Saturday, June 30, 2007

Who is the Hussy Author?

Put the 3 puzzles together. At the end of our chat today, we'll be asking for your answers and give you a special email addy to send. Contest will close at 5 PM EST Sunday,July 1.

3 prizes in all. One download book per winner - winner's choice.

** We had to remove the puzzles because it was screwing up the blogger. But everyone got to work them during the chat and it was great fun!

See you at next month's chat!

Chat today 1pm - 6 pm EST

Don't forget the hussies are having a chat today on our yahoo list. Lots of prizes, a hunk or two, maybe some characters from our books popping in, some real life models used for hero fodder. (eg)

We're giving away EC card decks, books, hussy cafepress items, and more books!

Join in the fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Left in the dark and almost not smart

We were literally. (G) Yesterday afternoon we were hit with a very very loud and windy (60 mph - 70 mph)summer storm. It has been so hot and dry so far in our new town.

When the sky darkened, Hubby and I decided to take a break from our work and sat on the upstairs porch to watch the approaching storm. We've had many a tempting thunder cloud, but no rain. We didn't hold out much hope this one would be generous. Our neighborhood is really neat and is about 3 miles out in the country. Lots of farms surround us. We had a perfect perch to view the neighborhood and the various patches of woods as the wind began to pick up.

Everything felt different about this storm. When the wind started, it came from several directions and we could feel the downward draft as it glided over the houses and seemed to burst through the trees. There was distant thunder rumbling, then quiet. The wind blew more and then suddenly lightning flashed not too far away. Jagged wicked streaks and very loud booming thunder.

I looked at the big metal baskets swinging in the growing wind. The same baskets that supported very large ferns suspended from long metal chains also anchored by metal hooks. I watched the lightning flash closer this time. I then looked at my husband and the metal chair he was in. Looked at my metal chair… Looked at the metal end table between us.

"What?" he asked, looking at me as though he could hear my wheels turning.

"Ah… Do you think maybe sitting out here with metal hanging baskets and ah... metal chairs might not be such a good idea?"

A bright streak of lightning followed by a deafening boom answered me. I jumped up and ran inside the house with him rising in his sexy manly way, "Yeah, probably not a good idea, baby."

The storm was horrific, lots of trees were hit by lightning. We saw one oak tree that was about five feet in diameter, exploded and burned. The storm was classified as a microburst.

Felt like a tornado to me. Sounded like a tornado (train rumbling) as it blew over us. Whatever it was --it took the power with it around 4:30 pm and it didn't come back on until 2 am. I lost valuable writing time so I got up at 6:30 (Equates to vampire rising during daylight) and have been writing all day, trying to get back on schedule so I can turn this book in to my editor tomorrow night.

I'll make it okay, but geez... alternative energy is my next goal!


Sunday, June 24, 2007

SNAP! Two Recommended Reads!

How about that? Not one, but TWO hussies with fabulous reviews from Joyfully Reviewed! *happy dancing in Hussyville*!
Chase 'n' Anna was awarded a RECOMMENDED READ. Congratulations Ciana, that's soooo cool! And so was Tailspin. Aw gee...

Here's some of what the reviewers had to say -

Chase ‘n’ Ana is one deliciously hot novel that will have you tied up in an orgasmic knot of passionate desire. Imagine having the power to conjure up a spell that can enhance your lovemaking beyond your wildest dream. Oh My! May I have that power please? With its erotic sexual encounters, suspense-packed action and a luminous family that banded together when the going got tough, Chase ‘n’ Ana is a must read!

is a fantasy adventure that takes the reader soaring with the Aetherii and never lets them down. This book has it all. There is romance and adventure. Love and passion. Danger and demons. I was captivated from page one and loved it until the end.

Denise *doin' the hussy dance in the do-me heels*

Friday, June 22, 2007

What seemed like a brilliant idea

Sometimes I think I have come up with a great idea only to turn out-not so much.

