Monday, May 28, 2007

Things that make you go .... ummmmmmmm

Well here we are, drawing close to the end of the month. Soon it will be June. And you know what that means... a new hunk!
This month I'll be introducing you to a man that seriously melts me. Face of a dream, body of a god and a spirit that's unbelievably powerful. Here's a little preview for you...
Now confess.... can't you just see that face in a dream? A very sexy dream, I mean?
June 1st I'll post a new interview with this dream man, and some more pics for you to see. And during the chat on June 30th we'll be giving away a poster, along with some other cool prizes - like announcing the first winner of the "Be Immortalized as a Hussy" contest. The winner will be appearing in
a book by your's truly, Ciana Stone, titled All in Time, which is in the hands of my super fantastic editor.
So stay tuned, visit our site and remember .... it's always a good time to let your inner Hussy out to play :)


Sally Painter said...

And I've read this and it absolutely ROCKS! I loved it, singed my eyebrows as I was reading it. And also, the second winner will be in my yet unwritten and untitled book. (g)

Susan said...

I can't wait for the new hunk. I love'm tall, dark, handsome and verry bad. My weakness is that total package with a Harley between his legs(that's not all)and a sexy smile while he waits for me to hop on and wrap my legs around his waist. Rollin thunder....oh yeah! Oops my hussy was having a flashback. LOL See what that pic brought to my mind. Ciana tell me is he a bad boy?

Julianne said...

I think I want to sleep now so I can have some of those dreams with this hunka hunka. Bring on the sleep. ZZZZZZ

Robin Snodgrass said...

Oooo, can we keep him?

Can't wait for the new book!!