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Love Me Tomorrow Is Out!

Happy 4th!!! Now, more than ever it's so important to remember all of the brave selfless people who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we have a 4th of July to celebrate. Have a great holiday and God bless America!

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I'm pleased to announce the single title release of Love Me Tomorrow, previously released in the Fated Mates anthology, which was reviewed by Romantic Times as a 4.5 star, top pick and also nominated for RT Reviewers' Choice Award. I hope you enjoy this futuristic scifi love story. - Sally

Earth, 2360

Shalene Courers leads freedom fighters against the Demrons to retrieve a crystal that is the secret to Earth’s defense. When she captures the mysterious Mecah—tall, blond and very sexy—desires flame and the interrogation soon melts under his scorching passion.

Mecah’s possession of Shalene is more than lust—she’s the kismet mate he’s sought all his life, only she doesn’t believe him. Shalene and Mecah join forces to turn the tide of war, but without winning the heart and soul of his fated mate, he stands to lose his greatest battle.

She changed into a clean uniform, donning a fresh pair of black boots. If she was going to seduce him, then she needed to allow herself to enjoy it. Didn’t she? It was a direct order. She was a good soldier and did whatever she was ordered without hesitation or question. She squared her bare shoulders, looking at her reflection.

Strong arms were exposed from the tight bustier vest. Her breasts rose high and full above the leather lacings. The matching leather pants clung to every curve, and she knew with the high-topped boots, in another time, she would have looked like a dominatrix. All she needed was a whip. She laughed at herself and turned from the mirror.

She reached for the canister of brandy, noticing how her hand shook. The glass was cold against her sweaty palms. She poured the golden liquid into the goblet, letting the bottle tilt longer than normal, until the glass was full. That should bolster her enough to seduce Captain Mecah. It would be easy. He was a willing partner. But was she? Could she do this? It had been fifteen years since she’d been with a man and while it was her choice, it was still something she missed. Would she find, after years of abstinence, her ability to control her passion foolproof, or would the ever-present longing for the feel of a man overpower and dominate her?

The alcohol shot through her, fanning in warm layers, dulling her mind and giving her a relaxed buzz. That felt good. She picked up the helmet, feeling giddy and school-girlish.

Abber waited outside Shalene’s door.

“The prisoner’s demanding food. I ignored his request. I figured food would be part of the…ah…”

“Torture?” Her boot heels clicked faster as she hurried down the corridor with Abber a few paces behind her.

“The general ordered me to get some extra things, so I need to see about it.”

“What things?” She halted and turned on him, her rage seething just below her fa├žade of control.

“Ah.” His face rushed crimson. “Wine, music, candles, ah—”

“You have to obey the general’s orders, Abber. Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.” Her heart tugged for the pained look centering his eyes. “While you’re about it, grab a plate of chow for the prisoner and bring it to the room.”

“Aye, Commander.” He saluted and practically ran to the mess hall.

Her hatred for General Jacob flamed at the thought of him using Abber. He knew how close the youth was to her. She balled her hands into hard fists, standing outside the metal black door, dreading what she had been ordered to do. She was a solider and a commander. In spite of all attempts to accept the order, her anger toward General Jacob grew.

So be it! She’d not give Jacob any satisfaction. Donning the helmet, she stiffened her spine and took a deep breath. She would do this her way and to hell with Jacob! She keyed in the passcode and shoved the door open. Mecah jumped from the mattress, not even attempting to hide his excitement over seeing her.

“Commander? I’ve not had a leisurely shower in a long time. A plate of warm food would make this close to utopia.”

She noticed he’d plaited his blond hair into a single braid that fell below his shoulders. His strong, muscled body filled the military-issue pants and T-shirt, highlighting the raw strength of years of disciplined training. As a warrior she could appreciate his body, but as a woman she appreciated it more. She cleared her throat, trying to disentangle herself from the unwelcomed sensations fluttering in her stomach.

“We’re afforded baths because there’s plenty of water down here.” She noticed he had shaved and was surprised by the compelling desire to trace his square jawline with her fingertips. Instead, she tightened her hands into hard fists by her side.

“Plenty of water? Then we have something to bargain with.”

“What would that be?”

“Water in exchange for information.”

She looked away from his intense stare and pushed the helmet down tighter on her head.

