Sunday, November 04, 2007

My favorite things

It's no surprise by now that some of my favorite things include hot guys and steamy photos.

I love doing photography and every now and then get a chance to have some fun and have a shoot that's sexy and steamy. Such is the case in a shoot I did with Jason Santiago and Tara Cardinal. These two really set the place on fire.

Most of you know Jason. He's appeared on numerous book covers and was crowned Mr. Romance 2007 at the Romantic Times Convention in Houston earlier this year.

Tara is a talented actress and model who has appeared in numerous films. To see more of Jason visit his myspace page . And visit Tara's site for more info on this wonderfully talented young actress.

Hope you have a sensational Sunday :) And remember, when you're a Hussy you enjoy all the moments of the day (especially the spicy ones!)



Robin Snodgrass said...

Yummy Sunday Morning Hottie!
Thanks for perking up my day!!

Minime said...


I hope that he doesn't pull the trigger in the first photo. Would be such a tragedy. :-p

Nicole Austin said...

Hey, that hussy needs to get her hands off MY Jason!

N.J.Walters said...

Such a tough job. *g* I agree with minime. :-)