Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sing me a song and make my knees weak

Musicians inspire me. Someone who can put their thoughts into a composition and have it evoke an emotional response in me is a talent I admire. (If they happen to be a tall and handsome, dark-haired man with mysterious brown eyes that promise fire and passion - well, honey, that's just an added perk for this gal.)

I also admire the unsung heroes in life. Men and women who go about their lives trying to do the right thing, and finding ways to laugh and appreciate life. Such a man is J. Harry Blacke. Musician, father, husband, lover and the man I'd like to salute today.

A BMI associated composer and performer, Harry's catalogue contains more than 200 songs. He has written most of the original material for The Rogues and his style evokes images and brings the message of the song to life in a beautiful way. He writes in a wide range of styles from Swing to Pop and Blues to Country.

He describes himself as tending to be a bit too emotional, perhaps even sensitive. "I have a rough exterior. Like riding my motorcycle and have a black belt in kempo."

Like the old saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover. Harry's looks are deceiving. He has "this notion that romance and love are spiritual and that it is deeper than we know." Not the thoughts of just a roughneck blackbelt biker, which is further evidenced by the fact that he raised 5 of his 6 children alone with no support from their mother, who ran off. Well, my hat's off to any man who will take on the job of supporting a family alone.

Harry sees himself as a man who deals with his pain and triumphs by writing about them in his music. And looks upon his music as a form of therapy. He says "I wear who I am on my sleeve. Sort of a take me or leave me kind of guy."

Music is his biggest passion, the one constant he could rely on his entire life, or in his words, "It has helped me through some pretty painful times, and gives me satisfaction when it touches listeners in a personal way."
So today, a big Hussy salute goes to my friend J. Harry Blacke - musician with heart and stand-up guy who makes an excellent role model for anyone who wants to know "what makes a Good man?"

If you'd like to know more about J.Harry and his music, you can visit him on MySpace, and find his music here.

This is Ciana for the Hussies sending a huge hug (and sloppy kiss) to Harry for letting me reveal him to you today. Can't wait for your next song, Harry. And, uh, should you ever want to write about a lil'ol' redneck gal with a passion for musicians, cowboys, men on bikes and erotic romance well .....

Have a glorious day everyone and remember, when you step over into the Hussy Zone, you've entered a world where strong, independent and self-confident women understand that it's necessary to march to the beat of your own drummer. The important thing is to do it with honesty, honor and most of all, Hussy Flair :)

Until next time ......


Sally Painter said...

Great post and wonderful to meet your friend, Ci! Any man who raises his kids is a hero in my book even moreso if he does it without a partner!

Sahara Kelly said...

Wow, Ci! What a beautiful man - inside and out!! He's absolutely the stuff heroes are made of! Thanks for giving us a glimpse at such a great guy!!