Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wanna be a Hussy™ in a Book CONTEST

Wanna be a Hussy™ and immortalized with a sexy Hunk?

Your dream can come true!

The Hussies™, Ciana Stone and Sally Painter, are holding a contest and you could be the winner!

We will be drawing one entry on June 30, 2007 (note new deadline)during our yahoo list chat (

Your entry must be rec'd no later than Midnight EST June 29th.

And there’s more...

As the winner of the drawing, you will become the next heroine in The Hussies™ Series, well, your name will be used for the heroine!!! You will also receive your choice of the Official The Hussies™ or Hunks 'n' Hussies® Logo Tote with a picture of the book cover, a copy of the book where your name is used as the next kick-ass heroine and a Hunk poster.

Just send your entry to and be sure to “Let Your Inner Hussy Out to Play!” or leave your entry here on the blog. Be sure and tell us WHY you would make a great HUSSY™ !!!



Robin Snodgrass said...

I'd love to be one of your heroines because they always "kick butt and take names"!! I'd love to be the strong but much desired woman who is the focus of some hot hunk's undivided attention! Who wouldn't want that?

My only question is, do we get to keep our hero at the end of the story? Or do we have to give him back to you? *pout*

Robin S.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Robin! I got your entry! WAHOO!

You don't have to give the hunks back to us, that's why we immortalize them in our book. ;)