Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CONTEST for Ellora's Cave Deck of Cards

I'm so psyched! I got my cards today. These playing cards are incredibly beautiful. All I Need is in SEXY DRESS UP GUY deck - Queen of Hearts and Last Resort is in COWBOY other deck- two of spades!

So aside from drooling over the elegant cards, I'm going to run a contest to give away a couple of decks. And how do you enter?

Well, you need to go to my website and answer the following:

1. Name of Tarot book I'm writing
2. Your favorite review quote from either All I Need or Last Resort.

Drop me an email with your answers.

Too easy, I know, but this is just for fun! You have until midnight, May 18th to enter. Winners will be announced next Saturday, May 19th.



N.J.Walters said...

Congrats on getting your card, Sally! I keep haunting the mailbox for mine, but no sign yet. I can't wait to see them. They look incredible!

Sally Painter said...

Hey NJ,

Your 3 of Clubs is super sexy and the King of Diamonds for the Dreams of Oasis IV is stunning!

I see you also have a Queen of Hearts in the cowboy deck! Wahoo. I have Queen of Hearts in the other deck. That's so kewl.

Caffey said...

Hi Sally! I just wanted to say its a cool contest! And too it was so great to go back on the books cuz I ended up getting this feel of wanting to pull out ALL I NEED again! I read the vamp story from your Midnight Showcase book and loved it! Is this as LAST RESORT, expanded story? Or am I totally mixed up, LOL. I hate to miss one!
Love the cards! They look great

Caffey said...

I too wanted to come back and say Hi to Sally, Susie, Denise, and
Ciana! I didn't know about your group blog, so I'm thrilled to be here and will stop by often!

Hi too NJ

Susan said...

I've entered!!! I love me some hunky men.:) Now I really want to see these cards. They sound delicious.

Hiya NJ. Love your work.

Robin Snodgrass said...

I entered! Saw the pictures of the cards and they look just as yummy as last years - more so!!

Sally Painter said...

Hey Caffey!

Thank you! LAST RESORT is about two times the length, so it has a lot more and a few additional scenes. Maybe even hotter than before, too. Hope you enjoy!

Sally Painter said...

Glad you found us, Caffey!

Sally Painter said...

got your entry, Susan! Thanks for playing.

Sally Painter said...

Got your entry Robin. They are real hunks!