Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is His Job a Turnon?

So here's the big question of the day. What kind of profession do you find to be a real turnon? Now I'm not talking about qualities within a man, but his profession.

I'm writing a book where the guy's profession is very crucial to the storyline and I started thinking... The wheels started grinding louder and louder. So I thought I'd see what everyone here thought. Now, just think about it before you answer. (g)

Forget tender, sensitive, kind, loving, etc. We all want the attentive lover. This question is about career - profession as a turnon. So, do you find WHAT he does and HOW he does it in his worklife to be a real hot turnon or does it run as a cold turnoff or is it simply something you never considered before?

Well consider it now and discover just how you feel about it.

Contemplate the guys you dated or the one you are with now. Hmm... Are you the kind of woman who digs a uniform and the man who has a presence of authority? Is that a turnon for you?

Or is it the guy with the big financial acumen? The man who turns a buck into an empire with a real golden touch? Is that the power in a man that attracts you? Not the fact that he's rich, I'm not talking about superficial aspects. This has to do with the man's POWER in his confidence level to do his job really well. Better than others.

Maybe you like the thinker type. The guy who ponders the philosophical side of life. He's into education, maybe he's a teacher or a professor. He's influencing lives and opening minds, molding the future. Woot! The all knowing wizard. (g)

Hmm... Does that include little known sexual techniques that make you scream?

And we can't forget the craftsman and those whose jobs require physical labor. The guy who has the brawn as a result of working with his muscles and really enjoys giving it his all with zest and vigor. Whoa baby, is that the one you drool over?

Still, crisp white shirts and business suits can be just as sexy as the bare-chest sweaty guy if the right guy is inside. The guy who exudes that confidence and personal power.

I have known many (not that way, come on!) sexy men in just about all professions. The fact that they are good at what they do is truly the turnon.

What about you? Geek? Banker? Professor? Contractor? Cowboy? Fireman? Soldier? Police? Attorney? Chef? Stay-At-Home-Dad? Inventor, Doctor, Scientist?

All things being equal, do you find his profession a big turnon or turnoff?


Nicole Austin said...

I'll take one of each, please. LOL! No seriously, what he does doesn't matter much to me, although I will admit that a man in uniform is just...whoo-damn. But so do cowboys and sharp-dressed men, and... yup, what they do doesn't matter at all. *g*

Ciana Stone said...

I think I have to agree with Nic. No, not one of each but it doesn't really matter to me. It's the pride a person takes in what they do, whether it's a farmer or a physicist, is what's appealing to me.

There IS however something appealing about a man in cowboy boots, well-worn jeans and a hat that makes my engine hum :)