Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lethal Hussy Gives a Speech!

Another BIG hug and Congrats to our Lethal Hussy, Nathalie Gray on her coup at RT! At the RT Awards luncheon Friday, Nat received an award for Best Futuristic Erotic Romance. Yeah baby!

DamNATION (futuristic, vampire) won an award. So our Hussy counted down the winners and the rest that follows is in her own words, “...stomach in a knot, palms clammy and eye twitching for my turn. When it came and they announced my name, fearlessly (right…) I climbed on the stage under the THUNDEROUS roar of the crowd. I kid you not, the sound almost messed my hair. And you *know* how much gel keeps it in place. Ellora’s Cave and the other Hussies really made my day with their show of support. So, I get up there without tripping or doing a face-plant. Score! Genuflect appropriately to receive my award, turn to the lectern…

To see two thousand pairs of eyeballs staring right back at me.


My brain decided to shut down all nonessential systems, including but not limited to vision, sight, and the ability to draw breath. Apparently, my acceptance speech was quick, fun, and received great applause. I couldn’t tell you. From what others have told me, I said “I have three specials thanks: one, (insert name here) my editor at Ellora’s Cave…without her, I am nothing. Two, the Hussies…I love you! Not in *that* way. And three, Judy Mays…last year you won one and thanked me…you brought me good luck, so this year I’m thanking you.” Then I proceeded to speak French as I backed from the lectern. I don’t know what I said, and nobody else does either. I hope it was good.

As a funny side note, when they let me return to my seat, someone snuck up to me, crouched down on her knees and slipped me a business card that said “Bonjour, je m’appelle…” (I, my name is…) with an arrow indicating I should flip the card over. The other side bore a name and title that made my inner Chihuahua chase her tail with savage glee. It said “Sarah, Duchess of Cuntington” It was Sarah from the Smart Bitches!

Friday was a good day. It’s right up there with the birth of my son. I won’t forget it or the way my friends made me feel. Damn, I’m supposed to be the Lethal Hussy and I’m going all mushy on you.

Okay, now it’s time to blow something up. In my books! Only in my books!

This was Nat, signing off on this sunny Saturday morning, getting ready for the romance industry’s biggest, baddest booksigning. I intend to hug as many people as I can. Either until my arms fall off, or the cops drag me away. Cheers!”


Jambrea said...

Congrats on a wonderful win!!

Deb said...

Woot! congrats Nat!

Dani said...

You rock Nat!!

Nicole Austin said...

Nat, you rocked that speech. You weren't boring like other people doing the Academy Awards type speech. You were ... Boom Baby! Made me want to blow something up. *g* And we are all so damn proud of you and happy for you, hussy!!!

N.J.Walters said...

Mega Congrats, Nat. You deserve this award!