Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Go Round in Circles!

Crop Circles were first noticed in the 1920s but one report dates back to the 16th century.

According to Melanie Hayes of CROP CRICLE NEWS nearly ten years ago there were 500 crop circles reported in the US in 49 states. Rhode Island is the only state to have no crops circles. Almost every country in the world has reported cases of crop circles.

When I was holding monthly paranormal workshops, one of my guest workshop leaders was Paul Vigay. Paul is a UK crop circle investigator and offers one of the few remaining free access websites on crop circles. He has a wealth of information and a database you can search for specific crop circles. Paul is also the first researcher to link sound, vibration, and harmonics with crop circle geometry.

The kinds of crops where circles have been found are very diverse and range from crops of potatoes or tobacco to the typical wheat fields.

Some of the anomalies found in authentic crop circles include battery drain. Camcorders and other electronic equipment suddenly go dead, many sensitives become nauseated and dizzy when stepping inside the circle. Scientific analysis of wheat and other crops within the circle show a molecular change. Nodal elongation or enlargement appear to have exploded.

One of the best sources of information about the various anomolies found within crop cirles appeared in MUFON UFO Journal in a 1998 article written by Nancy Talbott. The crop circle plant life showed microscopic pit-holes in the nodal cells which is an indication of some form of flash heat within a micro-second.

Analysis also revealed “meteoric iron on plant stems and in the soil”. Another unique anomolie was the plants inside the circle demonstrated “absorption of electromagnetic energy”. This may account for the electronic malfunctions and battery drains as well as the physical sensations many experience inside the circles.

Radiation levels are also elevated and compasses typically are off a few degrees of magnetic north inside the circles. Iron particles can be found and sometimes a layer of carbon covers the plants. The list of changes in the plantlife and earth within the circle goes on and on.

In the late 1990s, two circles appeared in Canada with similar oddities. In each case, a porcupine was found dead within the crop formations. One porcupine was blackened, having been nearly disintegrated while the other was flattened as though having been squashed.

So what could be creating these increasingly elaborate circle designs in crops? Some people have reported seeing lights flying over fields before and after the circles appear. Others have reported hearing sounds. One report claimed to hear “pipes” playing followed by a flash of light. If someone is creating these circles, what is the function and purpose of these designs?

Some believe crop circles are the byproduct of UFO landing gear while others believe they are spiritual messages from the other side. Yet others believe they a natural phenomena of earth energies like physicist CUNY's Dr Michio Kaku theorizes along with other scientists. Dr. Kaku believes crop circles are the result of wormholes created when parallel universes connect.

Whatever they are, remains a mystery. Perhaps one day someone will capture the creating of a crop circle on video.


Ciana Stone said...

What an interesting topic Sally!
I've been fascinated by the idea of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge (theoretical parallel universes via wormholes) for years. Imagine, a "bridge" or passageway between parallel universes!

The concept raises so many questions and speculations. And it's not a new concept at all. It's been showing up for years in a variety of places. Even in literature. For example, when Alice fell down the rabbit hole, was the hole really a wormhole and was Lewis Carol showing extremely advanced thinking? He seems to have a fondness for the concept, for not only did Alice travel to another universe but his "Through a Looking Glass" shows a world where everything is in reverse.

And could a transverse wormhole be responsible for the phenomenon that gave rise to the label "The Bermuda Triangle"? Could this be a portal into a parallel universe?

An interesting tidbit about intra-universe wormholes. In this situation people could disappear and reappear at some other part of the world, even in a different time. There are actually reports from the 1600s of a Spanish soldier appearing in our time for a short period and then disappearing again.

Another question this concept raises relates to dreams. What if what we think of as dreams are actually out of body experiences that take place in other universes when we cross over via a transverse wormhole?

Some interesting speculation that has been offered in regards to this theory is:

1. That visions and dreams (voices in the head), visitations from the death, and OBE experiences are phenomenon that come to us via wormholes.
2. That life after death could be explained by the person's life-force moving to another "plane" or parallel universe via a transverse wormhole.
3. That we have a brief journey in a wormhole during orgasm. (Gives me meaning to the phrase "rock my world")
4. That the old "lost sock that fell into a black hole" may not entirely be a joke. Those socks, keys and other lost items, may simple fall into another unviverse.

Whatever the case, wormholes like crop circles, will continue to inspire speculation and creative thinking.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post. Now I've suddenly got an urge to send someone universe hopping in a book :)

Nicole Austin said...

Great posting! I've always wondered what was happening to create the crop circles.

Ci, your speculation sounds like the beginnings of a great book idea!