When I was packing last month (Yeah, I'm still unpacking). I decided to recycle all that shredded paper I was making as I cleaned out my office files. So I thought this will be great to pack my extra set of china and glassware. It was perfect. Not a thing was broken, but and this is the big BUT... It was the messiest stuff to unpack and everything had to be washed in the dishwasher because of all the dust. Even things that hadn't been packed in it got dust all over them.

Still sneezing and it's been weeks. Next time ziploc bags filled with air might be cleaner.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yes! We are going to have OFFICIAL HUNKS! How exciting is that?

Manly men, he men - well - HUNKS who want to be our OFFICIAL HUNKS. Is that kewl or what?

The first OFFICIAL HUNK will be introduced to the Hunks 'n' Hussies® Club on June 30th during our yahoo chat.

And there is more. Excerpts. Excerpts. Excerpts. News from The Hussies™ on their series, and Prizes and contests. You can read more about these in our files section.

Join in the fun and let your inner hussy out to play!

Monday, June 18, 2007

There are Reality shows and then there is DEADLIEST CATCH!

There are reality shows and then there are reality shows. My favorite is DEADLIEST CATCH. These guys are fearless, but the work is the deadliest job in the world crabbing on the Bering Sea. My daughter got me addicted to this show and my DVR is set to record it and the After the Catch series where the captains all come together after the season in a local pub to go over those scary moments.

Well, last night hubby and I watched a new reality series that also has danger as the villain element – ICE ROAD TRUCKERS. I had NO idea the ice road was over 300 miles long and I sure was clueless about a $40 billion diamond mine in Canada. I felt so stoopid!

Diamond mine in Canada? (I looked like an idiot I’m sure when I asked my hubby if he, who is like my personal computer, knew about that and he shook his head… no baby.

Hearing the ice move, cracking… popping… LOUDLY… underneath these heavily loaded trucks just made my skin crawl. The truckers said they make in 2 mos what would take them a year, but…driving 300+ miles on only 16 inches of ice? I’m still hearing that ice moving and seeing the cracks racing in front of those rigs.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Those Darn Trouble Giblets!

You may have noticed I'm very fond of words. *grin* I collect interesting and unsual expressions.

Did you know that a slang expression for the male genitalia in the 18th century was "trouble giblets"?

Think about it for a minute.

The first time I read that, I finished up in tears of laughter over those darn trouble giblets. And every time I visualize what a chicken neck actually looks like, I'm off again. *snicker* But when the DH asks me what I'm laughing at, I tell him lies. I'm kind that way.

I bet you anything you like, next time you see Your Beloved in the shower, you're going to get a fit of the giggles. What are you going to say when he asks you what's so funny, hmm?

Denise *still laughing*

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new Hussy Misadventure... The Balloon Ride

Lifting from the ground in a hot air balloon is a new experience for Lucinda, but she finds the hunk operating it even more exciting. A sudden burst of gas fire shoots hot air up into the large orb above her and they lift from the ground.

His unruly blond hair has been gathered rather last minute in a low ponytail that falls just past his broad shoulders. Short sleeves reveal well-defined muscles and tiny rivulets of sweat roll over them glistening in the early morning sunlight. The gas burner sputters and then roars, similar to how her body is reacting to his nearness.

His arms flex and the t-shirt stretches so tight against those bulging arms, she finds herself holding her breath waiting to see if the material renders under the movement. Heat rushes over her as hot as the fire shooting overhead. Lucinda grips the basket, trying to still the out of control arousal as they drift higher. Her pulse throbs when the earth falls away from them. It's a silent liftoff, except for the constant hissing of the burner.

She glances down at the chase vehicle, a black SUV and waves at hunk pilot’s partner. Squinting, she tries to see if he waved back, but sunlight glints off the SUV. She turns away and smiles at her hunky pilot.

She's come prepared for fierce winds blasting her and tied her long red hair back, but the currents aren’t assaulting so she pulls the scrunchy from her curly hair and shakes it out. The roar of the gas fire draws her attention back to Jonathan, the hunk operating the balloon, and she meets his stare. Lost in his green eyes, her thoughts drift to images of lying with him along a lush mossy riverbank. Her heartbeat is a loud drumming in her ears when his lips slide into a lopsided grin.

