Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hussy Grilling

After posting about a birthday celebration menu on our yahoo list, a reader emailed me asking for the recipes, so I thought others might like to have them. Easy easy.

So if you like to grill out, you will love these!

Grilled chicken fillets or strips- Marinate(1hr or overnight) in olive oil, salt and pepper, onion powder, garlic powder (can also use garlic cloves or minced garlic) and Greek seasoning).

And our very fav veggies:

Use heavy duty aluminum foil. Spread on a tray so it ends up forming sides and then load with the following.


Green Peppers
Yellow and Red Bell Peppers
Crook Neck Yellow Squash
Garlic Cloves

Olive Oil - enough so veggies won't burn or stick to aluminum foil
Salt and pepper to taste
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
(option - Greek seasoning - sometimes I don't use)
Paprika (most important - always use this ingredient)

Place aluminum foil containing all this onto the grill (make sure the edges are turned up to contain oil/veggies.

Cover lid and cook for 20 mins on med-high flame (I use high flame).

Typically, I cook more veggies than needed for one meal and reheat for next day's meal.


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