Thursday, April 17, 2008

Live From RT - Sahara Kelly Reporting in...

Saraha snapped this great pic of from left to right - Nathalie Gray (Lethal Hussy), Ciana Stone (Rope 'n' Ride 'Em Hussy - note the sheriff's badge she lifted from an unsuspecting yeehaw!), and Nicole Austin (Naughty Hussy)

"Greetings from the world of multi cups of coffee - ie RT! Yep, coffee consumption goes up as the nights get later! But we're still alive and kicking, or at least twitching a bit. Last night's Ellora's Cave Fantasy party was a blast - there were some magnificent costumes and we Hussies managed to keep pace thanks to solid underwear and carefully applied theatrical tape! LOL The EC cover models joined the fun and were welcomed enthusiastically by a capacity crowd who shrieked, cheered and indulged themselves in the incredibly luscious chocolate fountain.

"The hotel is starting to make a bit of sense to our befuddled brains, but there's still quite a bit of cell phone contact between us Hussies as one or other of us forgets where we said we'd meet the others. RT scatterbrain syndrome has hit. We've been lucky with the weather so far, which has ranged from really quite toasty in the sunshine to briskly chilly at night, sending those from southern parts scurrying for sweats and wraps. Seeing so many wonderful friends again is just incredible and meeting new ones always a pleasure. Thus far, Sahara (and her co-host Amanda McIntyre) have deflowered over 200 RT virgins, metaphorically speaking. It's the largest enrollment in an RT convention yet - and wooo damn as our lethal Hussy Nat would say!

"So today (Thursday) we pull our weary rear ends out of bed and get ready for another day of meetings, seminars, missed cell phone calls, sore feet and hugs in the bar. Tonight we flit from magic glade to magic coral reef with the Faery Court. Time has stopped, taken a breath and turned itself inside out. We feel like we've been here forever or for just a minute or two, depending on the whim of a breeze. It's surreal, wonderful and exhausting. And I think I have time for ONE more cup of coffee -"

Hussy Hugs,


Deb said...

Sounds like RT is a wonderful place to be.
You all looked stunning for the EC party.
Don't forget to take your Vitamins.

Dani said...

Lovely ladies, just lovely. Now you need to get someone to take a picture of the four of you together! All the pictures are excellent and I can't wait to see more.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Have fun and try to remember to pace yourselves! (I know...that's no fun, is it?)

Sally Painter said...

Don't they Deb? Vitamins I bet they've forgotten. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Dani, GMTA, I sent them an email this morning asking for a pic of all 4 of them. Impossible to get them all to stay still long enough. LOL

Sally Painter said...

Hey Ashlyn,

Pace themselves. ROFLMAO. These hussies are staying up until 3 am and beyond. Hussies Gone Wild!