Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Erotic Romance Is Still Romance

First, I'd like to thank the Hussies for asking me to be a guest blogger today. I'm thrilled and hope it's not a joke as it is April 1. :) Well, it would help if I introduce myself. I'm Ashley Ladd and I write erotic romance for Ellora's Cave, Total-e-Bound, and New Concepts Publishing.

Like the Hussies, I write romance and I write erotic romance. We share a publisher who has coined the term "romantica" which means the same thing.

I'm amazed how many people mistake erotic romance and romantica for erotica. Erotica is sex without romance. What I write, what the Hussies write, are definitely romances first - with a lot of hot sensual sex added in. After all, sex is an extension of romance. It's what happens after the romantic dinner and candlelight and the romance progresses to the bedroom.

Personally, I love romance. If I had to choose one over the other, romance would win hands down every time. My editors are constantly yelling their mantra at me "More Sex More Sex More Sex". Sometimes I dream about it. This morning I was awoken from a musical version of it. That was odd, even for me.

I want to give you a snippet of my just released erotic romance "Confessions of a Nympho" published by http://www.total-e-bound.com/. It's a short "Lust Bite" story.

In an effort to promote her books, erotic romance author Tatiana Reece decides it will increase her blog traffic if she starts a new blog in which she pretends that her personal life is as racy if not more racy than her novels. She calls it "Confessions of a Nympho" and she makes up some really hot, spicy stuff.

When tax season rolls around and she makes her annual visit to her accountant, Ace, the junior accountant handling her case—who has long been secretly in love with her—discovers her blog. Using an alias, Ace begins a torrid online affair with Tatiana that moves into a real world affair.
One problem. Ace disguises himself and when she discovers his true identity, she'll be furious.

Tatiana leaned closer, licked her glossy lips, and smiled conspiratorially. “I hope you can find me a lot of big deductions this year.

Ace swallowed hard. He had something big for her all right, but it was inside his pants, swelling larger with every second. Embarrassed, he slid further under the desk to hide his source of discomfort. “We’ll see,” he said noncommittally, without any hint of emotion. “I’ll do my best.” He kicked himself for getting shy, not at all like the kick-ass romance heroes she lived for. How could he ever win a woman like her acting like this?

She dumped out the contents of both boxes onto his desk and sifted through them. “I went to several conferences this year and bought a new computer. Those hotel rooms are downright outrageous!”

Hotel rooms? He gulped. How he’d like to share a hotel room with her. He wondered if she went alone and took the receipt from her hands. When her fingers grazed his, shivers raced down his spine. Unable to stop himself, he asked, “Is this for single or double occupancy?”

She snatched the receipt from his hands, grazing his knuckles again. “Let me see. I get a roommate whenever I can, but a few times I went alone.”

His jealousy surged and he longed to ask the roommate’s name. Some of those nearly naked Tarzan-type cover models she’d had her pictures splashed with all over the romance magazines? Not that he’d ever admit to reading those or keeping track of her doings. He’d sooner cut out his tongue.

“How many? Conferences, I mean? Help me sort these into categories.” Or else they’d be there all night. On retrospect that might not be a bad idea…

She squinted at a computer printout in her hand. “What about websites? Aren’t they tax deductible?”

Loosening the tie that threatened to choke him, he nodded and tried to keep his voice steady. “Yes, of course.”

She leaned further forward and gazed deeply into his eyes. Her ample breasts strained against her t-shirt. The nipples budded against the flimsy cotton. “I mean, if I have more than one website? I just opened this new one, plus I have pages on some romance writers’ group pages.”

When he took the outstretched receipt from her outstretched fingers, her flowery writing on the back caught his eye, and he flipped it over. Reading it, his heart skipped several beats.
“Confessions of a Nympho” blog. It contained the website url, and he memorized it. Like he could forget a name like that? It was burned into his consciousness.

Confessions of a Nympho? His cock throbbed almost ripping open his zipper. His blood sizzled. He couldn’t wait to visit her blog and read her deepest, darkest fantasies. Or were they fantasies? Did she act them out? Was she really a nymphomaniac?

** Can you tell I'm into blogging lately? I'm a lot like the heroine of my book that way. In fact, I just renamed my website to "Happily Ever After" as that's what I write, happily ever afters. I also just had it redesigned. So please pop over and take a look, leave me a comment, and be entered in my monthly contest for a free ebook download from my Ashley Ladd published books. http://ashleyladd.blogspot.com/

Once again, I want to thank The Hussies for inviting me to be their guest today. You're all awesome and I enjoyed my time spent with you.


Ciana Stone said...


Thank you so much for blogging with us!! I've been enjoying your books for a while and it's always exciting for me when you put out a new one! Yep, this bootscootin' hussy loves her some erotic romance!

And your new site design is absolutely d i v i n e!!

Again my thanks!!

Big Hugs-

Sally Painter said...

Howdy Ashley! So glad to have you here. We've been friends seems like since forever and so great having you here on the blog!

Congrats on your newest release!


Nicole Austin said...

Woot! I'm so glad blogger finally cooperated and let you post, Ashley!

Congrats on the newest release!

Ashley Ladd said...

Thanks everybody. I enjoyed being with you.

What does "woot" mean? My younger daughter's been saying that but when I ask her, she claims she made it up and she doesn't know what it means other than a happy expression. But I've seen it a couple times on the net now.

Deb said...

Ashley,hey lovey how are you?
Wow, I am sad that I missed you on your blog day.
I have been a huge fan of your for sometime now.
Is there anything that you have not writen about that you want to try???

N.J.Walters said...

Congrats on your new release!

And I agree, erotic romance and romantica are very different from Erotica. Nothing wrong with either, they're just very different genres. :-)