“I thought something was wrong since you were gone so long. Had I known you were showering—” He sighed appreciatively and sat down on the edge of the bed, resting his forearms on his legs. “What’s with the helmet?” he squinted. “Oh, I see, ore lined. Just so you know, it won’t stop our minds from reconnecting. Once the initial contact’s made, it can’t be severed. Now, I do like your black leathers, and a lace-up bustier vest always makes me hot.” His gaze swept over her.

Shalene felt as though she weren’t wearing any clothes.

“Do take off that helmet, love, so I can see your silky hair. Frankly, had I known you were grooming for me—”

“Please don’t flatter yourself. I’ve been out on recon for days. And my delay was due to a very boring and typical debriefing. It certainly wasn’t in preparation for you. And you will address me as Commander or Commander Courers but never as ‘love’. Are we clear?”

“Do you really mean never?”

“Are you going to make this painful or painless, Captain?”

“Is that an invitation, Commander?” He flashed a devastating smile and she looked away, attempting to shield herself against his disarming magnetism, but his smile ripped a need through her that startled yet aroused.

“Interrogations can become very unpleasant, as I’m sure you know.” She closed the door behind her. The automatic lock jarred her pulse into an erratic throbbing. She glanced at the wall mounts where cameras had once been suspended. The general would not be playing voyeur. Perhaps Abber had removed them on his own. Relief washed over her.

“I only want to indulge in pleasure where you’re concerned, Shalene.” He took a step closer.

“I will remind you only once more to address me as Commander or Commander Courers.” She squared her shoulders and took a step forward, all the while studying the way the corners of his lips turned up in a very sexy grin.

A sudden urge to feel those lips pressed against hers overpowered all reason. She halted mid-stride, fighting against the impulse. Had he inserted the very desire into her mind without her knowing it? She fought the quivering heat slipping down her spine to her pussy and willed the aching need to leave her body. Instead, it burst white-hot in a passionate urgency to feel his mouth claim hers. Was he right? Was the ore-lined helmet useless?

“You feel it, don’t you?” His voice invaded her protective barriers, storming through her defenses as though they were mere vapor.

“What?” Her voice shook in spite of her attempt to keep it unemotional.

“Kismet. I feel it too. Do you have it in your culture?”

“Do you mean fate?”

He nodded with eyes turning dark plum. His look seared her skin in a fiery path as it dropped to her lips then wandered to her breasts. She knew the bustier pressed their fullness high above the leather lacings. With each rapid breath, the soft leather stretched against her nipples, creating erotic sensations.

“W-What are you saying about fate?” She leaned back, flattening her hands against the cold door for added support.

“There’s a Kismet between us, Commander Courers. Shalene.” He stepped closer.

The way he spoke her name sent excited goose bumps up her arms, followed by electrical jags of heat and desire racing to her pussy. Her heartbeat thumped harder. He was moving closer and with each step, her pulse pounded harder.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Whatever was going on, she clearly had no control over her own body. She stepped across the room in front of him, feeling his stare follow her, slipping down her back to her ass. She knew her body was in strong physical shape from training, yet had never felt such delight in a man’s appreciation. She braved a look in his direction and her gaze was immediately captured by his intense stare.

“You can deny. You can try to resist, but Kismet has its own agenda, as your people say. It won’t rest until it is appeased.”

“A-And just how is it appeased?” she challenged.

“The only way any hunger can be sated.” His laughter was deep and infectious.

Shalene swallowed back the lashing fire that threatened to consume her. Was it his passion or hers coursing through her? How could she discern?

“Stop trying to understand it. There’s no understanding. There’s no avoiding it. When Kismet declares itself to a man and woman, the only solution is submission to its power.”

“You’re a talented mind controller.” She turned her back to him, focusing on anything else that might break the connection with him.

“Like I said, there’s no stopping it. We can play this game forever or you can take that helmet off and sit down with me so we can talk.”

“You’re my prisoner, in case you forgot. I’ll decide when we sit.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Have it your way.” He sat down in one of the plastic chairs but continued to stare at her.

Scenes, unbidden, flashed in front of her. He stood over her as she lay naked beneath him, enjoying the way he looked down at her as she moved her hands over her body, spreading the lips of her pussy wide so he could see her better. His excitement charged her, sending a frenetic rhythm undulating to her hips.

Shalene squinted against the vision.

“Stop that!” she yelled.

“I didn’t give you any vision you didn’t want. I merely summoned your deepest desires. They did the rest.” He paused. “Care to share what you saw?”

“I’ll ask the questions.”

“The first being? What do I want?” He smiled.


“Aside from you? I want the same thing you do, Commander. The Demrons destroyed.”

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