Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So long to a fellow Hussy!

Sniff... sniff... We hate having to say goodbye to Hussy Susie, but due to life's detours, Susie is leaving us for the time being. The good news is we are all friends, so we will still be chatting with her like always, but for now she will no longer be traveling with us in this particular adventure.

We love Susie! She is a fantastic friend and amazing writer and know she is going to continue to be very successful in all she does.

Hussy Hugs, Susie!

Keep on writing and We'll miss ya on the blog and chat list!!!


Anonymous said...

Once a Hussie always a Hussie ;)

Denise Rossetti said...

And aren't I the lucky hussy? Susie and I live in the same town, so though I haven't met any of American hussies, I get to do hussy lunch with Susie.

We drink lots of wine and ogle the passing hunks. Yeah! *pumps fist*


Sally Painter said...

Well said, Ali!!!

Sally Painter said...

Rub it in, D! I'm jealous I can't be in OZ, sipping wine and ogling with my two hussy buds!

Julianne said...

We will miss you, Susie. Hopefully everything will turn out and you will be able to rejoin us with all your hussiness.

Ciana Stone said...

drinking wine and ogling hunks? That is just soooooo unfair!! But at least you Aussie gals get to enjoy it and you can give hugs to one another for me.

and you know Susie will always be a sister to me - which means I will continue to pester her endlessly:)