Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Have a Fantasy...Life

Part of being a Hussy is fantasizing like a Hussy. Being the sci fi geek I am, most of my hot men are taken from those television shows. Battlestar Galactica has more than its share of hot men (and Jamie Bamber in a towel!). I have to confess the newer doctors in Dr. Who are certainly hotter than their predecessors. And Torchwood. Captain Jack.
The point being, it's okay to have fantasies. Hot fantasies. Fantasies where you wake up in between Angel and Spike and when Angel tries to go all "soulful but good" on you, Spike says "Bugger that!" And is more than happy to fill in for his dark-hared sire. Fantasies where Agent Riley Finn is rubbing your back when in reality it's your partner, and you're trying to figure out how Riley knows all your sweet spots, but you really don't mind.

I'm a writer. I live in my head. It's fun.
With the weather turning gray outside and the days growing colder, we've got to do something to heat up our lives, and I'm not talking about turning on the furnace. Take a moment, hell take a couple, and simply fantasize. If you could be anyone, do anything, what would you want to be doing? Stretch those mental muscles.
So, I've told you some of my fantasies....wanna share yours?


Ciana Stone said...

I would be supreme Mistress of the Universe - in a parallel universe of course, with all kinds of supernatural powers and I'd wreck havoc all around the galaxy.

OR.... I'd be the only female member of The Unit and kick some serious butt.

OR.... I'd be hanging out with Yoda, getting all into the force and using my Jedi powers to kick some Sith Lord butt.

Or .... well that's enough :)

Hmmm, lots of wrecking havoc and kicking butt. Is it totally obvious I hang out with Nathalie a lot?????

Sally Painter said...

My fantasy roles:

I get to work with Fox Mulder instead of Scully. I'm the clairvoyant who gets the vibe. (G)

Working with Captan Jack as the new Torchwood team member.

I'm the newest SG-1 team member, look out Vala.

Oh wait, I just got transferred to Atlantis SG-1. I'm happier on otherworlds getting closer to HOME.

I might also join up with Captain Archer's crew and do a tour there, hey, Starfleet might have a Captain's position open for me.

See how I was able to make that whole career growth work to get that job I wanted. Oh wait, I think I need to jump ship and help the Galactica out a bit, maybe one of their other ships need me... Yeah, just call me Commander. (g)

Nicole Austin said...

Mmm...so many fantasies, so little time.

LOL! Ci, you are definitely hanging with Nat too much.

I'll be the tough yet feminine pirate wench who captivates Captain Jack Sparrow and sails away on the Black Pearl with him.

The sole female astronaut on the space shuttle who will save the lives of Harry Stamper and the crew.

Oh, or Selene from Underworld, being all vampy and hanging with hunky Michael Corvin.

*deep sigh*

NathalieGray said...

Baybz!! Talking explosions and all?! You *have* been hanging out with me too long. Where have the placid, shy little ladies gone? *snort*

My fantasy...? Mm, currently, it's me as the one-woman elite extraction team that would deploy an attack chopper over Sona Prison (Prison Break, anyone?) to retrieve the yummy fallen FBI agent Mahone in a fiery, death-defying rescue mission. I bet he'd be very, very *grateful*

But dude, he's have to have a shower first, 'cause bleh, them sweat stains... :P