fine, but I really love cats. I had a dear old Burmese boy who died peacefully in my lap at 19. (The vet came to the house. Wasn't that nice?) I still miss him, though it's eight years ago now. He was my friend.

5. I belonged to an amateur dramatic company for years. I played the murderer in "Death on the Nile". Yeah! I can carry a tune, though it's pretty ordinary. I even had a solo in a pantomime kind of thing once. My character was 10 years old and I sang "My god, how the money rolls in." Whoohoo, fame at last! Loved it!

6. My son had no name for the first ten days of his little life. I was so convinced I was having a girl, I blithely agreed to any boy's name my husband suggested during the pregnancy. Lucky I was lying down when they handed me the baby! I was SO surprised. But then I had to think really quick not to get stuck with something awful. (Except I didn't think quick, just kept bleating about the pain, the pain! It worked.)

7. I don't watch TV. At all. Just got out of the way of it. Means I miss all sorts of cultural things, but hey, I'd rather write my own adventures!

8. I'm Irish on both sides. My great-great-whatever grandfathers joined the British army and went out to India with the Raj. When I was little we had a leopard skin my Grandad had shot. (Yes, I know, but it was a different world then - he shot tigers too.) I used to sit on it to have my play tea parties. Each claw was longer than my little fingers.

Wow, I made it! All eight! How about that?

Now I'm tagging, um... Sally Painter, Susie Charles, Ciana Stone, Keziah Hill, Cat Marsters, Jennifer Ashley, Kayelle Allen, Melany Logen.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

And the EC DECK of CARDS WINNERS are...

You hussies really like these cards! Thanks for all the entries and playing in the contest!!!

The winner of the cowboy deck is Stephanie B!!! Congrats Stephanie!!!

The winner of the Moulin Rouge deck is Stacia H!!! Congrats Stacia!!!

Please send me your snail mail addy and I'll send them out to you ASAP.

CONGRATS again and thank you all for playing!


Hussy Grilling

After posting about a birthday celebration menu on our yahoo list, a reader emailed me asking for the recipes, so I thought others might like to have them. Easy easy.

So if you like to grill out, you will love these!

Grilled chicken fillets or strips- Marinate(1hr or overnight) in olive oil, salt and pepper, onion powder, garlic powder (can also use garlic cloves or minced garlic) and Greek seasoning).

And our very fav veggies:

Use heavy duty aluminum foil. Spread on a tray so it ends up forming sides and then load with the following.


Green Peppers
Yellow and Red Bell Peppers
Crook Neck Yellow Squash
Garlic Cloves

Olive Oil - enough so veggies won't burn or stick to aluminum foil
Salt and pepper to taste
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
(option - Greek seasoning - sometimes I don't use)
Paprika (most important - always use this ingredient)

Place aluminum foil containing all this onto the grill (make sure the edges are turned up to contain oil/veggies.

Cover lid and cook for 20 mins on med-high flame (I use high flame).

Typically, I cook more veggies than needed for one meal and reheat for next day's meal.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Doing a Hunk's bidding with Maggie Omay

Maggie is an average woman, average height, average size, and although many would disagree with her, average looks. Those of us who know Maggie know her to be vivacious and always open to having a good time. She’s a true hussy.

Her story begins on a fated night on the town with a group of hussy sistas who dared Maggie to go to hunk kinda show that was being put on for a local charity. Only local available bachelors could participate in the fashion show and afterwards the single females would bid for a date with each hunk.

All of Maggie’s friends pooled their money and gave her $500 to bid on the hunk of her choice. Now, why would they do this? Well, Maggie was recovering from a broken relationship, a broken engagement to be more precise and so bolstered by her friends, Maggie dressed in her sexiest stylish dress and sat down in the front row seat with her two best friends on either side of her.

The night started out just as she expected, until the final costume was announced and the runway began to sizzle with the swim trunk modeling. These weren’t just shorts type trunks either, no sirree. These were Speedos and then some er rather less.

