Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Interlude with a Vamp Part 2

When you are vamped, you know it. How? It starts out with a sudden seizure... meaning you are seized by a vamp. And that’s exactly what happened.

Now, I was startled at first and frightened, but when I did turn around, I met those dark eyes filled with a look as sultry as a Southern summer night and was captivated.

Not your typical vamp, this guy looked like a body builder extraordinaire with muscles, and not just bulky muscles, but toned and sleek. When I gripped his forearms to tilt my body backwards, so I could look up into those fiery eyes, that’s when I noticed it. Now, granted, I was supported by his arm and it was an act of gravity that when I leaned backwards the movement forced my body to press into his…that was when I noticed it. Well, all of it! This was a naked vamp. Gulp!

I guess the Master saw no need for clothes on his nightly sojourn since his only purpose in zooming about the night skies was in search of his latest victim. And at that moment, victim became the wrong word for what was evident as we stood in moonlight on the porch.

Sigh. Yes, if classified as victim, then I must admit, I instantly became a most willing victim. And the only words the nakiid vamp had to utter was, “I want to…”


Ciana Stone said...

I wanna get vamped, too!!

and by the way, what a wickedly hussy thing to do to leave us hanging that way :)

Sally Painter said...

EG. Hey, a hussy's gotta do what a hussy's gotta do.

Susan said...

Oh my Sally. Just where did you move to that has such wickedly sexy neighbors with no clothes and a neck fetish? Does he have a friend I can meet? :)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Susan,

I'll ask!

Julianne said...

Hey Sally, I have a neck. And its long and ready to be vamped. Where is the next installment of your adventure.