Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged and no longer gagged!

Okay Hussy Denise! Yours is the first (and only) tag I've ever accepted, so here goes:

1. My degree is in Commercial Art. I was an interior designer for six years and then a commercial artist for four years, fell into Human Resources and then went out on my own as ‘gun slinger clean up the town” kinda recruiter for Fortune 500 companies. Which meant I took on hard projects with tight deadlines for hiring initiatives and priority projects.

2. In 2004, I received a phone call from a US Senator's office inviting me to attend a dinner at the White House with President George Bush and declined because I knew they wanted another Sally Painter who is a lobbyist. I know everyone says I should have shown up but call me crazy, I just didn't feel a Hussy would be welcomed. (G)

3. I was raised on a farm. My grandparents had a furniture business and later an egg farm. My dad raised beef during his off hours when he wasn’t selling farm equipment.

4. I'm crazy wild about dancing. Everyone always said I had ‘happy feet’ whenever around music. I hate to dance with shoes on and always end up dancing barefoot or in stocking feet.

5. I was one of the handful of founding members of the Little Theater in my hometown when I was 19 and was always the lead in school plays. I can sing but do not like to sing in front of anyone - yup - shower singer. I also play the piano, (not in the shower).

6. I accepted an invitation to participate in a 3-year paranormal project due to my other worldly encounters.

7. I used to host an internet radio show, Sally’s Midnight Hour, which focused on the paranormal, researchers and paranormal authors, conducted a monthly paranormal workshop and had the honor of having Dr. Raymond Moody and Sallie Redfield (wife of James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy) as two of my guests.

8. I’m a seer and follow the tradition of my Scottish and Irish ancestors. I do readings for family and friends, but not for the general public.

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