What can I say, things got just a tad rowdy when these hunks began hunking down the runway with the I’m so Sexy music going. Everyone started getting into the grind of the finale. Especially Maggie who appointed herself as the official escort for each hunk and climbed onto the stage and latched her arm around one hunk after another. Those in charge of the show, found her sexy long legged antics fun and started clapping when she began dancing with the third hunk. Well, let me tell you, that hunk’s brief was so brief it was more of a wisp of material. Maggie started moving and groovin’ and the hunk was lovin’ it and got a bit too carried away, so much so when he shook that thang, well, that thang got shaken out.

The crowd was wild and the hunk oblivious to how askew his costume had become. Maybe it’s because of the size of the package and he just didn’t know or as many speculated afterwards, he knew and was just being a hunk.

The bidding was on and it wasn’t a surprise that Hunk #3 brought the highest bid. I’d love to say the lucky winner was Maggie, but her $500 couldn’t compete with the $5000 winning bid. But, happily, Maggie ended up with a very nice hunk and I understand is still out on that date…four weeks later. Just another Hussy story about a fantasy come true.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hints on Hussyness

I‘ve just posted Chapter 12 of my free story, The Amorous Adventures of Alice. If you look at what Alice has done – and what’s been done to her – that girl is a TOTAL hussy! In addition to the amazing Will, her own true love, she’s been having hot kinky fun with the King of the Fairies, Wolverine, a whole lot of randy little fauns and a mirror with a cute lisp. And her best friend is a giant beaver. (Don’t ask.)

BUT – and here’s the kicker. It’s all happening in a dream and she hasn’t woken up yet.

We’re all hussies in our dreams, aren’t we? Oooh YES!

So, what helps you be a hussy in real life? What gives you the confidence to make those slinky hussy moves?

For me, it’s wearing sexy lingerie, the lovely wispy stuff that actually MATCHES and still makes the best of what you’ve got. Then there’s the hussy shoes, the do-me heels. You already know about them - When I walk in those shoes, damn, I feel like a hussy. Yeah!

What about you?


PS In case you’re worried about Alice’s HEA, don’t be. We’ll get there. I know how it ends, OK?

Good Lovin'

A new quiz. Be sure to go to the one titled GOOD LOVIN'!


Good lovin'
You are a Daring Hussy, intent on having it your way.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Friday, May 11, 2007

Want to be the star of a Hussy book?

Well, here's your chance! The Hussies are busy at work on an upcoming series. Post a comment to this blog on why you'd be a perfect Hussy Heroine in one of our books. There will be multiple winners, and those chosen will find a Heroine sporting their name in an upcoming book. You'll get a free download of the e-release and a signed copy of the print book.

So tell us now ... what makes you a Hussy Heroine?

Good luck:)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CONTEST for Ellora's Cave Deck of Cards

I'm so psyched! I got my cards today. These playing cards are incredibly beautiful. All I Need is in SEXY DRESS UP GUY deck - Queen of Hearts and Last Resort is in COWBOY other deck- two of spades!

So aside from drooling over the elegant cards, I'm going to run a contest to give away a couple of decks. And how do you enter?

Well, you need to go to my website and answer the following:

1. Name of Tarot book I'm writing
2. Your favorite review quote from either All I Need or Last Resort.

Drop me an email with your answers.

Too easy, I know, but this is just for fun! You have until midnight, May 18th to enter. Winners will be announced next Saturday, May 19th.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hunk Hunting 101: Binoculars

I've just got home from the football. I'm still trying to stuff my tongue back inside my mouth. If you want to see why, just click here. Put the coffee down first.

You see?

Oh, all right, here's another one.

Bear with me now, hussies. Just a bit of necessary background before we get to the good bit (ie the hunks!). There are five codes of football played in Australia - soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, American Football and Aussie Rules (AFL). We have season tickets for the AFL and every week I wear my team scarf, take the binoculars and prepare to scream myself hoarse.

Aussie Rules is a home-grown game, peculiar to this country. It has its origins in English public school football, with a bit of Gaelic football thrown in. It's an incredibly free-flowing game, requiring the players to leap high in the air to take the ball, to run for miles, to tackle and kick. Some players run the equivalent of a half marathon in every game.

