Friday, May 11, 2007

Want to be the star of a Hussy book?

Well, here's your chance! The Hussies are busy at work on an upcoming series. Post a comment to this blog on why you'd be a perfect Hussy Heroine in one of our books. There will be multiple winners, and those chosen will find a Heroine sporting their name in an upcoming book. You'll get a free download of the e-release and a signed copy of the print book.

So tell us now ... what makes you a Hussy Heroine?

Good luck:)



Anonymous said...

hey ladies

being the queen hussy i would be honored to be in your books, but can i keep the hunks????????

linda B.

Sandra said...

I have no idea what would make me a Hussy heroine. It would be cool though to be in a book by any one of you gals.

Question though: Can I have Chase? Or at the very least a clone of him? (I have a one-track mind at times.) lol

Anonymous said...

Living in Alaska, I know the perfect remedie to keep a man warm during a cold night! Then there is the fact that my friends and I have been collecting what we call "Hussie Points" for a year now and I am in the lead! So as lead Hussie of Alaska you can see why I deserve to have my name in print. I not only can keep my man warm, but I know just how to keep him smelling good and his skin soft as a babies bum! I have to have someone to try out all the men scented lotions that I make myself on you know!

I would be honored to see my name in your book, but am sure that what ever the name, the book will be great and the heroine will find a way to collect her own Hussie Points.

Tara Gibbs

Katrin/Fluffy said...

What makes me a perfect Hussy heroine?

I´m the queen of chaos, the lady who rules the eye of the storm, I of course create around me myself.
I´m resonably good looking, with an arse light a brewery horse and a bust only a push up bra can even make visible.
I can´t cook, I can´t keep my appartment clean for my life's worth, but I can reduce any man to a mewing puddle of goo by simply cerassing his neck.
I have a lone female among hunks that range from type viking, to sensitive hair dresse (no shit) with strong dominant tendencies to martial arts master teddy bear type.
And i´m happy with them all.
At least at the job.

I got chaos, guys and looks.
I´m a hussy!

Lainey said...

I would love to be a hussy in a book since I have never been in real life but I do have qualities I think would fit and I am a dynamo as someone mentioned. And have gone thru a lot in my life both personal and other and tried to come out of it surviving and with a good spirit... I am still there fighting certain things but NOT GIVING UP and I have a boyfriend whom I am separated from in another country living and working there on contract which was to be til Sept for 18 months now they want to keep him another year and it is getting to him. He misses me and the US is hard being a lone American in a foreign country when you really do not speak it enough. So we keep in touch and I do my best to keep his spirits up.. if I could I would fulfill his dreams and fantasies every night even from afar ... hmm that sounds like a good theme .. do it in our dreams til we get to be together next... either he will come for a visit here again in the next few months we have been apart over 4 months now and before that a long time. Or now I have a brand new passport waiting to get used.

Anyway I would not mind being a hussy I am a bigger gal and older but hell we can still have fun and also we are good playful and who cares age is just a number. I would love to be Lainey the Dynamo Hussy to be able to power thru whatever is needed and help do whatever also.

Thanks and that is my story and I am sticking to it.. and yes my boyfriend there has had a couple brushes with death rock climbing and other things including this weekend.. not knowing is the hardest.. you feel something and know there is a problem but you are helpless until he contacts you or try to call internationally and hope he picks up. I knew he would be ok and he is but he did get hurt while out ... I will never stop him his sports but still they can be dangerous and alone in a foreign country even more he has NO ONE THERE ... I hate that anyway I just wanted you to know this is REAL LIFE.. not manufactured we live our own soap opera sagas and get thru it.

Lots of hugs to my sister hussies.

Susan said...

I'm the secret hussy...:) I spend my days being the dependable mother and worker but spend my nights and free time waiting for that wicked hunk who can curl my toes and make my dreams come true. Where is he? My inner hussy is wanting to live a little and find the mate who always seems to be a dream away......

stephanieb said...

Let's see..I don't know what type of theme you're going for but if it's about a heroine who's a hussy inside but hasn't got the chance to show it to the world then I would be perfect for it!! I feel like a hussy but just haven't meant the hunk to show it too yet!! My hussiness is just under the surface and waiting to get out!!Maybe it would be able to burst out with one of the hunks from the book!!LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

i would love to have my name in a book, but would rather win and put my kids name in it :)