Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thirteen First Lines

I've seen this done by other authors and it's fascinating exercise. So here for you interest, are thirteen first lines from the Hussies. I've had to make selections, because we have waaay more than 13 books between us, but you get the idea...

1. He rose from the pool of clear water like the living embodiment of an ancient god come to life. (Ciana Stone, Mind Games)

2. Behind them automatic weapon fire broke the silence of the night. (Ciana Stone, Wyatt's Chance)

3. She did not twitch or so much as bat an eye as the deep gong of the grandfather clock in the library alerted her to the lateness of the hour. (Ciana Stone, Riding Ranger)

4. Rusty cursed as the fire truck pulled away, leaving the home she’d lived in for most of her life a wet mess with half of it gutted and the other half covered in wet grime from the smoke. Ciana Stone, Molding Clay)

5. How not to plan a naughty weekend getaway. (Susie Charles, What's Love Got To Do With It?)

6. “And you call yourself a professional? Just grab the damn camera bag, check out the dark room, and get your ass back out here with the stuff. Got it?” (Susie Charles, Were Watching Book 1: Candid Camera)

7. “What’ll you have to drink, sunshine?” (Susie Charles,Velvet Strokes)

8. Mael MacRaigl tried to relax in the corner booth, but his knees kept hitting the table. (Sally Painter, All I Want)

9. “I want you, Emma,” he said. (Sally Painter, Last Resort)

10. “On my mark, wait…steady,” Shalene Courers spoke into the mic and flipped the safety switch on her laser pistol from stun to kill. (Sally Painter, Love Me Tomorrow featured in Fated Mates Anthology)

11. There was a beautiful man below, bathing in the pool. (Denise Rossetti, Gift of the Goddess)

12. In the reception area the street door opened, letting in the muted drumming of rain, the steady swish of tires on wet asphalt.(Denise Rossetti, Come Howling in Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction 1)

13. There was a freakin' angel sitting on the end of the bed. (Denise Rossetti, The Amorous Adventures of Alice, free story)

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