Sunday, June 24, 2007

SNAP! Two Recommended Reads!

How about that? Not one, but TWO hussies with fabulous reviews from Joyfully Reviewed! *happy dancing in Hussyville*!
Chase 'n' Anna was awarded a RECOMMENDED READ. Congratulations Ciana, that's soooo cool! And so was Tailspin. Aw gee...

Here's some of what the reviewers had to say -

Chase ‘n’ Ana is one deliciously hot novel that will have you tied up in an orgasmic knot of passionate desire. Imagine having the power to conjure up a spell that can enhance your lovemaking beyond your wildest dream. Oh My! May I have that power please? With its erotic sexual encounters, suspense-packed action and a luminous family that banded together when the going got tough, Chase ‘n’ Ana is a must read!

is a fantasy adventure that takes the reader soaring with the Aetherii and never lets them down. This book has it all. There is romance and adventure. Love and passion. Danger and demons. I was captivated from page one and loved it until the end.

Denise *doin' the hussy dance in the do-me heels*


Ciana Stone said...

Congrats Denise! Tailspin is definitely a Recommended Read!!

I'm joining you in the dance - but barefoot and a "Do me" tank top. Seriously - it's my weekend wardrobe - white with sharpie writing "do me" on the chest. Kind of a subtle hint for the honey man.

Sometimes it works too. Like yesterday - only it was the UPS man. I opened the door and he said "anytime." Couldn't figure out what he was talking about at first, then my "I'm not working cause it's the weekend" braincells fired up.

Nice offer but no thanks. That fella was way too young for this ol' Hussy:)

Contgrats again! Isn' it fun to be reecommended????

Wooo hooooo!!


Tracey said...

Well done you Hussies - that's great news.

And way to go Denise - I want to see that happy dance in those sexy red shoes.

Julianne said...

Congrats to Ciana and Denise!!
Wooo Hooo!!!! *tossing confetti and blowing horns* These gals ROCK!! Ci, being the hussy that I am, I might have been interested in seeing what brown could do for me. LOL Denise, make sure to share some of those photos of you dancing.

Sally Painter said...

Super congrats to my two hussy pals! I'm so happy for you! And, so well deserved both are great books! Hussy dancing too, no heels, no tank top... ah... better get some clothes on first. (g)

Caffey said...

Congrats Denise and Ciana!! Thats great both on the same day! Cool!