Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Humpin' For Release!

Is this the most wonderful time of the week or what? Besides Fridays, I mean ;) Just look at these yummy choices. How's a Hussy to choose? Which ones are you reading and what made you buy it? Let's hump the new releases!


Sally Painter said...


I read former Hussy, Susie Charles's VELVET TIES and it is scorching hot! Congrats to all the authors with releases!

Charlie Horse said...

Velvet Ties wins my award for best cover :)

Ciana Stone said...

I have SOOOOOO been waiting for VELVET TIES!! Woo hoo! And this coming weekend, we're going to have some little inside scoop on this book and its fabulous author, the scintillating Susie Charles!!