Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Left in the dark and almost not smart

We were literally. (G) Yesterday afternoon we were hit with a very very loud and windy (60 mph - 70 mph)summer storm. It has been so hot and dry so far in our new town.

When the sky darkened, Hubby and I decided to take a break from our work and sat on the upstairs porch to watch the approaching storm. We've had many a tempting thunder cloud, but no rain. We didn't hold out much hope this one would be generous. Our neighborhood is really neat and is about 3 miles out in the country. Lots of farms surround us. We had a perfect perch to view the neighborhood and the various patches of woods as the wind began to pick up.

Everything felt different about this storm. When the wind started, it came from several directions and we could feel the downward draft as it glided over the houses and seemed to burst through the trees. There was distant thunder rumbling, then quiet. The wind blew more and then suddenly lightning flashed not too far away. Jagged wicked streaks and very loud booming thunder.

I looked at the big metal baskets swinging in the growing wind. The same baskets that supported very large ferns suspended from long metal chains also anchored by metal hooks. I watched the lightning flash closer this time. I then looked at my husband and the metal chair he was in. Looked at my metal chair… Looked at the metal end table between us.

"What?" he asked, looking at me as though he could hear my wheels turning.

"Ah… Do you think maybe sitting out here with metal hanging baskets and ah... metal chairs might not be such a good idea?"

A bright streak of lightning followed by a deafening boom answered me. I jumped up and ran inside the house with him rising in his sexy manly way, "Yeah, probably not a good idea, baby."

The storm was horrific, lots of trees were hit by lightning. We saw one oak tree that was about five feet in diameter, exploded and burned. The storm was classified as a microburst.

Felt like a tornado to me. Sounded like a tornado (train rumbling) as it blew over us. Whatever it was --it took the power with it around 4:30 pm and it didn't come back on until 2 am. I lost valuable writing time so I got up at 6:30 (Equates to vampire rising during daylight) and have been writing all day, trying to get back on schedule so I can turn this book in to my editor tomorrow night.

I'll make it okay, but geez... alternative energy is my next goal!



Ciana Stone said...

EEEEKKKK!!! LMAO - love the visual of you running inside while studly does a slow rise and saunter. Could SO see that happening - and naturally the hussy inside imagined his heart beating quite fast and hands a little on the clammy side - but cool on the exterior. Kinda like that old southern saying "smooth as a duck - gliding along on the surface and paddling like hell underneath."

We must've sent that microburst up from Florida (where I am for a few weeks) - it hit us early in the day - wham out of the blue - and wow what a light show. I, however, did not sit in the metal chairs around the pool to watch. Stayed safely behind the sliding glass doors with a cat sitting on one side of me, a dog on the other. They had treats, I had an apple and everyone was happy :)


Julianne said...

OMG!!! What a storm!!! We don't get things called microbursts in OHIO, at least if we do, I've never heard a storm called that. I do enjoy listening to a good storm and the falling asleep. Here's wishing good thoughts to you for your deadline.

Sally Painter said...

hey Ci,

it was a blonde moment that didn't happen. (g)


Sally Painter said...

Hey Jules,

I had not heard of one until the other day when we had it. I think in the past they probably called them high winds. (g)