Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new Hussy Misadventure... The Balloon Ride

Lifting from the ground in a hot air balloon is a new experience for Lucinda, but she finds the hunk operating it even more exciting. A sudden burst of gas fire shoots hot air up into the large orb above her and they lift from the ground.

His unruly blond hair has been gathered rather last minute in a low ponytail that falls just past his broad shoulders. Short sleeves reveal well-defined muscles and tiny rivulets of sweat roll over them glistening in the early morning sunlight. The gas burner sputters and then roars, similar to how her body is reacting to his nearness.

His arms flex and the t-shirt stretches so tight against those bulging arms, she finds herself holding her breath waiting to see if the material renders under the movement. Heat rushes over her as hot as the fire shooting overhead. Lucinda grips the basket, trying to still the out of control arousal as they drift higher. Her pulse throbs when the earth falls away from them. It's a silent liftoff, except for the constant hissing of the burner.

She glances down at the chase vehicle, a black SUV and waves at hunk pilot’s partner. Squinting, she tries to see if he waved back, but sunlight glints off the SUV. She turns away and smiles at her hunky pilot.

She's come prepared for fierce winds blasting her and tied her long red hair back, but the currents aren’t assaulting so she pulls the scrunchy from her curly hair and shakes it out. The roar of the gas fire draws her attention back to Jonathan, the hunk operating the balloon, and she meets his stare. Lost in his green eyes, her thoughts drift to images of lying with him along a lush mossy riverbank. Her heartbeat is a loud drumming in her ears when his lips slide into a lopsided grin.

Urgent waves of need rush over her. Now here is a man she feels confident knows how to steer them and she is beginning to get ideas on just where that should be. She grins at him, tucking her lower lip between her teeth and is rewarded with one of those looks, you know the kind. The sexy look that moves over the lips and stretches the mouth just enough to be lustful and moves on up into the eyes, drawing them tighter as an exciting spark ignites in the center… it all translates into “Yeah, baby, whenever and wherever you want.”

Lucinda steps into his arms and lifts onto tiptoes to receive his hot and oh so delicious kiss.

Back on the ground in the chase vehicle, ole Rick is growing a bit impatient with his partner. The balloon ride should have ended twenty minutes ago. What is Jonathan doing? He watches the balloon rise higher and cusses under his breath because Jonathan should be concentrating on descent and picking a nice safe pasture without any power lines to land. He dials his partner’s cell phone, but it goes directly into voice mail. He squints up at the balloon and realizes Jonathan is no longer at the helm. Just about that time, a strong current picks up the balloon and it bobs out across the valley.

Lucinda is lost in the arms of her hunk, suddenly aware how bumpy their flight has become when she hears this munching sound above them.

Breaking from Jonathan’s kiss, she looks up to find a cow peering down at them… “Moooooo…” Thinking they just landed in a cow pasture, she begins to laugh, but Jonathan pulls her back into his kiss until they hear…

“The next exhibit will be in five minutes, folks. If you haven’t purchased your balloon ride tickets, please do so now ‘cause it looks like the balloon just arrived and has landed over in the pasture. Wait a sec, folks. Don’t run to line up, I promise you have all day. Look out, it’s a stampede."

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