Urgent waves of need rush over her. Now here is a man she feels confident knows how to steer them and she is beginning to get ideas on just where that should be. She grins at him, tucking her lower lip between her teeth and is rewarded with one of those looks, you know the kind. The sexy look that moves over the lips and stretches the mouth just enough to be lustful and moves on up into the eyes, drawing them tighter as an exciting spark ignites in the center… it all translates into “Yeah, baby, whenever and wherever you want.”

Lucinda steps into his arms and lifts onto tiptoes to receive his hot and oh so delicious kiss.

Back on the ground in the chase vehicle, ole Rick is growing a bit impatient with his partner. The balloon ride should have ended twenty minutes ago. What is Jonathan doing? He watches the balloon rise higher and cusses under his breath because Jonathan should be concentrating on descent and picking a nice safe pasture without any power lines to land. He dials his partner’s cell phone, but it goes directly into voice mail. He squints up at the balloon and realizes Jonathan is no longer at the helm. Just about that time, a strong current picks up the balloon and it bobs out across the valley.

Lucinda is lost in the arms of her hunk, suddenly aware how bumpy their flight has become when she hears this munching sound above them.

Breaking from Jonathan’s kiss, she looks up to find a cow peering down at them… “Moooooo…” Thinking they just landed in a cow pasture, she begins to laugh, but Jonathan pulls her back into his kiss until they hear…

“The next exhibit will be in five minutes, folks. If you haven’t purchased your balloon ride tickets, please do so now ‘cause it looks like the balloon just arrived and has landed over in the pasture. Wait a sec, folks. Don’t run to line up, I promise you have all day. Look out, it’s a stampede."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hussy is a word that keeps coming up in my life...

I grew up hearing this story about my great-great grandmother during the Civil War (or as we were taught in school, the War Between the States).

She was busy cooking dinner (which was lunch because the evening meal was supper) when some Northern Army soldiers rode up into the yard and began helping themselves to just about anything they wanted, claiming it was for provisions, etc.

Of course being a Scottish lassie, she didn't take too kindly to them just stealing her only food that she'd grown for herself and her children, but when one of the Yankee soldiers called her HUSSY, that was all it took for her to brandish her iron skillet, aka frying pan and chase him around the front yard much to the amusement of his fellow soldiers.

To me, this demonstrates how our language is a living thing because the meanings of our words seem to change and what was once considered a slur is now a badge of honor.

As a child, my g-g-grandmother became my ideal of a feisty, independent woman who stood up for herself. Now, that's a real HUSSY!

What do you think is a Hussy's most important attribute?

Monday, June 11, 2007

You Know He’s a Hunk IF…

He flexes his arm and the t-shirt sleeve rips.
He scans the room when he enters with a small confident smile on his lips
He doesn’t’ brag… those who can do, those who can’t talk

Add yours!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Killer Smiles Just Slay Me

There's something about a beautiful smile, don't you think? It can be a quirky grin, a slight curl of the lips, dancing eyes or - oh mama! - dimples! My son has dimples and by Goddess, he's a hunk and a half. (Looks a bit like Brad Pitt, but better - honest!) Lord, I'm a good breeder. *coughs* But I digress.

A hunk with smile does to me every time. And funnily enough, the guy doesn't even have to be particularly gorgeous. I remember helping a guy once at work. He was absolutely nothing to write home about, believe me, just an average joe and clearly a nice guy. Well, I sorted out his problem thinking nothing of it, that was my job.

He was really pleased and he thanked me politely. Yep, fine. And then - OMG - he looked straight at me and smiled. I actually felt my knees go weak and the butterflies start in my tummy. I muttered something. Dude zapped me again with the smile that lit up his whole face and walked away.

I can still see him in my mind's eye. Now I think back, he was even a bit pudgy. But it didn't matter! That smile was an absolute killer.

On the other hand, I worked with a gorgeous hunk once. About six two, broad shouldered, yum yum, yum. Fabulous eye candy right?

