Monday, June 18, 2007

There are Reality shows and then there is DEADLIEST CATCH!

There are reality shows and then there are reality shows. My favorite is DEADLIEST CATCH. These guys are fearless, but the work is the deadliest job in the world crabbing on the Bering Sea. My daughter got me addicted to this show and my DVR is set to record it and the After the Catch series where the captains all come together after the season in a local pub to go over those scary moments.

Well, last night hubby and I watched a new reality series that also has danger as the villain element – ICE ROAD TRUCKERS. I had NO idea the ice road was over 300 miles long and I sure was clueless about a $40 billion diamond mine in Canada. I felt so stoopid!

Diamond mine in Canada? (I looked like an idiot I’m sure when I asked my hubby if he, who is like my personal computer, knew about that and he shook his head… no baby.

Hearing the ice move, cracking… popping… LOUDLY… underneath these heavily loaded trucks just made my skin crawl. The truckers said they make in 2 mos what would take them a year, but…driving 300+ miles on only 16 inches of ice? I’m still hearing that ice moving and seeing the cracks racing in front of those rigs.


stephanieb said...

Oh my gosh Sally!! I saw this last night. It was the one with the 21yr old making his first run up the ice road!!Talk about scary!!Especially when he couldn't tell where the road was! There is no way I could ever do that! The show was very interesting though and I will definitely watch again. I looked ahead and it said that the guys actually compete to see who can make the most runs up it!!

Sally Painter said...

Oh wow. That's all they need to do, make it even more difficult. They can only drive so fast because of the water underneath rising higher. I would NEVER have that job. I'd be a basket case after the first 50 yards.