Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday - Booksigning at RT

Nic grabbed a quick shot of Nathalie Gray before the booksigning started. Lethal Hussy is looking really sharp in her white pants suit!

Nic reports:

"The book fair, as always, was very overwhelming. Hundreds of authors at rows of tables filled the ballroom. Then the readers were there with their various rolling cases or bags carting around tons of books. Some are very organized. They have lists of what authors they want to see, whose books they brought with them to have signed, etc. I had a great table in the front row with a perfect view of where the models were signing calendars until a line formed for another author and blocked my view."

Nic reported that Nat and Ci were on their way to the cover model competition while Nic was sneaking out on a secret Hussy mission . As for Sahara? I rather imagine she was rounding up those RT virgins to make sure they were surviving!
Before the book signing started, Nic stopped by good friend, Rhyannon Byrd's table to admire her cute new bob haircut. Looking good Rhy!

Tomorrow is the last day at RT. Lots of events to attend and the hussies will be packing their bags to return home. They will have lots and lots of photos to share and will be holding a contest on our website over the next couple of weeks. So be sure to keep checking back.

I'll be posting more photos and RT news as the hussies send them.

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Deb said...

The signing looks busy. How are your hands hussy's?
I bet you signed alot of books.