Monday, April 07, 2008

I would do anything for you know what. BUT....

Given that I'm a Hussy writing erotic fiction, you're probably expecting a list of what I will and won't do for love - in bed. For example:

I won't do chapter 14 from the Kama Sutra - The Happy Ferret and the Butterfly. Yeah, like my hips will do THAT.

I won't do anything involving equipment that looks like it belongs on a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I won't do anything that requires more voltage than my house is wired for.

Sorry. This blog isn't going into those kinds of details. Since I've been a wife and mother for almost twenty five years now, I've learned that there ain't much I won't do for love of my family. As any woman in my sneakers will attest, family gets it all, whether we want to do it or not. (See the dinner we really didn't feel like cooking because we had the flu, but did it anyway, or the time the kid showed up with a list of things for class next day, none of which were in the cupboard.)

So what HAVE I done for love? Hmmm. The list is pretty long, but here's a few highlights.

Made a pyramid out of sugar cubes, complete with interior chamber holding sarcophagus. (It was too big for the trunk of my car but made it to school in the backseat. Picked up several ants along the way.)

Sat through a two hour Powerpoint presentation on hubby's company projects, none of which I understood. Managed to stem the ear bleeding without anyone noticing.

Ironed shirts. Folded underwear. Listened to office politics rants and the agonies of first girlfriend disasters. Survived the whole learning-to-drive thing. Survived hubby's motorcycle obsession.

Yes, for love I have been a wife and mother for nearly quarter of a century. It has to be love - I'm not sure I would have volunteered for any of this stuff if it had been for anything less. (Although the pyramid project was fun even though my supermarket ran out of sugar cubes.)

And of course, for love of telling a story, I've written. I've always written. Love of language, of crafting words into a tale of passion - that I will do at any time, in any place, for sheer and simple LOVE!!!

What won't I do? I will never compromise on my stories. I love my characters too much. I won't shortchange my readers, because I love them too. I won't take anything that feels like "Been there, done that" and recycle it into a new title. I won't write a romance that doesn't turn me on, because if it doesn't do it for me, sure as hell it's not going to do it for anyone else. I won't EVER underestimate the importance of readers and I won't insult their intelligence by writing what I think they want. They KNOW what they want. All I can do is write the best book possible and hope someone out there is looking for it.

So I guess when it comes to what I would do for love - the answer is "just about everything - and I've probably done most of it already". (The pyramid got an "A").

But I won't do that....compromise on my passion - my bliss. Writing is a love that stays in one's heart and is personal in a way that can't be easily explained. A passion of one brain for one activity, a solo endeavor returning immeasurable joys and sorrows. Yep, a love like this doesn't come without a price but it's one we writers are willing to pay. So while I'll do anything for love, my answer to this week's blog theme is "But I ain't gonna mess with my writing!"

And in case you've forgotten exactly what it is I write, take a look at this says it all! LOLLOL

Happy Monday,


Ciana Stone said...

ROFLAMO!! Great post and that video was purrfect:)

Thanks for starting my Monday off in true Hussy style Sahara!

NathalieGray said...

Awwwwww! Isn't that song perfect for stuff like that?

And yes, I can relate to the emotion behind the sugar cube pyramid (hey, can I steal the idea and pretend it's mine? No? Damn.)

Had a pack of stampeding 9 year olds yesterday for my son's 9th birthday. Had a GameCube tournament, games, Green Day playing loudly in the background. But before anything started, I took a Motrin, put on my favorite T-shirt (says GEEK! across the front) and told the little guy that I do this because I love him. And when I'm old and feeble, he BETTER host parties with all my pink- and white-haired lady friends!!!

Thanks Sahara!

Sally Painter said...

I so recall the last minute projects that were forgotten until the night before they were due right at bedtime. Oh yeah, done that one too. It's amazing how we keep on ticking through illness and disaster.

Great vid, too!

Nicole Austin said...

We're working on the forgotten science project right now. LOL!

Love the video. The anticipation is great!

N.J.Walters said...

LOL I love the sugar pyramid idea!

Love will make us do all kinds of strange things. LOL