Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hints on Hussyness

I‘ve just posted Chapter 12 of my free story, The Amorous Adventures of Alice. If you look at what Alice has done – and what’s been done to her – that girl is a TOTAL hussy! In addition to the amazing Will, her own true love, she’s been having hot kinky fun with the King of the Fairies, Wolverine, a whole lot of randy little fauns and a mirror with a cute lisp. And her best friend is a giant beaver. (Don’t ask.)

BUT – and here’s the kicker. It’s all happening in a dream and she hasn’t woken up yet.

We’re all hussies in our dreams, aren’t we? Oooh YES!

So, what helps you be a hussy in real life? What gives you the confidence to make those slinky hussy moves?

For me, it’s wearing sexy lingerie, the lovely wispy stuff that actually MATCHES and still makes the best of what you’ve got. Then there’s the hussy shoes, the do-me heels. You already know about them - When I walk in those shoes, damn, I feel like a hussy. Yeah!

What about you?


PS In case you’re worried about Alice’s HEA, don’t be. We’ll get there. I know how it ends, OK?


Susan said...

Painted nails and a push up bra...
RED! That will grab a mans attention. :) It's amazing what a little cleavage can do.

Susan said...

Oh yeah, gotta have the matching panties (eh maybe not)garter belt and fishnet stocking.