Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who's Your Pimp

I have some pimping to do.

To the thousands upon thousands who have read Sahara Kelly's Madam Charlie (guilty, your Honor, and I loved every minute) in an array of languages because that book, it has traveled, you can now ditch your therapist because The Withdrawal, it is OVER.

Know why?

Forbidden Fantasies is coming, that's why. Not only is it Ellora's Cave's first hardcover, but our very own decadent Hussy Sahara is one of the fab authors therein. And her story is...


Lady Elizabeth's Choice in, a loose sequel to Madam Charlie!
Yes, SEQUEL! I choose to ignore the word loose. It has sequel next to Madam Charlie so I'm happy. Dude, I'll take a "loose sequel" to Madam Charlie any day of the week.

To get you back in the mood after years of waiting, here are the essentials:

Madam Charlie
By Sahara Kelly
London, 1814:

A young woman inherits an interesting London house, Number 14 Beaulieu Crescent. Nothing unusual in that, you might say. And ordinarily you'd be right. But this time the "house" is actually a high-class brothel, and the young woman has a secret identity of her own that she must never reveal. Especially not to the man who brings her body to life, stirs her senses like no other, and who has begun his own campaign to unlock the mystery that is "Madam Charlie".

Lady Elizabeth’s Choice
By Sahara Kelly
This story is a loose sequel to Madam Charlie.
Several months ago she gave herself to him, body and soul, during a night of sexual enlightenment that changed her world forever. But since then, Lady Elizabeth Wentworth has reached a decision she believes is right for her. And her erstwhile lover, Sir Spencer Marchwood, isn’t part of it. She hasn’t forgotten him…how could she? He took her from innocent girl to sensual woman in a night of extraordinary delights. Such memories cannot be denied, only buried, relegated to her past as the private indiscretions of a foolish and impetuous girl. Needless to say, Spence is—upset. He’s plagued by memories of their passion, hungry for the taste of her lips and eager to hear her cries of pleasure once more. And it looks like that’s not going to happen—ever again. However, the resourceful Spence hatches a strategy to get Elizabeth’s attention and land her back in his arms—naked. Once that occurs, Spence knows he can claim her, body and soul, taking her to the edge of madness and beyond. It all comes down to one pivotal moment…the moment of Lady Elizabeth’s choice…

So come October 18th, get in line to buy Madam Charlie's loose sequel, erm, I mean, Forbidden Fantasies. Plus, if you buy the book early, your name is entered into a draw that could get you 25% off all your 2008 Ellora's Cave books. Dudes!


Nicole Austin said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to get my copy of the first EC hardback book and the sequel to Madam Charlie. YAY!

Sahara Kelly said...

Thanks Nic...and Nat? I'm so very touched by your words. Madam Charlie is one of my favorite novels, and I knew Elizabeth would get her turn - I just didn't know when until this wonderful hardcover anthology was proposed. I'm so honored to be a part of the excitement, the launch in Las Vegas - who knew where it all would lead? Thank you, my friends. Your support means the world to me. I hope you enjoy the book.

(I just got my author copy. It's...INCREDIBLE!!!!)

Many grateful hugs,

NathalieGray said...

I'm sure it is! Plus, the cover is incredibly PINK and FURRY! Me likes.