Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged ... oh my

Oooh such delicious insides peeks into my Hussy sisters!! Very cool. But eight things about me? Holy cow. Are there 8 things? Dang. Okay, here goes....

1. I was born to an infertile woman. One night my parents room lit up with light, they heard beautiful music and thought their time on earth was done. Not so. Five months later my mother was hospitalized to have what was thought to be a large tumor removed from her abdomen. Surprise. Not a tumor. Just lil' ol' Ci and Syn.

2. I started reading when I was three. I don't see words when I read but images, so I process about 600 words a minute. Works great for fiction but kind of horrifying for certain aspects of history. Despite my apparent flakiness, I have an IQ of 175 and sometimes think that makes me a complete idiot because I should be much smarter than what I feel most of the time.

3. When I was eight I had my first horse ride, sitting behind my cute ten year old boyfriend. That same day I received my first kiss. A love affair was born that lasted until I was 16. (With the boy - with horses, for life - and the boy dumped me, not the other way around). You all may know that little cowboy. He grew up to be someone we've all had fun with from time to time. I forgave him for dumping me, but not for selling that horse.

4. I have a complete and total revulsion of all reptiles. UGH! Don't mind seeing them but do NOT want one to touch me. Love all creatures with fur or feathers and tend to attract the homeless so most of the time I live in a zoo.

5. I am a freak for apples and water (my favorite food and drink) and am allergic to red meat.

6. I love to go skinny dipping under a full moon - or any moon - or no moon. Just like skinny dipping. And not alone. The play of light on water running over man flesh just mesmerizes me.

7. Cowboys (and Indians) make me weak in the knees.

8. I don't own a car. Gave away my 1963 amphibious AMC Jeep to a young man who had no wheels. Won't own another car until automobiles go "green".

Whew, that wasn't so bad. Now who's next? Oh Susie???? Tag, you're it!

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