Monday, May 14, 2007

Doing a Hunk's bidding with Maggie Omay

Maggie is an average woman, average height, average size, and although many would disagree with her, average looks. Those of us who know Maggie know her to be vivacious and always open to having a good time. She’s a true hussy.

Her story begins on a fated night on the town with a group of hussy sistas who dared Maggie to go to hunk kinda show that was being put on for a local charity. Only local available bachelors could participate in the fashion show and afterwards the single females would bid for a date with each hunk.

All of Maggie’s friends pooled their money and gave her $500 to bid on the hunk of her choice. Now, why would they do this? Well, Maggie was recovering from a broken relationship, a broken engagement to be more precise and so bolstered by her friends, Maggie dressed in her sexiest stylish dress and sat down in the front row seat with her two best friends on either side of her.

The night started out just as she expected, until the final costume was announced and the runway began to sizzle with the swim trunk modeling. These weren’t just shorts type trunks either, no sirree. These were Speedos and then some er rather less.

What can I say, things got just a tad rowdy when these hunks began hunking down the runway with the I’m so Sexy music going. Everyone started getting into the grind of the finale. Especially Maggie who appointed herself as the official escort for each hunk and climbed onto the stage and latched her arm around one hunk after another. Those in charge of the show, found her sexy long legged antics fun and started clapping when she began dancing with the third hunk. Well, let me tell you, that hunk’s brief was so brief it was more of a wisp of material. Maggie started moving and groovin’ and the hunk was lovin’ it and got a bit too carried away, so much so when he shook that thang, well, that thang got shaken out.

The crowd was wild and the hunk oblivious to how askew his costume had become. Maybe it’s because of the size of the package and he just didn’t know or as many speculated afterwards, he knew and was just being a hunk.

The bidding was on and it wasn’t a surprise that Hunk #3 brought the highest bid. I’d love to say the lucky winner was Maggie, but her $500 couldn’t compete with the $5000 winning bid. But, happily, Maggie ended up with a very nice hunk and I understand is still out on that date…four weeks later. Just another Hussy story about a fantasy come true.


Susan said...

Yeah! An average, ordinary hussy getting her own hunk and kicking her heels up.*G

Sally Painter said...

Hey Susan! That's Maggie!