Saturday, August 09, 2008

The thing I like best about a man's body

Hmmm, what IS is about a man's body that is the most appealing? I was thinking about this today as I looked through a batch of photos from a shoot I did last month and thought I'd pose the question to you.

Are your eyes drawn first to a man's face? Is it the shape of his face, the lines and planes that capture your attention? Or perhaps his lips. How about his eyes? The windows of the soul, they say. Are you attracted to the face first?

Or is it his big muscular chest that revs your engine? Does the thought of running your hand over those firm pecs make your fingers itch? Is a smooth hairless chest your cup of tea, or a man with a nice dusting of hair that collects in that space between those muscles to trail down his torso toward the real estate in the southern regions that draws your eye?

Maybe the torso is your body part of choice. Ripped with a six pack or more lean and toned? The upper torso or that area below the navel that leads to whatever delights are hidden from view?

Have I hit your favorite body part yet? Yes? Which one? No? Well aside from parts I dare not show here, what's left that I can offer up for your vote. Hmmmm. Ah, I know. If you're not into a man's eyes, face, chest or abs then maybe, just maybe this is what trips your switch...

Needless to say there are a lot of nice parts to men. And many different things that about them we find appealing besides their bodies. But we all have our favorite things. So what's your favorite part?

This is Ciana with a special thanks to Les Byerley for allowing me to use his photos and to Giovanni, the oh-so-fine man who posed for these shots. Hope you have a fabulous day!!


Nicole Austin said...

Mmm....yes. Its the eyes, and the pecs, and the abs, and the happy trail, and the butt. Yup! That's it. *g*

Dang, Ci. That last picture. Whoo-baby! Yup, I'm definitely coming back as your assistant in my next life.

rhiancahill said...

I'm a butt and abs girl. First thing I saw of my Hubby was his butt. Love at first sight? Oh yeah!
Still got him too, and damn if his butt ain't just as much of a turn on as it was back then. Nice pair of jeans to show it off and well....
Hey Nic, I'll fight you for it. LOL
Damn Ci you've got one hell of a job!