Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yes! We are going to have OFFICIAL HUNKS! How exciting is that?

Manly men, he men - well - HUNKS who want to be our OFFICIAL HUNKS. Is that kewl or what?

The first OFFICIAL HUNK will be introduced to the Hunks 'n' Hussies® Club on June 30th during our yahoo chat.

And there is more. Excerpts. Excerpts. Excerpts. News from The Hussies™ on their series, and Prizes and contests. You can read more about these in our files section.

Join in the fun and let your inner hussy out to play!


Anonymous said...

hubba huuba@ hell i'll take THREE!



Sandra said...

Can't wait. Can I have borrow one for a few weeks? I'm lonely, with hubby being gone. *smile*

Susan said...

Hell. I'm single,lonely and moving! I'll take all of them..:)I'll bring'm back. LOL Later.

Julianne said...

Wooo Hooo!! Men to play with. Can you say Yum!!! Can't wait to see who the first official Hunk is. Does he know what he's getting into? A bunch of Hussy women.

Ciana Stone said...

oh you hussies :) Yep, we're gonna be like the Gretchen Wilson song....

Gonna have a little fun
Gonna get me some
I'm here
Here for the party

Woo hoo!!! I can't wait :)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Linda! 3huh?

Sally Painter said...

Ah... Sandra... not the library, Hussy girl.

Sally Painter said...

Again, Susan... Hunks 'n' Hussies Club... not library. Maybe we need a loaner program, Ci?

Sally Painter said...

Hey Jules!

I think he is coming into this eyes wide open!

Caffey said...

Oh I won't be able to be there :( Its my son (my baby) HS graduation party at my sisters, which is about a three hour drive so we'll be gone all weekend. I didn't want to miss this Hunk party either :(
But he's graduating Tomorrow (Tuesday). :)
I'll make sure I come and check out the photos when I get back!

Julianne said...

OMG!!!! After yesterday's chat of finding out who the hunk is, I think I'm swooning!!! Be still my heart. *thump, thump, thump* Anad I know what question I want to ask.
Your place or mine!!!!!

Sally Painter said...


Congrats on your son's graduation. I know you must be one proud Hussy!


Sally Painter said...


You are a Hussy!