Friday, August 29, 2008

When it comes to men ...

I really do love cowboys and country boys. While the Wall Street Banker may be very real beneath the expensive suit a country fella is the kind of man you can fall into the creek with and have a mud-wallowing good old time or snuggle up with on the porch swing at night and find the rhythm of nature.

Maybe I'm just a simple gal. It doesn't take champagne and diamonds to thrill me. Take me to a boot-scootin' bar and serve me tequila and nachos and I'm a happy woman. Kinda like the gal in my upcoming Quickie from Ellora's Cave. Sin in Jeans releases Sept 5th and features a real down home fella named Ty that is a good example of why I love cowboys. Here's a little excerpt for you:)

Excerpt from Sin in Jeans, a book in The Hussies Series by Ciana Stone

Dale cursed as the beer she was lifting suddenly sloshed over the rim of the mug, down the front of her t-shirt and onto her jeans. Her head whipped around, eyes narrowed and ready to give whoever had jostled her a tongue-lashing to beat the band.

And went brain dead. Completely mute without the ability to utter a word.

“’Cuse me,” the tall man with the worn Stetson, faded denim shirt rolled up to expose strong forearms and eyes the color of a Carolina sky said with a smile. “Ol’ Shorty back there’s a little deep in the cups and fell against me.”

“Oh, well…that’s okay. Accidents happen,” she said, finding her tongue.

The man signaled to the bartender. “A draft, Jimmy? And one here for the lady.”

“That’s not necessary,” Dale protested. “Really.”

“Yeah, it is,” the man replied and angled to face her, propping one elbow on the bar. “Haven’t seen you here before. You new?”

“Just passing through. Here to see a man about a horse. “

“That almost sounds like the truth. ‘Cept there’s no horses here.”

“A fella at the Inn said it was a good place to have a beer, a burger and not be in the middle of the mouse crowd, whatever that is.”

Another laugh from the man had something warm curling in her belly. Damn if he wasn’t sexy. And not trying to be, she’d guess. The smell of soap said he’d showered, but the five o’clock shadow said he hadn’t taken time to shave. Which meant he either thought the rough look was more appealing or he didn’t much care.

She suspected the latter. The shirt had seen better days, the jeans were worn and faded and those sure weren’t dress boots on his feet. He wasn’t dressed to impress, which meant it was more likely that he was just relaxing with friends, not on the prowl.

“Mouse crowd means tourists,” he explained and thanked the bartender for the beers. “We are in Mickey’s backyard, you know.”

“I guess so. Well, if the burgers here are any good, then the fella did me a good turn.”

“Burgers are real good,” he said and looked around. “You here alone or is there a Mr. Here to See a Man About a Horse getting ready to bust my chops for hittin’ on his woman?”

“Is that what you’re doing?”

“Is there a fist in my face coming if I say yes?”

“No danger of that.”

He grinned and lifted his mug to his mouth, eyeing her over the rim before he drank. “Then I reckon it is. How’m I doin’?”

“Not bad.” She gave him a teasing smile. “But you could try a little harder.”

Throwing back his head, he laughed. A low, sexy laugh that sent a delightful little shiver straight down all the way to her toes. “Well, honey, I think I can muster up a little more effort. What say you and me grab that empty booth, have another beer and order up some burgers?”

“Hey now, you’re starting to speak my language. Seducing me with grilled meat and beer. Lead the way, cowboy.”

“This way, ma’am,” he said and led the way.

It was pure pleasure watching the man walk. He had that low-center-of-gravity, loose-hipped walk that only one breed of man possessed. A man who spent time in the saddle.

Strong long legs led to a firm tight butt and on up a lean back that flared into very nice broad shoulders. There didn’t appear to be any spare meat on him. He was lean and long, just the kind of man who switched all the neurons in her brain from reason to lust. Just the kind of man that had her all too willing to say I do.

Dale had to remind herself that she wasn’t there looking for love. In fact, the L word had been stricken from her vocabulary for good. All love had ever gotten her was trouble.

But lust? Now that was a horse she could ride.
This is Ciana, wishing you a fabulous Friday and fantastic Labor Day weekend!


Sally Painter said...

I LOVE IT! And can't wait to read this one! Whewee baby! Sin in Jeans is RIGHT! I especially love Dale's last liner in the excerpt! WTG Ci, you have another winner with this one! HUGS!

NathalieGray said...

You know, cowboys don't usually do it for me. But THIS one would! :))

*marking my calendar*

Nat's going south on September 5th.

Nicole Austin said...

Yeehaw! I luvs me some cowboys. And you write them so hot! Congrats, Ci! I'll be leading the stampede when the books go live on Friday.