Are you seeing where this is headed? These men are simply GORGEOUS. Athletes at the peak of their powers. And because of the nature of the game, they're tall and lean and muscular (mostly well over 6ft), not thumping great tanks. They all - and I mean ALL- have six packs like you wouldn't believe, the tightest hardest butts and fabulous legs.

I often think they're the modern equivalent of the warriors of the tribe - the most perfect physical specimens, the ones all us cave women want to father our babies. The testosterone in that stadium is choking sometimes. Talk about alpha males on the hoof!

And they wear... um, let's see... A sleeveless jersey (shows the biceps), short shorts (so they can kick properly, I guess, but hey, do I care?), socks and boots. No padding, no armour, only a mouth guard.

This guy is one of my all-time favourites. Not only does he have a sexy bod, he's got a killer smile. I go all limp and noodle-y for a smile like that. Green eyes, BTW. And he's a nice guy, a genuinely nice guy. Most of them are. They do a lot of work with kids, not only footy, but charity work. And holy moly, can he play the game!

We had an encounter once, but that's a story for another post. heh heh

Because no sacrifice is too great to make in the interests of hussie-dom. I make use of those binoculars like you wouldn't believe. (Or maybe you would?) I imprint those beautiful bodies in motion in my mind and I put them in my books in all sorts of ways so incredibly naughty, they'd probably be shocked! *snicker*


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hunks .... and Hussies

Howdy from Hunk Hunting Command. This is Hussy Ciana ,
The Hunk Hunter, reporting in with the latest update.
Now before I start talking about Hunks, everyone mark their calendars because on May 22nd from 8-10 pm (est) Two Lips is opening its door - and The Hussies Will be In The House! It's going to be a lot of fun, with a live chat, prizes and games ... and did I mention Hunks? Yes, our Hunk of the Month is going to drop in.

Which leads me to (drum roll please) The Hussies Hunk of the Month!
Please visit to see more pictures of this oh-so-fine hunk and to read an interview that still has this Hussy's temperature way above normal.
Yes, gals, I got a chance to spent some time with this Hunk and it was something I'll never forget. Can you say N A U G H T Y? Well, read the interview and find out just how naughty this Hunk can be!
Oh! And read an interview with your's truly on Coffee Time Romance.
This is Hunk Hunter Ciana, signing out. Have a great evening everyone!

Interlude with a Vamp Part 2

When you are vamped, you know it. How? It starts out with a sudden seizure... meaning you are seized by a vamp. And that’s exactly what happened.

Now, I was startled at first and frightened, but when I did turn around, I met those dark eyes filled with a look as sultry as a Southern summer night and was captivated.

Not your typical vamp, this guy looked like a body builder extraordinaire with muscles, and not just bulky muscles, but toned and sleek. When I gripped his forearms to tilt my body backwards, so I could look up into those fiery eyes, that’s when I noticed it. Now, granted, I was supported by his arm and it was an act of gravity that when I leaned backwards the movement forced my body to press into his…that was when I noticed it. Well, all of it! This was a naked vamp. Gulp!

I guess the Master saw no need for clothes on his nightly sojourn since his only purpose in zooming about the night skies was in search of his latest victim. And at that moment, victim became the wrong word for what was evident as we stood in moonlight on the porch.

Sigh. Yes, if classified as victim, then I must admit, I instantly became a most willing victim. And the only words the nakiid vamp had to utter was, “I want to…”

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Interlude with a Vamp

So I'm sitting on my bedroom porch. I've discovered in my new home there's nothing more romantic than an upstairs bedroom porch.

I'm sipping a glass of wine, taking in all the wonders of a spring night when I see this shadow sailing across the full moon night sky. What in the world? It grew larger and suddenly I realized it was coming toward me.

Wine sloshing, rocking chair not helping as I jumped to my feet and ran toward the door. Too late, hussies! That big shadow swooped underneath the eaves and I felt hands grabbing me by the shoulders. I couldn't turn around and look. I already knew--I'd been vamped!

It's a long story, and right now I need to unpack some more boxes. I'll tell you more about my vampire interlude in another post...