Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hussy is a word that keeps coming up in my life...

I grew up hearing this story about my great-great grandmother during the Civil War (or as we were taught in school, the War Between the States).

She was busy cooking dinner (which was lunch because the evening meal was supper) when some Northern Army soldiers rode up into the yard and began helping themselves to just about anything they wanted, claiming it was for provisions, etc.

Of course being a Scottish lassie, she didn't take too kindly to them just stealing her only food that she'd grown for herself and her children, but when one of the Yankee soldiers called her HUSSY, that was all it took for her to brandish her iron skillet, aka frying pan and chase him around the front yard much to the amusement of his fellow soldiers.

To me, this demonstrates how our language is a living thing because the meanings of our words seem to change and what was once considered a slur is now a badge of honor.

As a child, my g-g-grandmother became my ideal of a feisty, independent woman who stood up for herself. Now, that's a real HUSSY!

What do you think is a Hussy's most important attribute?


Susan said...

Hussy Attribute: Boldness and confidence to express yourself without worrying about what others may think is acceptable. Now me being a GRITS, (that's girl raised in the south for you Yanks..LOL)and basically shy, I have to work on that attribute. This is where all my hussy sista's have helped(ya'll are the best):) My Hussy Goal is to get to the 2008 RT and let my inner hussy out!


Julianne said...

Knowing when to be the "Hussy" and go get what you want. Knowing when to tone down the hussy, but still knowing what you want.