Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Release Week

I was sorry not to be at RT this year, especially since I was able to meet Nat last year and have a total fan girl moment. I guess I'll have to console myself with Hussy books. Nicole's Trip My Switch is up next on the EBookwise.

I have been looking forward to this week though, because I have a release at Ellora's Cave called Recreating John Doe! It's out on Friday.

I grew up reading my father's science fiction books. I remember how hesitant he'd be when he handed some of them over, telling me to skip over the marked pages - the ones that had sex. Usually there was only a page or so marked. I guess I wanted more from Dad's sci fi, and thus Recreating John Doe was born. Science fiction mixed with romantica, and a little light bondage thrown in!

John Doe, my hero, has had a tough life. His early years were spent on Aboo Nine, where his family had been kings, then governors, for centuries. The planet had a Victorian-style school system, and erotic fetishes grew up around the corporal punishment in the schools. But when John was eleven, his family was assassinated and only he escaped. He became a mercenary first, then a bounty hunter, not wanting to return to his home planet and start a civil war. Every part of his past has been pushed aside, including his sexual identity as an Aboolan male.

Gaia Marlowe, my heroine, hasn't had it much easier. Her family served the ruling class, but after the revolution she found herself working as a mistress in underground sex clubs. She married her way out of the life, but then her husband was murdered. And you know what can happen when there's an outsider to blame. She has to go on the run and hide back in her old life, counting on her friends to protect her from the relentless forces after her.

When John and Gaia meet, it's going to be a train-wreck for both of them! Here is the spot on Ellora's Cave where you can find my books. If you like book videos, you can check out the RJD video here!


Eilis Flynn said...

I can't wait to read Recreating John Doe! I've heard so much about it in the plotting stages, but not in its final form!

Heather Hiestand said...

Thanks, Eilis! With it being a part of the Hunter for Hire series, there was definitely a lot of great world-building among the authors involved.

Nicole Austin said...

Woot! Congrats on the new release. I hope you enjoy Trip My Switch!