Friday, November 16, 2007

Cyclops and Centaurs, Oh My!

Nic’s post yesterday about women doing all kinds of things to their bodies in a quest for perfection reminded me of a reading Edgar Cayce did that was later compiled with other readings into a book titled, Edgar Cayce's Story Of The Origin And Destiny Of Man.

If you aren’t familiar with Edgar Cayce, he was known as The Sleeping Prophet. He founded the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment Inc) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Among many readings given, Cayce also did over 10,000 health readings for people and the treatments are still being used by those who seek help.

According to Cayce there was a time when the souls first appeared on earth and because their thoughts could transform matter they began to attempt to improve upon God’s creations they found on Earth.

Cayce credited theses souls for the Cyclops, Centaurs, and other so called abominations in their attempts to be gods. While this sounds like a parable, it was in fact a reading Cayce did, like many, from the Akashic records.

So when I read Nic’s post, I instantly thought of this story and how maybe things haven’t really changed because once more certain groups of people still strive to perfect a design already perfect.

According to Cayce, those souls soon found themselves trapped and unable to move in and out of the 3rd density (Earth) and resume their natural form because they dallied too long within the physical world. They became slaves to their senses and their desires and for many the need to create perfection.

It also reminded me of something I discovered when I was conducting past life regressions. I quickly learned that individuals as well as groups who incarnate together often share certain social expectations and acceptance of what is normal. These instances could be traced back to a past life they shared together.

And, oftentimes, a person would discover a past life that explained their fear of flying, an intense dislike for a certain person, and a wide range of other phobias and personal preferences.

In Cayce’s reading, the souls became slaves to their desire to create bigger and better lifeforms. They imprisoned themselves in a cycle of reincarnation -- the real product of their quest. Sounds pretty familiar to modern-day seekers who appear to be entrapped in having one surgical procedure after another, never satisfied and never finding the perfection that can only be found inside.


Ciana Stone said...

Here again is a classic example of how througout history some people have recognized that we humans tend to place value in the wrong places.

Now, I have to give credit to certain theories that support the propogation of the species. Male and female alike of any species are attracted to the biggest, strongest, most fertile - and beautiful. It's a biological thing.

But we as humans take things so many steps further. We let someone else's "Ideal" of what the perfect man or woman is become our own, and then we cannot be happy with who we are. Sad but true. But then, perhaps it's all part of the human experience - to come to understand the real value and overcome our tendency to place worth based upon superficial criteria. There are so many lessons to learn, maybe that's just one of them.

Nicole Austin said...

Cayce was amazing. It would have been incredible to have him do a reading.

We would be so much more perfect if everyone spent as much time working on the inside as they do on the outside!

Susan said...

At this point in my life, I'm happy being ME. Warts and all..:)