Uh-huh. But his personality drove me NUTS! Took about half an hour and all I wanted to do with his gorgeous tight bum was kick it into the middle of next week.

So I guess I much prefer an average joe with a killer smile and nice manners to a hunk who's a jerk.

What about you?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gotta have that dress!

Have you ever seen a dress you just absolutely had to have but knew your budget just couldn't accommodate it? I had such a dress several years ago. It was velvet, black with deep purple, so deep it was difficult to distinguish. The straps were rolled velvet and this dress was a killer. Simplistic in cut but formed to the curves. I had to try it on and loved how flattering it was.

Anyway... I was a single mom at the time and on a very very limited budget. I so wanted this dress, but at $250 it was out of the question. I would look at this dress every time I went to the mall. In fact, I would park out of the way just to cut through the store so I drool over the dress.

And then one day I noticed it had been reduced to half the price. My heart pounded because I knew someone would buy it with only two left and one was my dress size. I was sure it would be gone, but it was still too expensive a buy for a struggling single mom. I let it pass and over the next 2 weeks, watched it go down to $100, $90, $75 and knew when it was marked down to $65, it would be gone the next time I came through the store.

Well, a few days later, I had to run to the mall and of course cut through the store to look at my dress, certain it would be gone, but it was spring and this was a winter dress, and it was still there. When I turned the tag around, I was shocked to see it was marked down to $34. I felt I could afford that price. (G) Remember I was a single mom with a house payment, car payment, supporting a child, etc. So I was very careful when I had to buy clothes, typically opting for business suits for work.

Anyway, I bought it, not knowing if I'd ever have a chance to wear it other than to try it on and stand in front of a mirror admiring it. But I did wear it that December to my company's Holiday party. I don't think I've ever been prouder of an article of clothing as I was that dress because it was something my heart had truly desired and the Universe had saved it for me and made sure it was a price I could afford.

I love great bargains and that was probably the best one I ever had. I felt someone somewhere really wanted me to have that dress as much as I wanted it because all the others had sold and in retrospect it was almost comical how that dress markdown kept on and on, almost like a reverse auction.

So what about you? Have you ever had something you wanted so bad you could practically taste it? Feel it? Any great bargains?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So long to a fellow Hussy!

Sniff... sniff... We hate having to say goodbye to Hussy Susie, but due to life's detours, Susie is leaving us for the time being. The good news is we are all friends, so we will still be chatting with her like always, but for now she will no longer be traveling with us in this particular adventure.

We love Susie! She is a fantastic friend and amazing writer and know she is going to continue to be very successful in all she does.

Hussy Hugs, Susie!

Keep on writing and We'll miss ya on the blog and chat list!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Hussies™ SERIES IS A GO!!!

Ciana and I are flying high, hussies! EC notified us that our proposed erotic romance series, THE HUSSIES™ is a BIG BIG GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to enter Ci's and my contest WANNA BE A HUSSY! Details are on this blog.

The first Hussy Name will be drawn June 30th.

See ya!
Sally:) one happy hussy!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Poor babies! Hunks laid low.

Is your man worse than the kids when he's got a cold or the flu?

That's pretty typical, according to a just published Australian survey. And this is news???!!! *grin*

90% of women thought they coped better and what's really interesting, 60% of men agreed! Not only that, they admitted they'd expect their female partner to look after them. Well, of course.

The thing I found hard to believe is that only 30% of women admitted they got cranky or irritated with their man when he whined and moaned. Only 30%??? Heavens, I remember when my DH got a nasty flu bug. He lay on his bed of pain, calling weakly for something every five minutes - orange juice, a painkiller, the newspaper, a cloth for his manly brow, a hand to hold. Etc, etc, ad nauseum. And his timing was uncanny. Every time I collapsed into a chair with a sigh of relief...

Poor darling. I was so horrible to him, he hobbled back to work before he was really well enough and had a relapse. I felt awful.

As for the other side of the coin, only 32% of women said their man made a fuss of them when they were sick. Guess I must be one lucky hussy...

Are you?