Sunday, August 03, 2008

The most superior sex toy your mind time to process the title. The most superior sex toy? Do you know what it is without having to give it thought? No?

Well, it's a man. Man you say? Yes man. M A N. Nature has blessed men with everything necessary to pleasure a woman - lips, teeth and tongue, hands and fingers and other wonderful options south of the anatomical equator. And best of all ... a brain.

I can hear the scoffs now but hey, it's true. Any man can learn how to be the world's best lover. It isn't that difficult. All it takes is a woman teaching him. Yes, we women DO have to teach our men what we like, what feels good, what makes our pulse spike and what gives us a case of the "eewwuueeeeee".

But before we can teach them, we have to do some work on ourselves. Today's media is replete with information on women and their lack of self-esteem, their feelings of not being sexy or exciting. Nine out of ten women's magazines will tell us how to get and keep a man, how to turn him on. And every time we read it some part of us thinks "well what about turning ME on?"

Guess what, we're just interpreting it wrong. Think about it. You decide to invest in pole dancing classes, you learn the moves and plan on giving your man a little treat. The first moment you start to imagine yourself performing, your body undulating and twisting around that pole to a sensual beat, what you're doing is not turning HIM on but yourself. You're seeing yourself as a sensual, sexual creature capable of driving a man wild with your moves. Sure it'll turn him on, but that's icing on the cake. The important thing is that it's turning you on, making you feel sexually confident. And sexual confidence is a big turn-on.

I read recently a post from a woman who complained about her spouse wanting to see her masturbate. She was upset, yet in the same post complained bitterly about her sex life being as dull as unbuttered toast. Well duh, lady! Your man just handed you a free pass to "baby we're gonna ride the wild bull tonight!" Instead of looking at the negative side of that coin, she could have looked at the positive. Her man was turned on at the idea of watching her masturbate. And news flash, lady. A turned on man is the best sex toy on the planet.

I really think it's time for women to stop blaming their bad sex lives, or lack thereof entirely on men. Come on, just like we take charge of the other aspects of our lives, we need to take charge of this one as well. Find something that turns you on, makes you feel like a sexual goddess and there's a damn good chance you're going to make that man feel like a sexual god - or slave.

Don't believe it? Okay. Don't wanna try it. Fine by me. Do what you gotta do. Me? I'm gonna go have another look at those poles:)

This is Ciana for the Hussies wishing you a great Sunday and hoping you find you're most superior sex toy:)


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